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Magic Updates
MagicRef Updates
Monday, 30 March 2015

Now Playing: 48 Magic Book Table of Contents Added

I've added 48 more Magic Book Table of Contents Listings.
Also, I've updated the Bibliography of Chop Cup books, videos, and products.

Books added include:

Gibbs, Barry: Night Owl Lecture
Gertner, Paul: 1987 European Tour
Garth, Ben: Tableside Tips
Garrett, Dan: Southern Hospitality
Garrett, Dan: The Last Palindrome
Gardner, Martin: Mental Magic
Gardner, Martin: A Die of Another Color
Gardner, Martin: Cut the Cards
Gardner, Martin: Aha! Gotcha
Garcia, Frank: Super Subtle Card Miracles
Garin, Jean: La Magie des Canifs
Garcia, Frank: Does It Again
Garcia, Frank: Boston Brainstormer Lecture
Anonymous: Art of Modern Conjuring
Ganson, Lewis & Hugh Miller: Marconick's Silk Magic
Ganson, Lewis: The Crabtree Connection
Ganson, Lewis: Magic with Faucett Ross
Ganson, Lewis: Unconventional Magic
Ganson, Lewis: The Magic of Frederica
Ganson, Lewis: Fooling With Hula-Fooler
Ganson, Lewis: Fan Finale
Ganson, Lewis with Dai Vernon: Malini and His Magic
Ganson, Lewis: Bags of Everything
Ganson, Lewis: How Right You Are
Ganson, Lewis: Annotated Magic of Slydini
Galloway, Andrew: The Ramsay Classics
Frost, Thomas: Lives of the Conjurors
Futagawa, Shigeo: European Coinmagic Symposium 2010
Fox, Karrell: Comedy A La Card
Fleischman, Sid & Gunter: Top Secrets
Fisher, John: Magic Book
Fisher, Aaron: Lost Studio Sessions
Ferris, Ron: Apparitions, Animations and Aces
Fedko, John: Joe Cossari Card Act
Evans, Henry: Something More Than Illusion
Ezell, Jeff: Close-Up and Parlor Magic
Evans, Henry Ridgely: Magic and Its Professors
Corinda & Ralph Read: Complete Guide to Billet Switching
Boarde, C.L.: Mainly Mental Two Book Tests
Boarde, C.L.: Mainly Mental Three One-Man Routines
Britland, David: Mind & Magic of David Berglas
Baron, Harry: My Best Card Trick
Evans, Henry Ridgely: Hours With the Ghosts
Evans, Henry Ridgely: The Old and the New Magic
Ervin, E.G.: Club Deceptions
Niberco: Practical Magic
Mardo, Senor: White Magic
Thompson, J.G.: Top Secrets of Magic Volume 2

Posted by magicref at 1:17 PM EDT
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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Now Playing: Feb Magic Book Table of Contents Update!
Topic: Magic Updates

Added the following books (over 70 additions) to the Table of Contents section:

Abbott's Tricks With a One Way Deck
Ablett, Stephen: Body Tricks
Adair, Ian: 21
Adair, Ian: Dove Magic Part 1
Aldine: The Magic of Numbers
Aldini: Novel Concepts With Cards
Alexander, Jorg: The SAM Lecture Notes
Alfredson, James: Jean Hugard
Allen & Williamson: For Your Eyes Only
Amberg, Ted: Thinking Outside the Box
Ammar, Michael: The Topit Book
Ammar, Michael: The Topit Book 2.0
Anderson, Harry: Games You Can't Lose
Andrews, Carl: Making a Living in Magic
Andrews, Val: Explosive Comedy!
Andrews, Val: Murray The Encore
Armstrong, Bruce: A Presentation of Chimeric Ideas
Armstrong, George: Tony Koynini's Card Miracles
Arnold & Cahill: The Magicians Own Book
Ascanio, Arturo: About the Handling of Double Cards
Ascanio, Arturo: Psychology of Palming
Bagley, William: One Man Show
Bamberg, Theo: Okito on Magic
Banachek: Psychological Subleties
Bandy, Father: Isn't That Good?
Bannon, John: Mirage
Baron, Harry: Close Up Magic for Beginners
Baron, Harry: Close Up Magic for Beginners 2 in 1
Baron, Harry: Magic for Beginners
Baron, Harry: My Best Close Up Trick
Bartholemew, Charles: Chalk Talk and Crayon Presentation
Beam, Steve: Magic With No Entertainment Value
Becker, Larry: Mentalism for Magicians
Bell, Bob: Inside Magic
Bengel, Robert: Matrix Times 6
Benson, Roy: Benson on Magic
Bigbee, North: Stage Mentalism
Bingham, Euan: 20 Things Marlo Didn't Publish
Bingham, Euan: Free From Filler
Bingham, Euan: MDP
Bingham, Euan: Quirky Card Magic
Blackstone, Harry: Blackstone's Magic
Blake, George: Major Magic
Boleware, Tom: The Daycare Magician
Bonerjee, Arun: Show Us A Trick
Booth, John: Forging Ahead in Magic
Bowell, Ken: Magi-Go-Round
Boyd, David: Gags, Stunts and Props for the Quality Clown
Breedon, James & Walt Lees: Rub the Lamp
Buckingham, Geoffrey: Magic Moments
Buckley, Arthur: Improved and Original Card Problems
Bullivant, Cecil: The Drawing Room Entertainer
Burlingame, HJ: Tricks in Magic Vol 3
Calhoun, Mary: Medicine Show
Corinda's 13 Steps to Mentalism
Cremer, W.H.: Hanky Panky
Diaconis, Persi & Ron Graham: Magical Mathematics
Dornfield, Werner: Dorny's Comedy Blackouts
Dreher, Carl: Professional Close Up
Dunninger: Popular Magic (from Science & Invention Magazine)
Dutt, A.K.: Silk and Flower Magic
Eanes, Greg: SCAT lecture notes
Eastman, Charles: Enthusiastic Magic
Eastman, Charles: Expert Manipulative Magic
Eastman, Charles: Winners All
King, Mac: Campfire Magic
Maurice, Amazine: Paper Bag Magic
Strange, Dan & Ronnie Ramin: Strange Happenings

