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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Now Playing: July 2017 Magic Book Table of Contents Update
Topic: Magic Updates

Another 60 or so new books table of contents listings added, plus some listings updated with more accurate/complete information:

Caveney, Mike: Harry Anderson's Wise Guy (update)
Darling, Aage: I'll Read Your Mind (update)
Fabjance, John: Card Tricks With Trick Cards
Geary, W: Leeds Inner Magic Circle Magic For You
Grant, Gene: Phantini Revisited (update)
Hallas, Paul: Small But Deadly (update)
Hammond, Rae: The Magic of Edward Victor's Hands
Harbin, Robert: Harbincadabra (update)
Hayden, Allan: Card Sharp on Duty (update)
Hilliard, John Northern: Card Magic
Houghton, Norman: Wit & Wizardry
Jones, Lloyd: Meet the Boys of the Pacific Coast
Kattner, Wilbur: Off the Beaten Path
Kenner, Chris & Homer Liwag: The Magic Man Examiner, Issues 1-4
Lees, Walt: Ron MacMillan's Modern Art of Coin Manipulation
Lesley, Ted: Entertaining Mentalism for Professionals
Lewis, Eric & Dan Bellman: Magic of 1936 (updated)
Lewis, Eric & Peter Warlock: P.T. Selbit
Loomis, Dennis: First Dennis Loomis Lecture
Lorayne, Harry: Afterthoughts
Lorayne, Harry: Harry Lorraine Lecture 1964
Lorayne, Harry: Rim Shots
Lorayne, Harry: Secrets of Mind Power
Lorayne, Harry: The Epitome Location
Lorraine, Sid: A Magician In the House (updated)
Lorraine, Sid: More Patter
Lorraine, Sid: Patter (updated)
Love, Edward: Card Fantasies
Lovell, Simon & Rich Marotta: Derek Dingle's Last Notes
Lovell, Simon & Walt Lees: The Magic of Show Business
Lovell, Simon: Card Tricks Can Be Fun
Lovell, Simon: Simon's American Magic
Lovell, Simon: Specialist Moves
Lovick, John: Dylan Sardo's The Mother Load
Lovick, John: Skinny Lecture Notes
Luka, John: Secrets for the Part Time Magician
Lupo, Vito: Vito Lupo Lecture
Lustig, David: Entertaining With Ventriloquism
Lustig, David: LaVellma's Vaudeville Budget for Mind Readers, Magicians and Vents
Lustig, David: Vaudeville Ventriloquism
MacAllen, Larry: Lecture Notes on Some Pet Ideas
MacKay, Hugh: Classical Conjuring
MacMillan, Dan: Gambler's Palm Revisited
MacTier, Arthur: Card Concepts
Maddison, Walt: Aces
Magic Underground: Art of Stealing Watches
Magus, Jim: Mysteries of the Runes
Magus, Jim: Something Old, Something New
Magus, Jim: Turn of a Friendly Card
Mahendra, M.S.: Amazing Card Miracles
Majikans (Leo Burns): Magic Feats
Malcom, Darrel: Pack It Small! Keep It Simple! Make It Entertaining!
Malone, Bill: Who Is Joe Dudek?
Maly, Charles: Celestial Agent
Mann, Al: Al Baker's Manuscript
Mann, Al: Brainbusters '83
Mann, Al: Magic Castle Lecture 1979
Mann, Al: The Incredible Dr. Stanley Jaks
Mann, Al: The Thinking Machines
Mann, Al: Third Ecstasy
Maples, Larry & Raven: Secrets of the Snowstorm
Marlo, Ed: Card Fan Productions
Marshall, Frances: Balloon Side Show
Marshall, Frances: The Bunny Book for Magicians
McAthy, George: Smart Business
McAthy, George: Smart Talk With Added Material
McAthy, George: Smart Tricks (Updated)
Morrison, Ken: Message Magic Volume 1
Seabrooke, Terry: Here I Go Again
Seabrooke, Terry: Seabrooke's Book
Sutz, Ian: Best Dam Tricks
Walker, Barbara: Miniature Mysteries With Cards
Yedid, Meir & Harry Lorayne: Meir Yedid's Finger Fantasies
Yedid, Meir: Meir Yedid's Finger Secrets

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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Now Playing: June Magic Book Table of Contents Update
Topic: Magic Updates

The following magic book table of contents listings were added in June 2017:

