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Abbott, Percy: Tricks With A One Way Deck
©Undated Abbott's Magic Company
Softcover, sadddle-stitched, 5x7", 24 pages
Tricks With a One
              Way Deck
Image courtesy e-Bay seller MastersMagicNYC
Percy Abbott: Tricks With a One Way Deck


Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 Tricks With A One Way Deck
2 A Simple Triple Location
3 No Dice
4 The Vanishing Mirror
5 The Marked Deck
6 The Fingerprint Discovery
7 A Living And Dead Test
8 Odd Or Even
9 Color Monte
10 A Sure Location
11 A Count-Down Discovery
12 Siamese Twins
13 Detective Jack
14 Find The Lady
15 Call Me Up Sometime
16 A Miracle
17 Thought Transference
18 Say When
19 Nif-Trix
20 Excuse My Back?
21 Any Card Thought Of
22 The Drunk Plays Bridge