Posted by magicref at 1:25 PM EST
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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Now Playing: Magicref Dec 2014 Update
Topic: Magic Updates

Added almost 30 more magic book table of content listings:

Berman, Sam: Sam Berman's Lecture Notes
Capehart, Chris: Make $1500 a Week Doing It On the Streets
Corinda: Step 1 - Swami Gimmick
Dameon Lecture Notes
Darci, Steve: Commercial Close Up
Dobson, Wayne: Six Masterpieces
Douglas, Bert: Club Magic
Guinn, Scott: Great Scott It's More Magic
Govan, Barry: One Pitch is Worth a Thousand Words
Karelis, Charles: Clean Through Ball & Handkerchief
Kaufman, Richard: The Looking Glass Spring 1996
King, Bob: Shell Game Plus
Mann, Al: The H Factor
Murray, John: Inside John Murray
Murray, John: Mostly Openers
Olson, Robert: The Added Touch
Ray, Jimmy: A Ray of Magic
Safuto, Joe: Cards, Coins, Cups
Seitz, Werner: Pride
Shryock, John: Practical Magic
Tong, Dan: Lecture Notes 1975
West, Brother Paul: The Street Rope Trick
Wild, Boris: On Your Marks Get Set Go
Willmarth, Philip: A Ring and Rope and Around the Table Lecture Notes
Willmarth, Philip: Jim Ryan Close Up Two Entertaining Card Quickies
Willmarth, Philip: Jim Ryan Close Up Three Classic Card Routines
Willmarth, Philip: Jim Ryan Close Up Four The Famous Cups & Balls Routine
Zachary, Jim: Show Me the Paddle
Zodiastar: Popular Magic

Posted by magicref at 10:02 AM EST
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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Now Playing: About 130 New Book Table of Content Listings!
New book table of contents listings added Oct 2014 (about 130 additional books):