Dobrowolski, Tom: All Done By Coindness
Dobrowolski, Tom: Game of Tom
Dobrowolski, Tom: The Experts at the Breakfast Table
Dobrowolski, Tom: Tom and His Merry Men
Kaye, David: How to Solve the Top 10 Problems of Performing for Children
Kaye, David: Kid Show Kliff Notes
Keene, Robertson: More Novel Notions
Keene, Robertson: Novel Notions
Kellock, Harold: Houdini His Life Story
Kelly, Kevin: A Pasteboard Odyssey
Kelly, Kevin: Don England's Paradox
Kelly, Kevin: Intermezzo
Kendall, Lace: Houdini Master of Escape
Kennedy, John: Lecture III
Kenner, Chris: De Ja Vu A Lecture
Kenner, Chris: World Tour Notes
Keppler, Stephen: Three Secrets Revealed
Kerns, Erni: How to be a Magic Clown
Kimlat, Kostya: A Lecture Collection
Kimlat, Kostya: Humid Shenanigans
King, Bob: Five Star Magic
King, Bob: Great Britain 97
King, Bob: New Magician Foolers
King, Bob: The Breather
King, Bob: The Breather, the Ultimate Crimp 2
King, Kolby: Ventriloquism Made Easy
King, Mac: Howdy! I'm Mac King
King, William E. Jr.: The Artistic and Magical Life of Bob Kline
Kirsch, William: Scientific Magical Experiments
Kissell, Steve: Return of the Rubber Bullet
Kitain, Dr. Donald: Genius
Klayder, Jim: Watch Closely
Kleefeld, Jim: Magishing Stuff
Kleefeld, Jim: The Volunteer Book
Klein, Jim: Mortimer's Magic Magazine Issues 1-4
Klein, Jim: Mortimer's Magic Magazine Issues 5-8
Klein, Jim: Mortimer's Magic Magazine Issues 9-13
Knepper, Kenton: Impish Thoughts
Knigge, Bob: From Me to You
Knight, Devin: A Knight of Magic
Knight, Devin: A Knight to Remember
Knight, Devin: Retro Gravity
Kohler, Bob: Kardz
Kolb, Fred: Exciting Experiments in ESP
Korem, Danny: Korem Without Limits
Korn, Chris: Korn Nuts
Kornfield, Gary: Commercial Close Up for Stage Magicians
Kosky, Gerald & Arnold Furst: The Magic of Tenkai
Kosky, Gerald: The Magic of Gerald Kosky
Kovari: Ideas and Inventions of the Great Kovari
Kozak: Master Routine With the Sponges
Kramer, Seth: A Modern Trade Show Handbook
Krantz, Thomas: Getting Serious or What?
Kranzo, Nate: The Ends
Krenzel, Ken: Incredible Full Deck Levitation
Kumler, John: The New Jack's Stunt Book No. 4
Kurtz, Gary: Departures - Continuations 1
Kurtz, Gary: Notes From the Summmit
Ladshaw, Tom: Funny Stuff
Laflin, Duane: Amazing Gospel Magic
Laflin, Duane: Beautiful Gospel Magic
Laflin, Duane: Christmas Magic
Laflin, Duane: Duane's Comed Lists
Laflin, Duane: Dynamic Gospel Magic
Laflin, Duane: Feather Plume Magic
Laflin, Duane: Happy Magic
Laflin, Duane: Positive Magic
Laflin, Duane: Powerful Gospel Magic
Laflin, Duane: Practical Magic for Enterainers
Laflin, Duane: Strong Gospel Magic
Laflin, Duane: Strong Magic With Silks
Lair, Michael: Act 1
Lair, Michael: Act 2
Lair, Michael: Candles
Lair, Michael: Silver 2
Lair, Michael: Stage Cool
Lair, Michael: Standup!
Lake, Jimmy: Paper Tearing With a Gospel Message
Lam, Louis: Watch Me Closely
Lam, Louis: Would You Belive It?
Lamb, Geoffrey: Mental Magic Tricks
Lamb, Geoffrey: Pencil and Paper Tricks
Lambert, Gregg & Rob Redmon: A Rose by any Other Name
Lamonte, Jack: Stunts With Stage Money
Lampkin, Al: Cheating at Cards
Landers, Woody: C.C. & Landers
Landers, Woody: The 24 Hour Happy Hour Magician
Lane, Frank: A Real Magic Show
Lane, Frank: Book of Patter 1
Lane, Frank: Book of Patter 2
Lane, Frank: Frank Lane's Ideas No. 2
Lane, Frank: Funny Talk Vol 1
Lane, Frank: Help Yourself
Lane, Frank: Here's How
Larsen, Geraldine: Diary of a Magician's Wife
Larsen, William & Ormond McGill: Radio & Nite Club Mindreading
Larsen, William & T. Page Wright: The L.W. Card Mysteries
Larsen, William & T. Page Wright: The L.W. Mindreading Mysteries
Larsen, William Jr.: Mental Mysteries and Other Writings of William Larsen, Sr.
Larsen, William: Conjuring for Children
LaRue, Robert: Infinity Vol 1 No 1
LaRue, Robert: Infinity Vol 1 No 2
Laub, Denny: Brain Scams
Lauber, Patricia: Magic Up Your Sleeve
Laurie: 'SMmarvellous!
Laurie: Forces' Favourites
Laurie: The Magical Compere
Laurie: The Magician Presents
Lawton, Don & David Hoy: Minister's Magic Series
Leach, Chuck: One Step Beyond
Leamon, Earl: Handbook of Chemical Magic
Leath, Harry: Magical Cartoons and Interpolations
LeDair, Jack: Tricks of a Trouper
Leech, Al: Handbook of Card Sleights
Leech, Al: Super Card Man Stuff
Leeming, Joseph: Fun With Magic
Leeming, Joseph: New Book of Magic
Lees, Walt & Roger Crosthwaite: Commercial Card Magic of Roger Crosthwaite
Lees, Walt: Complete Walt Lees Cannibal Act
Lees, Walt: Four Professional Card Tricks
Lees, Walt: More Professional Card Tricks
Lemezma, Marc: Card Magic
LeRoy, Arthur: Futuristic Fantasies
Lesley, Ted: Impossibilities 1999
Lesley, Ted: It's Paramiraculous
Lesley, Ted: Lecture 2000
Lesley, Ted: Paramiracles
Levent: Magic of Levent Lecture Notes #2
Lever, Derek: Ken Brooke & Friends
Lever, Derek: Stranger Than Fiction
Lever, Derek: World's Most Ingenious Magical Apparatus
Leveratto, Jorge Ernesto: Space Age Magic
Leveridge, Mark: Close Up Encounters
Leveridge, Mark: Solutions
Leveridge, Mark: Still Flapping
Lewis, Eric & Dan Bellman: Magic As We Do It
Lewis, Eric & Dan Bellman: Magic of 1936
Lewis, Eric & Wilfred Tyler: Open Sesame
Lewis, Eric: A Choice of Miracles
Lewis, Eric: A Continuation of Miracles
Lewis, Eric: Further Studies in Mystery
Lewis, Eric: Further Studies in Mystery
Lewis, Eric: Magic to Entertain
Lewis, Eric: Modus Operandi Part 1
Lewis, Eric: Modus Operandi Part 2
Lewis, Eric: More Studies in Mystery
Lewis, Eric: Opus 13
Lewis, Eric: Studies in Mystery
Lewis, Martin: 2001 Lecture Notes
Lewis, Martin: Lecture Notes CD
Lewis, Martin: Martin's Magical Inventions Lecture
Lewis, Martin: Martin Lewis Lecture
Lewis, Trevor: 1998 Children's Lecture
Lewis, Trevor: Children's Magic
Lewis, Trevor: Favourite Party Pieces
Lewis, Trevor: Lecture Notes 1984
Lewis, Trevor: Still More Party Pieces
Lewis, Trevor: Uncut, The Complete Party Pieces
Liebenow, Erhard: Liebenow on Cards
Lindhorst, Will: A Bag of Tricks
Lindhorst, Will: Dick Daring's Bag of Tricks
Linn, Colin: Further Stand Up Card Magic
Linn, Colin: Stand Up Card Magic
Litzau, Edward: How It's Done
Livera, Giovanni: Confessions of an Italian Magician
Loe, Gerald: Paper Capers
London, Jack: Jack London's Mentalism Lecture Notes
London, Jack: Superb Mentalism of Jack London Vol 1
London, Ron, Magical Fun Stuff 2
London, Ron: Clown Magic
London, Ron: FCM Conference
London, Ron: IBM Convention Lecture 1991
London, Ron: Lecture #6
London, Ron: Magical Fun Stuff
London, Ron: Ron London & Easy To Make Magic
London, Ron: Ron London 1993
London, Ron: Ron London Makin' It Easy!
London, Ron: Session #1
London, Ron: Some Powerful Magical Routines
London, Ron: Tricks, Tricks, Tricks
London, Ron: Would You Like to See a Trick?
London, Ron: Yellow Lecture
Lonergan, D.J.: Slate Secrets
Mendoza, John: The Right Stuff, the Magic of Chris Kenner
Meyer, David: Oriental Magic
Royal, H.W.: Gambling and Confidence Tricks Exposed
Taylor, Tony & Micky HAdes: The Magic of Allan Lambie V1

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Saturday, 1 April 2017

Now Playing: March Magic Book ToC Update
Topic: Magic Updates

171 new Magic Book Table of Contents added.
(also updated some other errors, better photos, etc., but I don't document those changes)

Next month I hope to be working on K-M or thereabouts, but with spring yardwork, it might be more of a May timeframe...

