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Altgelt, Frederick: Mind Magic
©1978 Magic Inc.
Paper, Stapled, 24 pages
Mind Magic
Image courtesy Magic Inc.

Comments (Magic Inc.): The public always wants what it sees on TV -- and even one good mental effect in your show will give you a selling point. Simplicity, minimum of props, direct methods are what make successful mental acts. These are the keynotes of Frederick Altgelt's book, Mind Magic. You will put some of these items to immediate use - it's that kind of book. Illustrated.

Contents: (note: numbers are not page numbers)

 1 Forcing Questions
 2 Looking Into the Past
 3 Hollywood Mindreading
 4 New One Ahead Method
 5 Another One-Ahead Trick
 6 Billet Index Revisited
 7 Hot Tips on the Nail Writer
 8 Letter of the Alphabet
 9 Age Guessing
10 Weight Guessing
11 Significant Year
12 Book Test
13 Telepathy on the Cuff
14 Stock Market Prediction
15 Take a Powder book Test
16 Telephone Book Test
17 Powers of Darkness, a Book Test
18 Mental Conclusion