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Abbott, Percy, U.F. Grant, Stewart James: Hat Loading Methods
©1941 Abbott's Magic Novelty Co., Colon, MI
Softcover, tape-bound, 8.5x11", 30 pages
Hat Loading Methods
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Comments: Compiled by U.F. Grant & Stewart James. (according to Genii's Magicpedia)


1 Classic Method
2 Grant Method
3 J. Mark Hall Nite-Club Method
4 Magic Seed Load
5 Simplex Method
6 Chinese Hat Load
6 Clever Hat Load
7 E.Z. Method
7 Carpet and Hat Method
8 Devil of a Hat
9 Oscar Teal's Method
10 One-Move Method
11 Surprise Method
12 Optical Illusion Method
13 Gannet Method
13 Practical Method
14 Kiang-Tsin Method
15 Tarbell Method
16 Leslie Guest Misdirection Hat Load
18 The Neat Method
18 Never Say Die Method
19 The Right on Top Method
20 Full View of Audience Method