Aldini: Roughingly Yours
Andrews, Val: Four Seasons
Baukin, Larry: Laughing Souls
Berland, Sam: New Applause Winning Magic
Buckley, Arthur: The Burglar
Buckley, Arthur: The Triple Climax
Carlyle, Francis: Lecture Notes Volume One
Carpenter, Jack: The Expert's Portfolio No. 1
Charney, David: Magic
Collins, A. Frederick: Mirth & Myster
Colombini, Aldo: Card Trips
Dawes, Edwin: The Great Illusionists
Dusenbery, H. Syril: Making Magic Pay
Eldridge, David: Jules Gems
Farelli, Victor: Controlled Coincidence
Farelli, Victor: John Ramsays Triple Restoration
Farelli, Victor: Master Speller
Farelli, Victor: Thanks to Leipzig
Farelli, Victor: Thanks to Leipzig
Farelli, Victor: The Odin Rings
Fleming, Paul: Book Reviews Vol 1
Gertner, Paul: Lecture Notes
Gilbert, B.L.: Up to Date Coin Act
Ginn, David: Magic That Moves Me
Goldstein, Phil: Snow
Goldston, Will: Juggling Secrets
Goldston, Will: Latest Conjuring
Goldston, Will: Secrets of Magic
Good, Arthur: 100 Amazing Magic Tricks
Good, Arthur: Magical Experiments of Science in Play
Goodwin, Bill & Larry Jennings: Up in Smoke
Gordon, Henry: World of Magic
Gordon, Paul: Card Magic Companion
Gordon, Paul: Card Magic Miracles
Gordon, Paul: Card Magic of
Gordon, Paul: Card Marvels
Gordon, Paul: Gold Dust
Gordon, Paul: Gold Dust Companion
Gordon, Paul: Gold Dust Finale
Gordon, Paul: Nocturnal Creations
Gordon, Paul: Professional Card Magic Miracles
Gordon, Paul: Protean Card Magic
Gordon, Paul: Quidnunc
Grant, Gene: Phantini Revisited
Grant, U.F.: 100 Tips and Gags
Grant, U.F.: Clever Little Ideas Presented
Grant, U.F.: Eliminators
Grant, U.F.: Slash Secrets
Grant, U.F.: Super Magical Secrets
Grant, U.F.: Tricks With Magnets
Grant, U.F.: Valuable Information for Magicians
Grant, U.F.: Zenigh Master Mental Act
Gravatt, Glenn: Final Selection
Gravatt, Glenn: Gold Mine of Magic (updated)
Gravatt, Glenn: Treasure Trove of Magic
Green, Allen: Simple Tricks for Young Magicians
Green, J.H.: Gambler's Tricks With Cards
Green, Lennart: Green Northern Lights Magic
Greenway, Nellie: How to Entertain
Grenewetski, Dave: How to Make Your Own Trick Cards
Griffin, Ken & Roberta: Illusion Show Know How
Griffith, Tony: Creative Magic
Grismer, Ray: Short Notes
Grismer, Ray: Shorty
Groves, David: 3 Card Monte
Guha, Goutam: Tricks With the Jardine Ellis Ring
Guinn, Scott: Magishing My Way
Guinn, Scott: Officiously Yours
Guinn, Scott: You'll Be Pleasantly Surprised
Hades, Micky: New Expanded Encyclopedia of Escapes
Hadley, Paul: How to Develop Mental Magic
Hagan, David: Christmas Magic
Hagy, James: The One Young Prof. Young
Haley, Louis: Dramatic Art of Magic
Hall, Russell: Routines With a Shell Coin
Hall, Trevor: Reading is Believing
Hall, Trevor: Testament of R.W. Hull
Hallas, Paul: Son of Totat
Hallas, Paul: Table-Hopper Source Book
Hallas, Paul: The Even Cheaper Booket
Hallett, David: Profit at the Party
Hallock, Doc: Screamlined Patter - Rhymes & Wrinkles
Hamilton IBM Ring 49: Centennial Magic Boo
Hanson & Zweers: The Magic Man
Harbin, Robert: Demon Magic
Harbin, Robert: Harbincadabra
Harbottle, Kaiona: Ate Misbehavin
Harkey, David: From the Depths
Harlan, Dan: More Than Meets The Eye
Harlan, Dan: My First 20 or So Years
Harlan, Dan: Underground
Harris, Ben: Hoodwink
Harris, Ben: Quarks & Quirks
Harris, Ben: Ultimate Floating Deck
Harris, BJ: Awardwinning Magic
Harrison, John: Spellbound
Harrison, Nigel: Moves Manuscript
Hart, Harold: Tricks You Can Do Without Practice
Hart, Steve: Hart Attacks!!!
Hartling, Pit: Card Fictions
Hartling, Pit: Little Green Lecture
Hartman, Jerry: Card Dodgery
Hartman, Jerry: Loose Ends
Hartman, Jerry: Means and Ends
Hartman, Jerry: Odd Lifts
Hartman, Jerry: Secret Subtractions
Hartman, Jerry: Super Dupes
Haversat, David: Chanin
Hawkesworth, Eric: A Magic Variety Show
Haydn, Whit: Fast and Loose Lecture Notes
Heinemann, Richard: Original Magic
Hemingway, David: How to Ensure a Full Datebook
Henderson, James & Sons (publishers): How to Give Conjuring Entertainments
Henning, Eric: TIPS
Hercat: Conjuring Up to Date
Hercat: Latest Sleights & Illusions
Hercat: More Conjuring
Herman, Frank: That's the ToubleWit
Hermon, Harry: Hellerism
Herrmann, Alexander: Book of Magic, the Black Art
Herron, Carl: The Empress
Heverly, The Great: Novelty De-Luxe With Watches and Clocks
Heyl, Edgar: Conjuring Books 1580 to 1850
Hickok, Chuck: Mentalism Inc Volume 2
Higham, Justin: Dexterity Manual
Hilford, Docc: Band of the Hand
Hilford, Docc: Secrets of Dr. Tao
Hills, George: Hill-Ucinations
Hoffman, Prof: Book of Mystery
Hoffmann & Robinson: Hoffmann's Modern Magic
Hoffmann, Prof: Card Tricks With Apparatus
Hoffmann, Prof: Card Tricks Without Apparatus
Hoffmann, Prof: Conjuring Tricks With Coins, Watches, Rings, Handkerchiefs
Hoffmann, Prof: Conjuring Tricks With Dominoes, Dice, Balls, Hats
Hoffmann, Prof: Drawing Room Conjuring
Hoffmann, Prof: Magic at Home
Hoffmann, Prof: Miscellaneous Puzzles
Hoffmann, Prof: Miscellaneous Tricks
Hoffmann, Prof: Puzzles Old and New
Hoffmann, Prof: Tricks With Cards from Modern Magic
Hofner, John: Quintet
Holden, Max: Modern Hand Shadows
Holden, Max: Programmes of Famous Magicians
Hollingsworth, Scott: Strolling Magician
Hollingworth, Guy: Quartet
Holt, John: Working Progress
Hoole & Shepherd: Original Magical Novelties
Hopkins, Nevil: 20th Century Magic
Horwitz, Basil: Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz Vol 4
Hostetler, Waldo: Rudiments of Magic
Houdini, Harry: Houdini Exposes The Tricks Used by the Boston Medium Margery
Houston, Opie: Magical Ramblings of an Idle Mind
Howatt, Gordon: Let's Make Magic Revised
Howatt, Gordon: Restless Spook
Howatt, Gordon: Travelling Ghost
Howie, John: Routines with Jardine Ellis Ring
Hudson & Walker: Chopper Capers
Hudson, Walt: Bring on the Kids
Hugard & Braue: Show Stoppers With Cards
Hugard, Jean: Card Manipulations No. 1-2
Hugard, Jean: Card Manipulations No. 3
Hugard, Jean: Card Manipulations No. 4
Hugard, Jean: Card Manipulations No. 5
Hugard, Jean: More Card Manipulations No. 1
Hugard, Jean: More Card Manipulations No. 2
Hugard, Jean: More Card Manipulations No. 3
Hugard, Jean: More Card Manipulations No. 4
Joseph, Eddie: 12 Stunts With the Magic Mummy
McCathy George: Magic from the Dope Den
McFalls, E.M.: Cellini The Royal Touch
Pierre, Roger: The Magic of Francis Carlyle