Andrade, Will: 50 Simple Card Tricks
Berg, Harvey: Wanderings
Blyth, Will: Effective Conjuring
Brown, Bob: 333 More Science Tricks & Experiments
Daryl: Daryl Martinez Magic Lecture Notes
Duvivier, Dominique: The Cups
Fabian: Burtini's Cups & Balls Routine
Fedko, John: The Best of
Goshman, Albert: Magic By Gosh Lecture Notes
Green, Paul: Nothing Up My Green Sleeves
Hugard, Jean: Handkerchief Magic (update)
Jay, Joshua: Troy Hooser's The Silver Surf Vol. 1
King, Bob: Classic Stand Up Close Up
King, Bob: Private Notes
Mack Publishing: Himber's Throw Out Rope Trick
Malbrough, Jay: Magic of the Forks Hotel
Marshall, Jay: Jay's Jinking Rings
McAllister, Bob: Magic Stuff Lecture Notes
McAllister, Bob: That Extra Touch
Miller, Gordon: Bill Seabrooke, Terry McComb Lecture
Montandon & Wait: Presenting Not Primigenial
Nagler, Bill: Lecture Notes
Norton, Coe: Lecture Notes
Ogden, Tom: First Time Around
Ogden, Tom: Tri-Anthing
Rapp, Augustus: Life and Times of
Read, Bob: The Penultimate Cups & Balls
Roper, David: Comedy Routine
Samelson, Peter: Codpieces
Samelson, Peter: Theatrical Cabaret The Lecture
Sanders, Richard: Cool Tricks
Sanderson, George: Price-Less Magic
Sanderson, George: The Concealed Art of Magic
Sands, George: By George, It's Sandsational
Sands, George: Sand's Improved Ropesational
Sankey, Jay: 1990-97
Sankey, Jay: Amazing Tricks
Sankey, Jay: Jay Sankey 1994 Volumes One and Two
Sankey, Jay: Sankedelic Magic
Sardina, Maurice: Magic of Rezvani
Scarne, John: 100 of Scarne's Magic Tricks
Schieszer, Steve: Creative Magic/Illusion
Schindler, George: Zach Stacks
Schmidt, Joseph: New Card Control Systems
Schneider, Al: Theory and Practice of Magic Deception
Schneiderman, Steve: If it Fits, Sleeve it! (Rocco)
Schultz, Edd: Mental Magic Workshop
Schwartz, Michael & S. David Walker: Expert at the Pitch Table
Schwartz, Walter: GIMAC
Schwarzman, Howard: Lecture
Seitz, Werner: Pride
Sellers, Tom: Magical Mixture
Sellers, Tom: More Magical Mixture
Sellers, Tom: Novel Necomancy
Sellers, Tom: Scots Magic
Sellers, Tom: Top 20
Setterington, Arthur: Off Beat Mentalism
Setterington, Arthur: Straight Line Mysteries
Setterington, Arthur: Stranger Mysteries
Severn, Bill: Impromptu Magic
Severn, Bill: Magic and Magicians
Severn, Bill: Magic As a Hobby
Severn, Bill: Magic With Rope, Ribbon & String
Severn, Bill: Packs of Fun
Severn, Bill: Rope Roundup
Severn, Bill: Rope Roundup
Sharp, Eric: Eric Sharp's Specialized Children's Entertainment
Sharpe, SH: Ponsin on Conjuring
Shaw, WHJ: Magic Up to Date
Shaw, WHJ: New Ideas In Magic
Shaxon, Alan: Lecture Special
Shaxon, Alan: Practical Sorcery
Shelley, Mike: Goes International
Sherwood, John: Circuited Sorcerer
Shiels, Tony (with Tony Raven & Roy Fromer): And Then There Were 3
Siegel, Paul: Windows to the Mind
Simmons, Ken: David Neighbors on the Double Coin Gimmick
Simmons, Ken: Simplicity at Your Fingertips
Sing, Wu Fang: Magic From the Spa of Harrogate
Sisti, Jim: Professional Restaurant Magic
Sitta, Alberto: The Colourful Magic of
Someeran: Watch This Closely!
Sommers, Jim: Build Your Own Illusions
Spillman, Steve: My Hands Can Be Yours
Spina, Tony & Old Doc Young: Bag of Many Tricks
Squier, Edward Summer: Tricks and Magic Made Easy
Stanfield, J.C.: Stanfield's Colorfusing Knife
Stanyon, Ellis: Card Tricks
Stanyon, Ellis: Conjuring for Amateurs
Stanyon, Ellis: Fire and Chemical Magic
Stebbins, Si: Card Tricks and the Way They are Performed
Steinmeyer, Jim: Hiding the Elephant
Stickland, William: Interesting Tricks
Stone, Tom: CocOOn
Stone, Tom: Light My Fire
Stone, Tom: Made In France
Stone, Tom: The Warpsmith Returns
Strivings, Mark: Mobile Mentalism
Stuthard, Joe: Stuthard's Trilby Deck
Supreme: Six Old English Pennies
Swinford, Paul: Faro Fantasy
Swiss, Jamy: An Interesting Application of That Principle
Swiss, Jamy: The Animated Ring
Swiss, Jamy: Theatrics
Swiss, Jamy: Theories
Swiss, Jamy: Thoughts
Talksalot, Jimmy: A Sidewalk Performer's Study Guide
Tanner, Don: 50 Ways to Use a Card Box
Tanner, Don: Encyclopedia of U.F. Grant Magic Part One
Tanner, Don: Mammoth Medallion Miracles
Tarbell, Harlan: Chalk Talk Stunts
Tarbell, Harlan: Crazy Stunts for Comedy Occasions
Tarbell, Harlan: How to Chalk Talk
Tarbell, Harlan: Post-Graduate Service No. 1
Tarbell, Harlan: Tarbell's Chalk Talk Book
Taub, Jacob: Card Treats
Taub, Jacob: The Doc and His Deck
Thurston, Howard: 400 Tricks You Can Do
Thurston, Howard: Book of Magic
Thurston, Howard: Easy Pocket Tricks 4th Edition
Thurston, Howard: Fooling the World
Thurston, Howard: My Life of Magic
Thurston, Howard: Swift Book of Magic Volumes 1-5
Tong, Dan: Cabaret
Tong, Dan: Restaurant & Table Magic
Williamson, David: 2003 Lecture Notes

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Friday, 9 May 2014

Now Playing: 39 More Book Table of Contents Added
Topic: Magic Updates

For May, I've added 39 more books to the Table of Contents listings:

Bergeron, Bev: Bev Bergeron In Print
Clever, Eddie: Thought Wings Onward
Collier, L.C.: How to Perform For Kids & Stay Out of Trouble
d'Egerdon, Ebert; Aids to Wizardry
Davis, Stanley: Tricks Presented
Dayton, Ronald: The Magic Playground
De-Val, David: Key to Escapes
De Caston, Herbert: Peerless Prestidigitation
Dean, Jack: The Enforcer
Dean, Jason: Private Parts by Jason Dean
Decamps, Eric: Compendium I
Diamond, Paul: Billie Dunn's Himber Wallet Routine
Diamond, Paul: Russ Burns' Coin of Black Thoughts
Diamond, Paul: The Very, Very Best of Paul 
Fetsch, Hen: Milk Pitcher Magic
Fetsch, Hen: Miniature Card Magic
Fox, Karrell: Magic As A Hobby
Ireland, Laurie L: Ireland's Linking Ring Routine
Kardyro, Tony: The Routine Supreme
Kirkendall, George: Magic You Like to See
Kraus, Richard G.: Trick Technics
Little, Bob & Bill Nagler (Editor): Wiz, The Best There Is
McAllister, Bob: Lecture No. 1
Mentzer, Jerry: Magic with Finger Rings
Milburn, George: A Handbook for Amateur Magicians
Miller, Hugh (editor): Horace Bennett's Prize Winning Magic
Miller, Hugh: A Pocketful of Miracles
Muir, Jimmy: Giggles, Gaglets an' Guffaws
Orben, Robert: Comedy Caravan
Orben, Robert: Magicdotes
Orben, Robert: The Encyclopedia of Patter
Racherbaumer, Jon: Diamond Presents Card-Coins
Science And Mechanics: Magic Handbook
Shute, Merlyn: Nine Modern Classics
Spooner, Bill: Choice or Chance?
Stanley, Harry: Feke Card Tricks
Stanley, Harry: More Tricks of the TV Stars
Stanley, Harry: Reelistic Magic, Tricks With Reels
Stiles, Kirk: The Good Letter


