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Abbott, Percy: Comedy Magic
©1945 (circa) Abbott's Magic Co., MI
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 12 pages
Comedy Magic
Image courtesy eBay seller MRaceWillie

Comments: A collection of over 50 short comedy tricks and bits of business. This has been reprinted as part of a compilation with some other titles as "Comedy Tonight", published by Abbott Magic Co. in 1983. Available from Abbott's as an e-Book.

Contents: (updated Jan 2016)

i Preface: What Is Comedy?
1 Fat and Thin Lady: flap slate idea
1 Comedy Card Trick: Jumbo card revelation
1 Egg Bag: comedy for kid's show, a bit humiliating
1 Production Egg Bag: idea for producing various sized eggs
2 Funnel and Foo Can: for kid's show
2 Milk Through Head: as above
2 Water and Funnel: kid show idea
2 Cigarettes and Cigars (Monk Watson): cigar ending idea
2 A String of Bills: comedy bit with string of bills and no-cut scissors
2 Big Money: giveaway idea
3 Shoe Lace Trick: comedy bit with a spectator's shoe
3 Coffee Trick (Howard Stricker): uses Abbott Exciting Milk Vanish
3 Harry Cecil Block Effect: idea for block that penetrates glass
3 Banana Gag: with Harry Cecil's Zipper Banana
4 Paper Hat and Fan: you do as I do idea
4 Duck Trick: dove pan idea
4 A Long Reach: comedy bit with an extendable ruler and a match
4 Raise Thy Foot: friend helps strike a match
4 Flap Jack Trick: breakfast produced from borrowed hat
5 Comedy Rope Trick: using prism glasses for comedy effect
5 Famous Bullet Catching: with mini gun
5 Wide Open Spaces: kid joke
5 Hypnotic Gag: another
6 Egg and Glass Trick: messy comedy with your assistant
6 A Sure Shot: comedy bit with a live duck
6 Bursting a Bag: gag
6 A Card is Hooked: vanishing card gag
6 Egg Shampoo: for a bald man
6 Strip-Tease Vanish: for assistant
7 Quick Change: gag
7 Up-Stairs and Down: stage gag
7 The Elusive Lady: silk stocking gag
7 A Mouse Trap: gag
7 Winter is Here: flannel underwear gag
7 Spring is Here: with spring products
7 A Strange Case: cards from unusual case
8 That's Funny: funny paper gag
8 Bird Cage Gag: pants gag
8 A Report: silk gag
8 It Bounds: bouncing silk
8 Danger Vs. Laughs: wand waving gag
8 A Heavy Wand (Percy Abbott): another wand gag
8 Be Careful (Heaney): pocket gag
9 How It's Done: confetti cup
9 Hard of Hearing: yelling gag
9 Lemon-Ade: egg bag gag
9 Water-Water: producing water
9 Beads of Perspiration: gag
10 A Quiz: time killer suggestion
10 That's Right: call out wrong colors
10 Bread Please: rabbit from bread
10 Correct Time: radio gag
10 A Pull Gag: for magicians
10 Nuts: gag for candle tube
10 The Orange Bounds: bouncing orange
11 A Drink: liquid from handkerchief
11 Time to Go: alarm clock gag
11 Slight Delay: silverware gag
11 The Pick-Up Artiste: similar knife gag
11 How-Dee: wig gag