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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Now Playing: Feb Magic Book Table of Contents Update!
Topic: Magic Updates

Added the following books (over 70 additions) to the Table of Contents section:

Abbott's Tricks With a One Way Deck
Ablett, Stephen: Body Tricks
Adair, Ian: 21
Adair, Ian: Dove Magic Part 1
Aldine: The Magic of Numbers
Aldini: Novel Concepts With Cards
Alexander, Jorg: The SAM Lecture Notes
Alfredson, James: Jean Hugard
Allen & Williamson: For Your Eyes Only
Amberg, Ted: Thinking Outside the Box
Ammar, Michael: The Topit Book
Ammar, Michael: The Topit Book 2.0
Anderson, Harry: Games You Can't Lose
Andrews, Carl: Making a Living in Magic
Andrews, Val: Explosive Comedy!
Andrews, Val: Murray The Encore
Armstrong, Bruce: A Presentation of Chimeric Ideas
Armstrong, George: Tony Koynini's Card Miracles
Arnold & Cahill: The Magicians Own Book
Ascanio, Arturo: About the Handling of Double Cards
Ascanio, Arturo: Psychology of Palming
Bagley, William: One Man Show
Bamberg, Theo: Okito on Magic
Banachek: Psychological Subleties
Bandy, Father: Isn't That Good?
Bannon, John: Mirage
Baron, Harry: Close Up Magic for Beginners
Baron, Harry: Close Up Magic for Beginners 2 in 1
Baron, Harry: Magic for Beginners
Baron, Harry: My Best Close Up Trick
Bartholemew, Charles: Chalk Talk and Crayon Presentation
Beam, Steve: Magic With No Entertainment Value
Becker, Larry: Mentalism for Magicians
Bell, Bob: Inside Magic
Bengel, Robert: Matrix Times 6
Benson, Roy: Benson on Magic
Bigbee, North: Stage Mentalism
Bingham, Euan: 20 Things Marlo Didn't Publish
Bingham, Euan: Free From Filler
Bingham, Euan: MDP
Bingham, Euan: Quirky Card Magic
Blackstone, Harry: Blackstone's Magic
Blake, George: Major Magic
Boleware, Tom: The Daycare Magician
Bonerjee, Arun: Show Us A Trick
Booth, John: Forging Ahead in Magic
Bowell, Ken: Magi-Go-Round
Boyd, David: Gags, Stunts and Props for the Quality Clown
Breedon, James & Walt Lees: Rub the Lamp
Buckingham, Geoffrey: Magic Moments
Buckley, Arthur: Improved and Original Card Problems
Bullivant, Cecil: The Drawing Room Entertainer
Burlingame, HJ: Tricks in Magic Vol 3
Calhoun, Mary: Medicine Show
Corinda's 13 Steps to Mentalism
Cremer, W.H.: Hanky Panky
Diaconis, Persi & Ron Graham: Magical Mathematics
Dornfield, Werner: Dorny's Comedy Blackouts
Dreher, Carl: Professional Close Up
Dunninger: Popular Magic (from Science & Invention Magazine)
Dutt, A.K.: Silk and Flower Magic
Eanes, Greg: SCAT lecture notes
Eastman, Charles: Enthusiastic Magic
Eastman, Charles: Expert Manipulative Magic
Eastman, Charles: Winners All
King, Mac: Campfire Magic
Maurice, Amazine: Paper Bag Magic
Strange, Dan & Ronnie Ramin: Strange Happenings

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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Now Playing: Magicref Dec 2014 Update
Topic: Magic Updates

Added almost 30 more magic book table of content listings:

Berman, Sam: Sam Berman's Lecture Notes
Capehart, Chris: Make $1500 a Week Doing It On the Streets
Corinda: Step 1 - Swami Gimmick
Dameon Lecture Notes
Darci, Steve: Commercial Close Up
Dobson, Wayne: Six Masterpieces
Douglas, Bert: Club Magic
Guinn, Scott: Great Scott It's More Magic
Govan, Barry: One Pitch is Worth a Thousand Words
Karelis, Charles: Clean Through Ball & Handkerchief
Kaufman, Richard: The Looking Glass Spring 1996
King, Bob: Shell Game Plus
Mann, Al: The H Factor
Murray, John: Inside John Murray
Murray, John: Mostly Openers
Olson, Robert: The Added Touch
Ray, Jimmy: A Ray of Magic
Safuto, Joe: Cards, Coins, Cups
Seitz, Werner: Pride
Shryock, John: Practical Magic
Tong, Dan: Lecture Notes 1975
West, Brother Paul: The Street Rope Trick
Wild, Boris: On Your Marks Get Set Go
Willmarth, Philip: A Ring and Rope and Around the Table Lecture Notes
Willmarth, Philip: Jim Ryan Close Up Two Entertaining Card Quickies
Willmarth, Philip: Jim Ryan Close Up Three Classic Card Routines
Willmarth, Philip: Jim Ryan Close Up Four The Famous Cups & Balls Routine
Zachary, Jim: Show Me the Paddle
Zodiastar: Popular Magic