Posted by magicref at 11:17 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Now Playing: Book Contents Update April 2014
Topic: Magic Updates

30 More books added, several courtesy of Mr. Roman Görz; in particular a great listing of Rice's Encyclopedia of Silk Magic vol 1, which has over 500 pages.

Books for this update include:

Adair, Ian: A La Zombie Plus
Albright, Howard: Kard Kapers No. 1
Aldini: New Concepts in Magic
Annemann, Theo: Super Card Miracles
Annemann, Theo: Incorporated Strange Secrets
Annemann, Theo: Jinx Programme No. 1 Club Act of Magic
Annemann, Theo: Jinx Programme No. 2 Mental Club Act
Annemann, Theo: Jinx Programme No. 3 Magical Club Programme
Annemann, Theo: Mental Mysteries
Baffel, Will: Easy Conjuring Without Apparatus
Bagshawe, Edward: Edward Proudlock's Egg Bag and Four Ace Presentation
Beam, Steve and Don Morris: Inside Outs
Beam, Steve: Noteworthy
Benatar, Rafael: Transit Cups and Balls
Blitz, Signor: 50 Years in the Magic Circle
Brent, Lu: Totally Refreshing Ideas and Carefully Kept Secrets (TRICKS)
Bruton, Paul: Modern Conjuring
Burgoon, Tom: Magic Lecture Notes
Campbell, Loring: This Is Magic That Is Magic
Chambers, Lloyd W.: Original Ideas in Magic
Charvet, David: The Banquet Magician's Handbook
Chowdhury, Deepak Roy: Magic and Story
Clark, Keith: Celebrated Cigarettes
Clark, Tony: Tony Clark's Lecture Notes
Conn, Doug: Conn-juring 2
Clive, Paul: Card Tricks Without Skill (updated with full contents)
Conradi, F.W. The Book of Exquisite Conjuring
Jenson, Jon: Art of Close Up Levitation 2
Kaufman, Richard: Balls Side Arm Snookery
Rice, Harold: Rice Encyclopedia of Silk Magic

Posted by magicref at 9:19 AM EDT
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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Now Playing: 73 More Book Table of Contents Listings Added

Table of contents listings for the following books were added. Hope you find it helpful!

Bullivant, Cecil Henry: Home Fun
Dewey, Ralph: Dewey's Bubble Buddies
Dexter, Will: The Illustrated Book of Magic Tricks
Dexter, Will: The Uncanny Power
Doerflinger, William: The Magic Catalogue
Dokov, Sylvio: The Chinese Bit
Dore, Theo: Magnetrix
Douglas, Bert: Magical Patter
Douglas, Bert: Masonic Magical Creations
Douglas, Bert: Modern Club Act
Douglas, Bert: More Club Magic Part 1
Douglas, Bert: More Club Magic Part 2
Douglas, Bert: Original Magical Problems
Douglas, Bert: Patter in Rhyme
Duncan, Bill: Tribute
Duncan, Bill: Tubthumping
Dunn, Bob: Magic for All
Dusheck, Steve: Dusheck's Mental Magic
Dyment, Doug: Mindsights
Eastman, Charles: Inspired Magical Effects
Eastman, Charles: Odds and Ends Vol 1 No. 2
Eastman, Charles: Take a Look
Eldin, Peter: Lets Make Magic
Ellis, Tim, 24 Years of Working Next Door To Ellis
Ellis, Tim, Ellis In Wonderland
Elmsley, Alex: Low Cunning A Lecture Demonstration
Endlich, Dr. William M.: Twenty Practical Liquid and Chemical Effects
Evans, Shawn: Real World Card Control Magic - The Locators
Farelli, Victor: Lend Me Your Pack
Fekdo, John: Magic of John Fedko
Fisher, Cody: Top Secret Magic
Fisher, John: Body Magic
Fitch, Bob: Sharing My Secrets
Fitzkee, Dariel: The Card Expert Entertains
Fleischer, Adam: The Magic Hedonists Brainstorm In The Bahamas
Fleshman, Dan: Lecture Tour 2004
Fleshman, Dan: Puzzling Pasteboards
Flom, Scott M.: Fun with Magic & Ventriloquism
Flom, Scott M.: Still More Creative Magic & Vent Ideas For You
Flom, Scott M: More Creative Magic & Vent Ideas For You
Foster, Neil: Tops Treasury of Illusion
Fox, Karrell: My Latest Book
Franke, Harry: Creative Magic No. Two
Frederick, Guy: 101 Best Magic Tricks
Fromer, Roy: Floating Ball Magic
Fujiyama, Shintaro: Lecture Notes
Fulves, Karl: 28 Card Tricks
Fulves, Karl: Cards #4 Side Steal
Fulves, Karl: Chris Capehart's 3-Ring Routine
Fulves, Karl: Close-Up Folio No. 12
Fulves, Karl: Curioser
Fulves, Karl: Faro Impossibilities
Fulves, Karl: Impromptu Holdouts
Fulves, Karl: Inner Sanctum
Fulves, Karl: Jack In the Box
Fulves, Karl: Kaleidoscope
Fulves, Karl: Millennium Aces
Fulves, Karl: Money Moves
Fulves, Karl: Nyria Effect
Fulves, Karl: Octet
Fulves, Karl: Packet Switches Part 3
Fulves, Karl: Packet Switches Part 4
Fulves, Karl: Packet Switches Part 5
Fulves, Karl: Parellel Lines
Fulves, Karl: Prototype
Fulves, Karl: Quick Card Tricks
Fulves, Karl: Riffle Shuffle Technique
Fulves, Karl: Shamrock Code; The Parallel Principle
Fulves, Karl: Shape Changers
Fulves, Karl: Six Impromptu Card Tricks
Fulves, Karl: Transpo Trix
Furman, Frederick F.: Domino Deceptions
Furman, Irv: Magic for the Complete Klutz

