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Allen, Stan & Phil Goldstein (Editor): Square One
©1991 Stan Allen, MAGIC Magazine, CA
Softcover, perfect-bound, 7x8.25", 55 pages
Square One
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Floshubby

Comments: Book size is a square! Contributions by several authors; edited by Phil Goldstein, and published by Mike Caveney.

Contents (from book ToC, updated Mar 2017):

7 Introduction (Stan Allen)
9 Inside Matchic (Michael Weber)
13 Origambit (Kenichi Kuroki)
17 Serious Laughs (Mike Caveney)
21 Hang-Up (Richard Kaufman)
25 Nestuary (Kazuyuki Hase)
29 Are Card Tricks Card Magic? (Eugene Burger)
33 Surrounded Seeing Through (Jim Steinmeyer)
41 Thoughts in Mid-Air (Tommy Wonder)
49 O, Wonder (Phil Goldstein)
53 The Angle of the Hypothesis (Tomo Maeda)
57 The Sorcerer's Apprentice (Jeff McBride)
61 Postscript (Stan Allen)