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Friday, 9 May 2014

Now Playing: 39 More Book Table of Contents Added
Topic: Magic Updates

For May, I've added 39 more books to the Table of Contents listings:

Bergeron, Bev: Bev Bergeron In Print
Clever, Eddie: Thought Wings Onward
Collier, L.C.: How to Perform For Kids & Stay Out of Trouble
d'Egerdon, Ebert; Aids to Wizardry
Davis, Stanley: Tricks Presented
Dayton, Ronald: The Magic Playground
De-Val, David: Key to Escapes
De Caston, Herbert: Peerless Prestidigitation
Dean, Jack: The Enforcer
Dean, Jason: Private Parts by Jason Dean
Decamps, Eric: Compendium I
Diamond, Paul: Billie Dunn's Himber Wallet Routine
Diamond, Paul: Russ Burns' Coin of Black Thoughts
Diamond, Paul: The Very, Very Best of Paul 
Fetsch, Hen: Milk Pitcher Magic
Fetsch, Hen: Miniature Card Magic
Fox, Karrell: Magic As A Hobby
Ireland, Laurie L: Ireland's Linking Ring Routine
Kardyro, Tony: The Routine Supreme
Kirkendall, George: Magic You Like to See
Kraus, Richard G.: Trick Technics
Little, Bob & Bill Nagler (Editor): Wiz, The Best There Is
McAllister, Bob: Lecture No. 1
Mentzer, Jerry: Magic with Finger Rings
Milburn, George: A Handbook for Amateur Magicians
Miller, Hugh (editor): Horace Bennett's Prize Winning Magic
Miller, Hugh: A Pocketful of Miracles
Muir, Jimmy: Giggles, Gaglets an' Guffaws
Orben, Robert: Comedy Caravan
Orben, Robert: Magicdotes
Orben, Robert: The Encyclopedia of Patter
Racherbaumer, Jon: Diamond Presents Card-Coins
Science And Mechanics: Magic Handbook
Shute, Merlyn: Nine Modern Classics
Spooner, Bill: Choice or Chance?
Stanley, Harry: Feke Card Tricks
Stanley, Harry: More Tricks of the TV Stars
Stanley, Harry: Reelistic Magic, Tricks With Reels
Stiles, Kirk: The Good Letter


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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Now Playing: Book Contents Update April 2014
Topic: Magic Updates

30 More books added, several courtesy of Mr. Roman Görz; in particular a great listing of Rice's Encyclopedia of Silk Magic vol 1, which has over 500 pages.

Books for this update include:

Adair, Ian: A La Zombie Plus
Albright, Howard: Kard Kapers No. 1
Aldini: New Concepts in Magic
Annemann, Theo: Super Card Miracles
Annemann, Theo: Incorporated Strange Secrets
Annemann, Theo: Jinx Programme No. 1 Club Act of Magic
Annemann, Theo: Jinx Programme No. 2 Mental Club Act
Annemann, Theo: Jinx Programme No. 3 Magical Club Programme
Annemann, Theo: Mental Mysteries
Baffel, Will: Easy Conjuring Without Apparatus
Bagshawe, Edward: Edward Proudlock's Egg Bag and Four Ace Presentation
Beam, Steve and Don Morris: Inside Outs
Beam, Steve: Noteworthy
Benatar, Rafael: Transit Cups and Balls
Blitz, Signor: 50 Years in the Magic Circle
Brent, Lu: Totally Refreshing Ideas and Carefully Kept Secrets (TRICKS)
Bruton, Paul: Modern Conjuring
Burgoon, Tom: Magic Lecture Notes
Campbell, Loring: This Is Magic That Is Magic
Chambers, Lloyd W.: Original Ideas in Magic
Charvet, David: The Banquet Magician's Handbook
Chowdhury, Deepak Roy: Magic and Story
Clark, Keith: Celebrated Cigarettes
Clark, Tony: Tony Clark's Lecture Notes
Conn, Doug: Conn-juring 2
Clive, Paul: Card Tricks Without Skill (updated with full contents)
Conradi, F.W. The Book of Exquisite Conjuring
Jenson, Jon: Art of Close Up Levitation 2
Kaufman, Richard: Balls Side Arm Snookery
Rice, Harold: Rice Encyclopedia of Silk Magic

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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Now Playing: Magic Book Table of Contents Updates
Topic: Magic Updates

Over 100 book table of contents added or updated:

Abbott, Percy: Comedy Magic
Acer, David & Jay Sankey: Crossroads
Adair, Ian: Complete Guide to Conjuring
Adair, Ian: Paddle-Antics
Albright, Howard P.: Super Sensitive Fingertips
Albright, Howard P: Novelty Card Magic
Alford, Jason & Luke Dancy: Freebie 4
Alford, Jason: Freebie 6
Ammar, Michael: Third National Tour Notes
Anderson, Doug: Straight Talk about Theme Park Magic
Andrews, Val: Spook Show Stoppers
Andrus, Jerry: Andrus Deals You In
Andrus, Jerry: Andrus Notes
Anonymous: Magic Card Tricks Anyone Can Do
Aronson, Simon: The Card Ideas of Simon Aronson
Ayling, Will: The Endless Chain
Bagshawe, Edward: Edward Proudlock's Routine with Thimbles
Baker, Al: Al Baker's Book Two
Baker, Al: Al Baker's Pet Secrets
Baldwin, Samri S.: The Secrets of Mahatma Land Explained
Baron, Harry: Card Tricks for Beginners
Barrows, Jack: An Introduction to Magic
Bartlett, George B: New Games for Parlor and Lawn
Barton, Fred: The Land of Make-Believe
Baumann, Fred: Odyssey of Classic Coin Sleights
Behnke, Leo (ed): Party Magic from the Magic Castle
Behnke, Leo: Magic For Bartenders- Encore!
Bengel, Robert: Back To Basics II
Bennett, Charles: Games of Skill and Conjuring
Berg, Joe, Al Aldini: Rough Stuff
Berg, Joe: Here's NEW Magic
Bergeron, Bev, Craid McComb Snader, Jr.: Predicting Time
Berland, Samuel: Book of Routines Vol 1
Berland, Samuel: Xclusive Trix
Blaisdell, Frank, M.D.: More of Magic
Bloch, Rich: These Are a Few of My Favorite Things
Bobo, J.B.: The Bobo Magic Show
Bongo, Ali: 1983 (Lecture)
Bongo, Ali: Lecture Notes by Ali Bongo 2001 (Blue)
Bongo, Ali: Lecture Notes by Ali Bongo 2001 (Tan)
Bongo, Ali: Lecture Notes by Ali Bongo 2003 (Red)
Branson, Major LH: Indian Conjuring
Brearley, John: ConJunioring
Breese, Martin: The Best Of Pentagram Card Magic
Bridwell, Jack: Golden Galaxy of Mentalism
Britland, David: The New Talon Vol 1 No. 1
Britland, David: The New Talon Vol 1, No. 2
Burden, Lawrence: Latest Magical Gospel Lessons Number 4
Burger, Eugene: Strange Ceremonies
Busby, Jeff (Ed): Larry Jennings On Card and Coin Handling
Butler, Paul: Jim Ravel's Theatrical Pickpocketing
Carpenter, Jack: Castle Collection
Carrington, Hereward, Ph.D: Magic For Every One
Carrington, Hereward: Hindu Magic Self Taught
Casaubon, Dr. George E.: Deceptions with a Short Card
Cassell and Co.: Conjuring Apparatus Up-to-Date
Cassell and Co.: Stage Illusions and Entertainments
Caveney, Mike: The Great Leon - Vaudeville Headliner
Cecil, Harry E: Magic That Perks
Cervon, Bruce: Card Secrets of Bruce Cervon
Chanin, Jack: Encyclopedia of Sleeving
Chapman, Frank & Ralph Read: Twenty Stunners with a Nail Writer
Chapman, Frank: Another Six Bits
Chapman, Frank: Chap's Scrapbook
Chapman, Frank: Fountain of Silks
Chapman, Frank: Six Bits
Chapman, Frank: Six Bits More
Chapman, Frank: Ten Stunners with a Nail Writer
Christopher, Charles: Without Mirrors
Charles, Kirk: Manual of Restaurant Magic
Charles, Kirk: Standing Up Surrounded
Charles, Lance: Magic For the Few
Charles, Lance: Tricks For the Few
Chaudhuri, Tony: Bedazzled!
Christian (Stelzel): The Magic of Christian
Christopher, Dee: Proximity Effects
Christopher, Milbourne: Conjuring With Christopher
Christopher, Milbourne: Houdini A Pictorial Life
Christopher, Milbourne: The Illustrated History of Magic
Christopher, Milbourne: The Sphinx Golden Jubilee Book of Magic
Clark, Hyla M.: The World's Greatest Magic
Clive, Paul: Card Tricks Without Skill
Colombini, Aldo: The Close-Up Magic of Aldo Colombini
Conn, Doug: Connsolidated Connundrums
Conn, Doug: Connspiracy Theories
Corinda: Mnemonics and Mental Systems
Cox, William: Mentalism & Magicians
Craggs, Douglas: Masterpieces of Magic Vol 1
Cramer, Stuart: Germain The Wizard And His Legerdemain
Crayford, Charles: Magical Deceptions
Cremer, W.H.: Magic no Mystery
Crosthwaite, Rober & Justin Higham: Roger's Thesaurus
Crush, Peter: Folding Coin Secrets
Cummins, Paul W. and Doc Eason: Fusillade A Treatise on the Multiple Selection Routine
Cummins, Paul: FASDIU II
Cummins, Paul: From A Shuffle Deck In Use (FASDIU), Part 1
Cummins, Paul: From A Shuffle Deck In Use (FASDIU), Part 2
Curry, Paul: Out Of This World - And Beyond
Curry, Paul: Presents
Cyprian, Father: You Are Magic No. 10
Dalal, Sam: Magic With a Marked Deck
Dalal, Sam: Magic With an ESP Deck
Daniels, Paul: 77 Popular Card Games & Tricks
Darling, Aage: I'll Read Your Mind
Daryl: Daryl's Psychological Assembly or The Jolly Jumping Jokers
Davis, Jimmy: One Balloon Zoo
Davis, Scott: Scott Davis World of Balloon Art II
Dawes, Edwin & Arthur Setterington: The Encyclopedia of Magic
Dayton, Ronald J.: Ropes With a Different Twist
Dayton, Ronald: A Conjuror's Collage
Dayton, Ronald: Rope Without End
Dean, Jack: The Equivoque Choice
DeCourcy, Ken: Leo Leslie's Triple Colour Cups and Balls
DeCourcy, Ken: My Card, Sir
DeLawrence, George: Pithy Patter for the Parlor and the Professional Prestidigitator
Desmond, Frank: Everybody's Guide to Conjuring
DeSouza, Marc: Tri-Fecta
Devant, David: Lessons in Conjuring
Devant, David: Magic Made Easy
Devant, David: My Magic Life
Devant, David: Secrets of My Magic
Devant, David: The Best Tricks and How to Do Them
Devant, David: Tricks for Everyone
Devant, David: Woes of a Wizard
Deveen, David: Cigarette Magic and Manipulation
Deveen, David: Expert Cigarette Magic
Grant, U.F.: Fifteen Great Illusions
Hahne, Nelson C., Joe Berg: Here's Magic

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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Now Playing: Magic Book Table of Contents Updates
Topic: Magic Updates
Over 200 Book Tables of Content Added or updated:

Michael Ammar: Fourth World Lecture;
Annemann's Practical Mental Magic;
Baker/Larsen: Wit Parade;
Ron Bauer: Dixie!; Horn-Swoggled Again;
Carol Bender: Choose One From Column A;
Brahams, Anthony: Fred Kaps' Currency; Kaps' Cups & Balls;
Howard Brandt: Three Shells & A Pea;
Brown, Floyd: 25 Methods for Switching Decks;
Cohen, Al: Magical Mish Mosh;
Collier, L.C.: A Three Ring Routine; Big Ring on String; Two Ball Sponge Ball Routine; Full Circle Rope Routine
Darci, Steve: Penny Fantasy;
D'Arcy, Peter: Children's Parties;
Darwin, Gary: Close Up Miracles, Thumb Tip Thinking;
Daryl: Convention Session 1; Does Den Haag;
Desouza, Marc: Tri-Fecta; Tricks I Have Turned;
Driscoll/Koobrick: Versatility Coins;
Evans, Jay: LEcture Notes of Roger Klause;
John Fabjance: Svengali Deck;
Fetsch, Hen: Chinatown Quarter Magic;
Fleshman, Dan: Close Up With 1, 2;
Fulves, Karl: Coe Norton's Omega Wallet;
Ginn, David: Comedy Linking Rings;
Green, Paul: Take a Stroll with Me;
Groves, David: If Sleeves Could Talk;
Hanky Panky Toys Street Magic;
Hawthorne, Julain: World's Greatest Mystery Stories;
Hayden, Allen: Fancy Ring Routine
Herrmann, Alexander: Herrmann's Wizard's Manual;
Hollingworth, Scott: Simplex Coin Routine
Hugard, Jean: Thimble Magic
Hull, Burling: Sleights with Billiard Balls;
Hurst, Daryl: Party Pizazz;
Ireland, LL: Complete Cups & Balls; Linking Ring Routine;
Jahn, Vic: Lecture;
James, Stewart: Call to Cards;
Jay, Phil: Climbing Ladder to Success;
Jensen, Jay: Monte Too;
Johnson, Roh: Everyman's Cards; Extra Lecture; Feature Three; Lecture Notes; Snap;
Johnsson, Rick: Routines;
Jones, Lewis: Pragon Move;
Jones, Steve: Cards for All Occassions;
Jon, Finn: New Magic;
Jordan, Charles: 30 Card Mysteries;
Joseph, Eddie: Art of Body Loading;
Judah, Stewart: Magic World of;
Kam, Curtis: All the World's a Stage;
Kattner, Wilbur: You're On;
Kaufman, Richard: Cardworks; Interlocked Production of Coins; Tom Mullica;
Kaye, David: How to Perform the Perfect Kid Show; Seriously Silly;
Kellerhof, Alfred: Typical Alfred;
King, Mac: Mac King's First Lecture;
Knepper, Kenton: Lasting Effects;
Kowlowski, Mike: Tricks Techniques;
Kozak: On Coins and Sponge Balls;
Kundu, Solyl: Magic of Merriment;
Kurtz, Gary: To the Point;
Larsen, Wilil: Mental Mysteries With Cards; Spook Show in Your Parlor;
Latour, Harry: Magical Suggestions;
Lavand, Rene: Slow Motion Magic;
Lawton, Don: Lots of Lawton;
Leach, Chuck: The Ring & Spring book;
Leach, Jamie: Jamie's Coin Stuff
Leat, Harry: Diversified Magic; Forty Years In And Around Magic; Magic of the Depots 1923/1924/USA; Tragic Magic; Thoughtful Magic
Leech, Al: Cardman Stuff; Cardmanship;
Lees, Walt: Cardmanship of Roberto Giobbi; More Money Magic of Mike Bornstein;
Leirpoll, Jarl: Pocket Power;
LePaul, Paul: Card Magic of John Hamman;
Leveridge, Mark: Magic of Close Up;
Lewis, Eric: Big Little Lecture; Genius of Robert Harbin;
Lewis, Trevor: Close Up Lecture;
Lindhorst, Will: Tricks and Magic;
Littwin, Arthur: The Card Shark;
London, Ron: Lecture No. 8; Magic In a Nutshell; Stuff You'll Use; Tricks Tricks Tricks;
Lorayne, Harry: Quantum Leaps;
Lorento, Professor: Amateur Amusements;
Lorraine, Sid: A Magician in the House; Early Stuff; Gags Routines Patter, Sid's Scrapbook;
Lustig, David: Vaudeville Magic; Vaudeville Mind Reading;
MacCarthy, Brian: Sleights Supreme, Slow Sleights;
Madsen, Bill: Hex;
Mangel Ray: It's Gotta Be Easy;
March, Carl: Magic Made Easy;
Marcom: Presents Magic;
Mardo, Senor: Cups and Balls; Magic for Bartenders; Mixologist;
Mark, Richards: No-way Q&A
Marlo, Ed: Unlimited; So Soon; Amazing Isn't It; Early marlo; Let's See the Deck;
Marshall, Frances: How to Sell By Magic; Success Book 1/2; Trade Shows;
Maskelyne, Jasper: Book of Magic;
Masoni: Showmanship;
Mason, Mark: It Beats Working;
Massey, Edward: New and Original Magic;
Maurice, Amazing: Mentalistrix;
Maven, Max: Chicago; New New York Notes;
Mayne, Andrew: Illusion F/X;
McCathy, George: Magicomedy; Smarttrricks;
McBride, George: Osmosis;
McCarron, BW: The Gambling Magician;
McCarthy, Daniel: The Underground Hits Bottom;
McDaniel, Robert: Cardventures;
McLachlan, John: Goldfinger;
Medrington, CP.: A Dozen of Magic;
Mendoza, John: Close Up Presentation; Cups & Balls Routine;
Mentzer, Jerry: Card Cavalcade 3; Climax Coins; Forcing a Card; Second Lecture;
Mesika: Animated Miracles;
Miesel, Bill: Fork Full of Appetizers; Improvisations; MOE;
Miller, Charles: Black Art Well Tricks;
Miller, Hugh: Rink's Original Rope Trick; Secrets of Gambling;
Miller, Tony: Bar Magic;
Minch, Stephen: Krenzel's Ingenuitites; Mind Melds; Mind Novas;
Mishell, Ed: Elastrix;
Morris, Bud: I Am Curious, Magic;
Muller, Reinhard: Escorial 86, 88;
Musson, Clettis: Close Up Capers;
Noble, Lee: 100 Dollar Plus Book;
Oakes, Earl: Master Lock Routine;
Okal, Bill: New Look at Classic Closeup;
Olson/Pearce: Sick Sorcery;
Olson, Rober: Extra Extra Extra;
Oneal/Grant: Modern Illusions;
O'Neill, Brian: Misdameanor Miracles;
Orbit: Inside the Head of;
Ortiz, Darwing: Darwin's Theories; Ephemeral Notes;
Osborne, Tom: 3 to 1 Rope Trick;
Ouellet: Gary: Classy Close Up; Powersleights; ProControl; SuperShells;
Pace, Jim: A Material;
Page, Patrick: Magic by Gosh; Pages of Magic; Topit Handbook;
Palhinha, Mariano: Magic Payoff;
Palmer, Bill: Early History of Paddle Trick;
Palmer, Tom: Modern Illusions;
Parker Robert: Up in Smoke;
Parrish, Robert: An Evening with Charlie Miller;
Patry, John: No My Last Name Isn't Party;
Pavel: Magical Creation;
Petrick: 7xViolet; One Minute Miracles 1, 2, 3;
Platiquini, Marcos: Platimagics 2;
Platt, John: Internationally Famous Cups & Balls;
Pomeroy, John: Mentology;
Racherbaumer, Jon: Big Easy Card Cunning; Cardfixes; Card Puzzle; Lecture Notes; Universal Card;
Randal, Jason: Magic for Pros;
Randlett, Samuel: Folding Money Fooling Vol 2;
Ray, Jimmy: Cruise Book;
Reeder, Robinson: Disbanded;
Richardson, Barrie: Concepts & Deceptions;
Richards, Paul: Close Up Insider;
Rogers, Mike: They All Work;
Roth, David: Lecture On Magic; A Magical Lecture; Coins Lecture; Coins Close Up;
Royal Magic: Nimble Thimbles;
Rubinstein, Michael: Creative Coin Magic 1, 2; Inside Street magic;
Rungie, Herb: Impromptu Card Magic;
Seabrooke, Terry: American Lecture;
Shute, Merlyn: The Little Things;
Smith, Aaron: Mr. Gadfly Vol 1 No. 4;
Snader, Craige: Mind Square;
Socrate, Philippe; Lecture Notes;
Stevenson, A: 75 Tricks with a Stripper Deck;
Stiles, Kirk: Thimbles With a Light Touch;
Tamariz, Juan: Sonata;
Thompton, Johnny: Coin in Bottle Plus;
Trixer, Hans: Conjuring Trix;
Warlock, Peter: Black Art Well Tricks;
Windsor, Tommy: Presto Press Book;
Wolfsburger, Gary: Manipulation of the Cone & Ball;
Yedid, Meir: Now-U-C-It Now-U-Don't