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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Now Playing: Magic Book Table of Contents Updates
Topic: Magic Updates

Over 100 book table of contents added or updated:

Abbott, Percy: Comedy Magic
Acer, David & Jay Sankey: Crossroads
Adair, Ian: Complete Guide to Conjuring
Adair, Ian: Paddle-Antics
Albright, Howard P.: Super Sensitive Fingertips
Albright, Howard P: Novelty Card Magic
Alford, Jason & Luke Dancy: Freebie 4
Alford, Jason: Freebie 6
Ammar, Michael: Third National Tour Notes
Anderson, Doug: Straight Talk about Theme Park Magic
Andrews, Val: Spook Show Stoppers
Andrus, Jerry: Andrus Deals You In
Andrus, Jerry: Andrus Notes
Anonymous: Magic Card Tricks Anyone Can Do
Aronson, Simon: The Card Ideas of Simon Aronson
Ayling, Will: The Endless Chain
Bagshawe, Edward: Edward Proudlock's Routine with Thimbles
Baker, Al: Al Baker's Book Two
Baker, Al: Al Baker's Pet Secrets
Baldwin, Samri S.: The Secrets of Mahatma Land Explained
Baron, Harry: Card Tricks for Beginners
Barrows, Jack: An Introduction to Magic
Bartlett, George B: New Games for Parlor and Lawn
Barton, Fred: The Land of Make-Believe
Baumann, Fred: Odyssey of Classic Coin Sleights
Behnke, Leo (ed): Party Magic from the Magic Castle
Behnke, Leo: Magic For Bartenders- Encore!
Bengel, Robert: Back To Basics II
Bennett, Charles: Games of Skill and Conjuring
Berg, Joe, Al Aldini: Rough Stuff
Berg, Joe: Here's NEW Magic
Bergeron, Bev, Craid McComb Snader, Jr.: Predicting Time
Berland, Samuel: Book of Routines Vol 1
Berland, Samuel: Xclusive Trix
Blaisdell, Frank, M.D.: More of Magic
Bloch, Rich: These Are a Few of My Favorite Things
Bobo, J.B.: The Bobo Magic Show
Bongo, Ali: 1983 (Lecture)
Bongo, Ali: Lecture Notes by Ali Bongo 2001 (Blue)
Bongo, Ali: Lecture Notes by Ali Bongo 2001 (Tan)
Bongo, Ali: Lecture Notes by Ali Bongo 2003 (Red)
Branson, Major LH: Indian Conjuring
Brearley, John: ConJunioring
Breese, Martin: The Best Of Pentagram Card Magic
Bridwell, Jack: Golden Galaxy of Mentalism
Britland, David: The New Talon Vol 1 No. 1
Britland, David: The New Talon Vol 1, No. 2
Burden, Lawrence: Latest Magical Gospel Lessons Number 4
Burger, Eugene: Strange Ceremonies
Busby, Jeff (Ed): Larry Jennings On Card and Coin Handling
Butler, Paul: Jim Ravel's Theatrical Pickpocketing
Carpenter, Jack: Castle Collection
Carrington, Hereward, Ph.D: Magic For Every One
Carrington, Hereward: Hindu Magic Self Taught
Casaubon, Dr. George E.: Deceptions with a Short Card
Cassell and Co.: Conjuring Apparatus Up-to-Date
Cassell and Co.: Stage Illusions and Entertainments
Caveney, Mike: The Great Leon - Vaudeville Headliner
Cecil, Harry E: Magic That Perks
Cervon, Bruce: Card Secrets of Bruce Cervon
Chanin, Jack: Encyclopedia of Sleeving
Chapman, Frank & Ralph Read: Twenty Stunners with a Nail Writer
Chapman, Frank: Another Six Bits
Chapman, Frank: Chap's Scrapbook
Chapman, Frank: Fountain of Silks
Chapman, Frank: Six Bits
Chapman, Frank: Six Bits More
Chapman, Frank: Ten Stunners with a Nail Writer
Christopher, Charles: Without Mirrors
Charles, Kirk: Manual of Restaurant Magic
Charles, Kirk: Standing Up Surrounded
Charles, Lance: Magic For the Few
Charles, Lance: Tricks For the Few
Chaudhuri, Tony: Bedazzled!
Christian (Stelzel): The Magic of Christian
Christopher, Dee: Proximity Effects
Christopher, Milbourne: Conjuring With Christopher
Christopher, Milbourne: Houdini A Pictorial Life
Christopher, Milbourne: The Illustrated History of Magic
Christopher, Milbourne: The Sphinx Golden Jubilee Book of Magic
Clark, Hyla M.: The World's Greatest Magic
Clive, Paul: Card Tricks Without Skill
Colombini, Aldo: The Close-Up Magic of Aldo Colombini
Conn, Doug: Connsolidated Connundrums
Conn, Doug: Connspiracy Theories
Corinda: Mnemonics and Mental Systems
Cox, William: Mentalism & Magicians
Craggs, Douglas: Masterpieces of Magic Vol 1
Cramer, Stuart: Germain The Wizard And His Legerdemain
Crayford, Charles: Magical Deceptions
Cremer, W.H.: Magic no Mystery
Crosthwaite, Rober & Justin Higham: Roger's Thesaurus
Crush, Peter: Folding Coin Secrets
Cummins, Paul W. and Doc Eason: Fusillade A Treatise on the Multiple Selection Routine
Cummins, Paul: FASDIU II
Cummins, Paul: From A Shuffle Deck In Use (FASDIU), Part 1
Cummins, Paul: From A Shuffle Deck In Use (FASDIU), Part 2
Curry, Paul: Out Of This World - And Beyond
Curry, Paul: Presents
Cyprian, Father: You Are Magic No. 10
Dalal, Sam: Magic With a Marked Deck
Dalal, Sam: Magic With an ESP Deck
Daniels, Paul: 77 Popular Card Games & Tricks
Darling, Aage: I'll Read Your Mind
Daryl: Daryl's Psychological Assembly or The Jolly Jumping Jokers
Davis, Jimmy: One Balloon Zoo
Davis, Scott: Scott Davis World of Balloon Art II
Dawes, Edwin & Arthur Setterington: The Encyclopedia of Magic
Dayton, Ronald J.: Ropes With a Different Twist
Dayton, Ronald: A Conjuror's Collage
Dayton, Ronald: Rope Without End
Dean, Jack: The Equivoque Choice
DeCourcy, Ken: Leo Leslie's Triple Colour Cups and Balls
DeCourcy, Ken: My Card, Sir
DeLawrence, George: Pithy Patter for the Parlor and the Professional Prestidigitator
Desmond, Frank: Everybody's Guide to Conjuring
DeSouza, Marc: Tri-Fecta
Devant, David: Lessons in Conjuring
Devant, David: Magic Made Easy
Devant, David: My Magic Life
Devant, David: Secrets of My Magic
Devant, David: The Best Tricks and How to Do Them
Devant, David: Tricks for Everyone
Devant, David: Woes of a Wizard
Deveen, David: Cigarette Magic and Manipulation
Deveen, David: Expert Cigarette Magic
Grant, U.F.: Fifteen Great Illusions
Hahne, Nelson C., Joe Berg: Here's Magic

