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Andrews, Val: Simplicity, Audacity, and Bluff
The Art of the Confidence-(Magic)-Trickster
©1971 1st Ed, Magico Magazine, NY
Softcover, stapled, 32 Pages
Simplicity Audacity
              and Bluff
Image courtesy e-Bay seller CosanostraMagic

Comments: Illustrated. Booklet that contains a series of tricks that requires more "chutzpah" than skill to be performed, along with some stories from Val Andrews'. It contains the full routine of the "Electric Chairs" as performed by Chefalo, and this is the highlight of the book.


2 Introduction
3 Taking Advantage of the Situation
4 The Use of a Magician as an Assistant
6 On the Use of Stooges
8 Giving the Cue
9 A "Bluff-Pass"
10 Aquatic-Card Revelation
11 Jumping-Card
12 Magnetic-Finger
13 With a Magic-Wand
14 Bluff-Wand Vanishes
18 The Last Word on the Radio-Die or Colour-Block
20 Billy McComb and the Silk-Change
21 Koran's Most Outrageous Trick!
22 Impromptu-Audacity
23 Dante on Audacity
24 Blackstone's Misdirection Superb
24 Bob Harbin Bluffs the Exposing-Journalist
25 Rabbit Production (No Apparatus)
26 Bluff ala Dunninger
27 The Hot-Seat