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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Now Playing: Magic Book Table of Contents Updates
Topic: Magic Updates
129 Book Table of Contents Added 30 Jan 2013:
Now up to over 1800 book listings and hope to make 2000 in the next couple of months!

Abbott, Percy: Comedy Magic;
Ackerman, Alan: Al Cardpone;
Adair, Ian: Cabaret Dove Act; Magical Menu Course Three Illusions
Adams, S.S. Magical Mysteries;
Alford, Jason: Freebie 5, 7;
Allen, Jon: Simple Magic Tricks;
Anderson, Scott: 40 Tricks with a Hot Rod;
Andrade, Will: 70 Simple Card Tricks;
Andrews,Val: Simplicity, Audacity & Bluff;
Andrus, Jerry: More Sleightly Slanted;
Annemann, Ted: Annemann's Enigma;
Anonymous 125 Card Tricks;
Arch, Dave: All New Tricks for Trainers;
Archer, Danny: On Target;
Aronsom, Simon: Lecture Notes;
Atkins, Jeffery: The Atkins Touch, Magic Medley;
Ayling, Will: Genie Presentations;
Bagshawe, Edward: Novel Mysteries; 20 Magical Novelties;
Baker, Bob: Shared Thoughts;
Bannon, John: Six. Impossible. Things.;
Barnhart, Russel: Two Second Deals;
Barry, Dick: Magic with Class;
Barry, Shiela Ann: Tricks & Stunts to Fool Your Friends;
Barton, Fred: The Land of Make Believe;
Bartram, Richard Jr.: Close Up of the Damned;
Baxt, Robert: Stabbed in the Baxt;
Baxter, Ian: Ten on Deck;
Beam, Steve: Semi-Automatic Card Tricks 8; Trapdoor Volume One;
Becker, Fred: Animated Magic;
Benatar, Rafael: Double Card Technique; Three Professional Card Routines;
Berg, Harvey: The Fermi Chronicles;
Berg, Joe & Nelson Hahne: Here's Magic; The Berg Book;
Bernstein, Bruce: 20 Effects for Psychic Entertainers;
Bertini, Giacome: Sleights of Coin;
Binarelli, Tony: Playmagic;
Biro, Pete: Lecture No. 1;
Bloom, Gaetan: 1999, Top Chrono, Boite A Idees (French);
Boudreau, Leo: Psimatrika, Skullduggery, Spirited Pasteboards;
Brahams, Anthony: Karl Norman 40 Years at the Forks;
Brent, Lu: Novel Magic;
Britland, David: Psycho-Mancy;
Burlingame, Price: Jerry Salazer Chinese Linking Rings;
Carney, John: Carney knowledge;
Carroll, Jose: 52 Lovers;
Cecil, Harry: Magic That Perks;
Cerceda, Adolfo: Folding Money plus Make Money Selling Money;
Cervon, Bruce: The Cervon Monte;
Christian, Magic: A Magic Lecture;
Clark, Keith: Encyclopedia of Cigarette Tricks;
Craven, Tom: Card Magic of John Quine;
Cremer, W.H.: Magic No Mystery;
Dancy, Luke: On the Floor;
Daryl: Foolers Droolers;
Dayton, Ronald: One of a King Magic;
Dean, George: Magic Everyone Else Isn't Doing;
DeKram, Dr. A.C.: Secrets of the DeKram Deck;
Devant, David: Magic Made Easy;
Dewey, Ralph: Dewey's Basic Balloon Sculpting Course;
Dexter, Will: Sealed Vision;
Diamond, Paul: Paul Diamond Entertains;
Docherty, Doc: The Cards Remain the Same;
Peter Duffie: Hidden Agenda;
Eaton, Jeff: Here's Rodney;
Fayne, Chuck: A Bald-Faced Liar, Lecture 85.2;
Fearson, Steve: Cards Pack;
Fox, Karrell: Karrell Fox Lecture Notes;
Eldin, Peter: Silver Copper Brass Routines;
Emerson, Arthur: S Witch Craft;
Evans, Val: Patter, Gags and Bits of Business;
Fulves, Karl: Card Counting, Contemporary Handkerchief Magic Parts 1 & 2; Origins;
Gazzo: Street Cups and Balls;
Garcia, Frank: Wild Card Miracles;
Geddes, Johnny: It Pays to Entertain Children;
Goldin, Horace: Mysterious Tricks;
Goldstein, Phil: Amperthand, Classic Tackler; Fifth; The Blue, Red, Violet & Yellow Books of Mentalism; Thequal;
Goldston, Will: Easy Magic with Patter Parts One and Two;
Govan, Barry: The Blueprint Vol 7;
Grant, U.F.: 15 Great Illusions;
Hallas, Paul: Best of Alchemy Card Magic; Mental Mix; Mindful Mentalism 2 & 3; Totat Rides Again;
Hall, Trevor: The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown;
Hallett, David: It's Not Magic!;
Hamilton, Steven: Selected Magical Secrets;
Harbottle, Kaiona: Coinapalooza;
Harkey, David: Simplicities;
Harlan, Dan: Instant Classics, The Sleight Album;
Harris, Ben: Bands of Gold; New Directions Issue 2; Premier Elastic Thread & Routines;
Harris, Paul: Cardboard Connection; Immaculate Connection; PH BreakThrough, PH Super Sampler;
Hartman, J.K. Trickery Treats;
Hayden, Allan: Card Sharp on Duty;
Herman, Frank: Your Money's Mirth;
Holden, Max: Manual of Juggling;
Houdini, Harry & Joseph Dunninger: Magic and Mystery; A Magician Among the Spirits; Unmasking of Robert-Houdin;
Hull, Burling: Double Double Magic With Cards; Original Slate Secrets;
Ireland, Laurie: ESP Handbook and Workship Kit

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