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Friday, 26 July 2013

Now Playing: Magic Book Table of Contents Updates

Over 70 more magic book table of contents were added today:

Abbott, Percy: Cigarette Magic
Abbott, Percy: Magic Card System
Abrams, Max: J.G. Thompson Bibliography
Acer, David: The Plot Thickens
Adams, Peter: Wizard's Magic Book
Abertus: Entertaining
Albright: Forbidden Wisdom
Alexander, Jack: Thou Shalt Not Steal
All India Magic Circle: Sorcar
Amato, Bruce: Feed Em and Fool Em
Ammar, Michael: Lecture 2000, 1981
Andrews, Val: Card Rises; Circus Magic; From Here to Obscurity
Andrus, Jerry: Deals You In; Safety Pin Trix
Armstrong, Bruce: Micky Hades Encyclopedia of Supensions
Aronson, Simon: Shuffle-Bored; Sessions (with Solomon)
Auer, James: The Spirit is Willing
Bagshawe, Ed: 20 Magical Novelties
Banachek: Lecture Notes
Bandy, Father: Go Ahead, I'll Wait
Beam, Steve: Hand Picked Card Tricks; Magic Vanish Art; They Don't Make Trap Doors;
Ben, David: Zarrow
Bennett, Horace: Downs Palm Technique
Berland, Sam: New and Original Tricks;
Bernstein, Bruce: Classics
Berry, Jay Scott: Eclipse Effects; Genesis Scrolls
Bigbee, North: 20 New Mental Mysteries
Biro, Pete: Real Secrets of the Chinese Linking Rings
Bishop, Ron: Laughter All the Way
Blackstone, Harry: Blackstone Book of Magic; Tricks and Entertainments
Block, Dan: BlockBusters
Bloom, Gaetan: 86
Bohleno, Henry: 5 Original Mysteries
Bornstein, Mike: Latest Money Magic; New Commercial Money Magic
Boz, Tom: KISS
Brearley, Doug: All Wind and Twists 1 & 2
Brearley, John: ConJUNIORing
Breese, Martin: Magic of Al Koran
Britland, David: Card Kinetics
Bruno: Magic from Holland
Burlingame, HJ: Around the World with a Magician; History of Magic and Magicians; Leaves from Conjurer's Scrapbooks
Burrows, JF: Some New Magic
Cameron, Charles: Mind Your Magic
Carney, John: Carney Uncovered; Up Close; Conjuring Con Carney;
Collier, LC: Three Way Coloring Book
DeCourcy, Ken: Round the World
Eckl, Ed: Gardyloo
Farelli, Victor: Card Magic
Fleshman, Dan: Working in Restaruants
Gibson, Walter: Secets of Magic
Ginn, David: Children Laugh Louder
Hugard, Jean: Handkerchief Magic
Hull, Burling: 9 Great Card Tricks
Klein, Jim: Magic of Riedel
Kolar, Joseph: Party and Magic Stunts
Lane, Frank & UF Grant: They're Off
MacCarthy, Brian: Impromptu
McComb, Billy: First Book of William
Mentzer, Jerry: Special Lectures Close Up; Club & Stage;
Page, Patrick: Bell's Book of Tricks
Sherman, Roger: DGT, DGT2
Smith, J. Stewart: One More Thought on Cards
Spiegler, Jack: Secrets
Spooner, Bill: Here's Hoo With Coins
Suds: Magical Comedy
Thompson, J.G.: The Living End; Top Secrets of Magic V3;
Wakeman, Randy: Special Effects
York, Scotty: Decennial Prelection

