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Annemann, Theodore: Annemann's Mental Bargain Effects
1935 Theo Annemann
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 16 Pages

Mental Bargain
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Comments: Eleven Clever Mental Masterpieces. Available as an e-book from

Contents:(descriptions from Abbott's catalog #17)

1 Diabolo Pellet Reading (Annemann): secret question is burned
2 Modern Mindreader (Hewitt): deals with thoughts written on cards and sealed in envelopes
4 Psychic Writing (Annemann): spirit slates with business cards
5 Mental Masterpiece (Annemann): a card is merely thought of, its name being noted on a paper held by the spectator
7 New Double Telepathy Routine (Annemann): spectator thinks of any card and writes the name while performer does the same; both select the same card.
8 Eyes of the Unknown (Greta Annemann): read writing in the dark
10 30th Century Television (Hewitt, Annemann): reproduce a sketch made by spectator
11 Coincidence (Hewitt): Performer and Spectator each select the same card
12 Penetrating Vision (J.G. Thompson): performer repeats message written on one of several blank cards
14 Impromptu Mind Reader: Performer spells name written on a paper that was burned
15 Getit! (Annemann): Three spectators each remove a card from the pack in the dark