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Amato, Bruce: Feed 'Em & Fool 'Em
The Restaurant Magic Technique of Bruce Amato
©1988 Bruce Amato
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 21 pages
Feed 'Em and Fool



1 Introduction
2 Landing That Restaurant Job
3 The Money End of the Business
4 Getting That Tip
5 Types of Effects and Routines to Use
6 Carrying the Load
7 Don't Over Do It At One Table
7 Don't Push It
8 Costumes and the Role They Play
9 Promotional Tactics
10 Blank-Image Ambitious Card: the ambitious card ends being the only non-blank card in the deck
11 Blank Monte (with Roland Adams): Each of four cards turns face down, then face up, and then go blank
13 ACE-O, Change-O: Two Red Aces transpose with Two Black Aces
15 Two Quarter's (Daryl): two quarters are melted in the hand into a 50 cent piece
17 Remembrance (Tom Bigson): "'Yet' another torn and restored card effect"
20 Chewing Gum Chicanery: a stick of chewing gum re-wraps itself