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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Now Playing: Magic Book Table of Contents Updates
Topic: Magic Updates
Over 200 Book Tables of Content Added or updated:

Michael Ammar: Fourth World Lecture;
Annemann's Practical Mental Magic;
Baker/Larsen: Wit Parade;
Ron Bauer: Dixie!; Horn-Swoggled Again;
Carol Bender: Choose One From Column A;
Brahams, Anthony: Fred Kaps' Currency; Kaps' Cups & Balls;
Howard Brandt: Three Shells & A Pea;
Brown, Floyd: 25 Methods for Switching Decks;
Cohen, Al: Magical Mish Mosh;
Collier, L.C.: A Three Ring Routine; Big Ring on String; Two Ball Sponge Ball Routine; Full Circle Rope Routine
Darci, Steve: Penny Fantasy;
D'Arcy, Peter: Children's Parties;
Darwin, Gary: Close Up Miracles, Thumb Tip Thinking;
Daryl: Convention Session 1; Does Den Haag;
Desouza, Marc: Tri-Fecta; Tricks I Have Turned;
Driscoll/Koobrick: Versatility Coins;
Evans, Jay: LEcture Notes of Roger Klause;
John Fabjance: Svengali Deck;
Fetsch, Hen: Chinatown Quarter Magic;
Fleshman, Dan: Close Up With 1, 2;
Fulves, Karl: Coe Norton's Omega Wallet;
Ginn, David: Comedy Linking Rings;
Green, Paul: Take a Stroll with Me;
Groves, David: If Sleeves Could Talk;
Hanky Panky Toys Street Magic;
Hawthorne, Julain: World's Greatest Mystery Stories;
Hayden, Allen: Fancy Ring Routine
Herrmann, Alexander: Herrmann's Wizard's Manual;
Hollingworth, Scott: Simplex Coin Routine
Hugard, Jean: Thimble Magic
Hull, Burling: Sleights with Billiard Balls;
Hurst, Daryl: Party Pizazz;
Ireland, LL: Complete Cups & Balls; Linking Ring Routine;
Jahn, Vic: Lecture;
James, Stewart: Call to Cards;
Jay, Phil: Climbing Ladder to Success;
Jensen, Jay: Monte Too;
Johnson, Roh: Everyman's Cards; Extra Lecture; Feature Three; Lecture Notes; Snap;
Johnsson, Rick: Routines;
Jones, Lewis: Pragon Move;
Jones, Steve: Cards for All Occassions;
Jon, Finn: New Magic;
Jordan, Charles: 30 Card Mysteries;
Joseph, Eddie: Art of Body Loading;
Judah, Stewart: Magic World of;
Kam, Curtis: All the World's a Stage;
Kattner, Wilbur: You're On;
Kaufman, Richard: Cardworks; Interlocked Production of Coins; Tom Mullica;
Kaye, David: How to Perform the Perfect Kid Show; Seriously Silly;
Kellerhof, Alfred: Typical Alfred;
King, Mac: Mac King's First Lecture;
Knepper, Kenton: Lasting Effects;
Kowlowski, Mike: Tricks Techniques;
Kozak: On Coins and Sponge Balls;
Kundu, Solyl: Magic of Merriment;
Kurtz, Gary: To the Point;
Larsen, Wilil: Mental Mysteries With Cards; Spook Show in Your Parlor;
Latour, Harry: Magical Suggestions;
Lavand, Rene: Slow Motion Magic;
Lawton, Don: Lots of Lawton;
Leach, Chuck: The Ring & Spring book;
Leach, Jamie: Jamie's Coin Stuff
Leat, Harry: Diversified Magic; Forty Years In And Around Magic; Magic of the Depots 1923/1924/USA; Tragic Magic; Thoughtful Magic
Leech, Al: Cardman Stuff; Cardmanship;
Lees, Walt: Cardmanship of Roberto Giobbi; More Money Magic of Mike Bornstein;
Leirpoll, Jarl: Pocket Power;
LePaul, Paul: Card Magic of John Hamman;
Leveridge, Mark: Magic of Close Up;
Lewis, Eric: Big Little Lecture; Genius of Robert Harbin;
Lewis, Trevor: Close Up Lecture;
Lindhorst, Will: Tricks and Magic;
Littwin, Arthur: The Card Shark;
London, Ron: Lecture No. 8; Magic In a Nutshell; Stuff You'll Use; Tricks Tricks Tricks;
Lorayne, Harry: Quantum Leaps;
Lorento, Professor: Amateur Amusements;
Lorraine, Sid: A Magician in the House; Early Stuff; Gags Routines Patter, Sid's Scrapbook;
Lustig, David: Vaudeville Magic; Vaudeville Mind Reading;
MacCarthy, Brian: Sleights Supreme, Slow Sleights;
Madsen, Bill: Hex;
Mangel Ray: It's Gotta Be Easy;
March, Carl: Magic Made Easy;
Marcom: Presents Magic;
Mardo, Senor: Cups and Balls; Magic for Bartenders; Mixologist;
Mark, Richards: No-way Q&A
Marlo, Ed: Unlimited; So Soon; Amazing Isn't It; Early marlo; Let's See the Deck;
Marshall, Frances: How to Sell By Magic; Success Book 1/2; Trade Shows;
Maskelyne, Jasper: Book of Magic;
Masoni: Showmanship;
Mason, Mark: It Beats Working;
Massey, Edward: New and Original Magic;
Maurice, Amazing: Mentalistrix;
Maven, Max: Chicago; New New York Notes;
Mayne, Andrew: Illusion F/X;
McCathy, George: Magicomedy; Smarttrricks;
McBride, George: Osmosis;
McCarron, BW: The Gambling Magician;
McCarthy, Daniel: The Underground Hits Bottom;
McDaniel, Robert: Cardventures;
McLachlan, John: Goldfinger;
Medrington, CP.: A Dozen of Magic;
Mendoza, John: Close Up Presentation; Cups & Balls Routine;
Mentzer, Jerry: Card Cavalcade 3; Climax Coins; Forcing a Card; Second Lecture;
Mesika: Animated Miracles;
Miesel, Bill: Fork Full of Appetizers; Improvisations; MOE;
Miller, Charles: Black Art Well Tricks;
Miller, Hugh: Rink's Original Rope Trick; Secrets of Gambling;
Miller, Tony: Bar Magic;
Minch, Stephen: Krenzel's Ingenuitites; Mind Melds; Mind Novas;
Mishell, Ed: Elastrix;
Morris, Bud: I Am Curious, Magic;
Muller, Reinhard: Escorial 86, 88;
Musson, Clettis: Close Up Capers;
Noble, Lee: 100 Dollar Plus Book;
Oakes, Earl: Master Lock Routine;
Okal, Bill: New Look at Classic Closeup;
Olson/Pearce: Sick Sorcery;
Olson, Rober: Extra Extra Extra;
Oneal/Grant: Modern Illusions;
O'Neill, Brian: Misdameanor Miracles;
Orbit: Inside the Head of;
Ortiz, Darwing: Darwin's Theories; Ephemeral Notes;
Osborne, Tom: 3 to 1 Rope Trick;
Ouellet: Gary: Classy Close Up; Powersleights; ProControl; SuperShells;
Pace, Jim: A Material;
Page, Patrick: Magic by Gosh; Pages of Magic; Topit Handbook;
Palhinha, Mariano: Magic Payoff;
Palmer, Bill: Early History of Paddle Trick;
Palmer, Tom: Modern Illusions;
Parker Robert: Up in Smoke;
Parrish, Robert: An Evening with Charlie Miller;
Patry, John: No My Last Name Isn't Party;
Pavel: Magical Creation;
Petrick: 7xViolet; One Minute Miracles 1, 2, 3;
Platiquini, Marcos: Platimagics 2;
Platt, John: Internationally Famous Cups & Balls;
Pomeroy, John: Mentology;
Racherbaumer, Jon: Big Easy Card Cunning; Cardfixes; Card Puzzle; Lecture Notes; Universal Card;
Randal, Jason: Magic for Pros;
Randlett, Samuel: Folding Money Fooling Vol 2;
Ray, Jimmy: Cruise Book;
Reeder, Robinson: Disbanded;
Richardson, Barrie: Concepts & Deceptions;
Richards, Paul: Close Up Insider;
Rogers, Mike: They All Work;
Roth, David: Lecture On Magic; A Magical Lecture; Coins Lecture; Coins Close Up;
Royal Magic: Nimble Thimbles;
Rubinstein, Michael: Creative Coin Magic 1, 2; Inside Street magic;
Rungie, Herb: Impromptu Card Magic;
Seabrooke, Terry: American Lecture;
Shute, Merlyn: The Little Things;
Smith, Aaron: Mr. Gadfly Vol 1 No. 4;
Snader, Craige: Mind Square;
Socrate, Philippe; Lecture Notes;
Stevenson, A: 75 Tricks with a Stripper Deck;
Stiles, Kirk: Thimbles With a Light Touch;
Tamariz, Juan: Sonata;
Thompton, Johnny: Coin in Bottle Plus;
Trixer, Hans: Conjuring Trix;
Warlock, Peter: Black Art Well Tricks;
Windsor, Tommy: Presto Press Book;
Wolfsburger, Gary: Manipulation of the Cone & Ball;
Yedid, Meir: Now-U-C-It Now-U-Don't

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