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Magic Updates
MagicRef Updates
Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Now Playing: Magic Book Table of Contents Feb 2017 Update

About 100 additional books added:

Acer, David: Selections From the Magic Menu
Baker, W.F.: A Basic Magic Library
Banerjee: Designed to Decieve
Bender, Steve & Dave Ebel: Laugh With a Gospel Slant
Binarelli, Tony: Las Vegas 2000
Blackman, James: The Big Book of Magic
Bonfeld, Murray: Faro Concepts
Cassidy, Robert: Pseudo-Mentally Yours
Dayton, Ronald: Spoof It's Magic
Deb, Soumya: Soumya's Brainstorms
Elsdon, Mark: Half a Dozen of the Other
Fabian: TNT
Farelli, Victor: Nate Leipzig's Card Stab
Fedko, John: Magic Treasures
Feinman, Jeffrey: Catalogue of Magic
Fekko, John: Best of Nr2
Felsman, Arthur: 32 Impromptu Card Tricks
Felsman, Arthur: 37 Effective After Dinner Tricks
Ferrentino, John: Comedy Clubs for Magicians
Fiedler: Brain Twisters
Fisher, Aaron: The Sleight Album
Fisher, John: Never Give a Sucker an Even Break
Fisher, John: Paul Daniels & the Story of Magic
Fisher, Rick & Cheryl: threemagicwords
Fisher, Rick & Cheryl: threemagicwordsvii2
Fitzkee, Dariel: Contact Mindreading Expanded
Fitzkee, Dariel: Jumbo Card Manipulation
Fitzkee, Dariel: Linking Ring Manipulation
Fitzkee, Dariel: Misdirection for Magicians
Fitzkee, Dariel: Strange Inventions of Dr. Ervin
Fixen, Laura: True Mysterie of Mindreading
Fleischer, Adam: Mcbride Changing The Face of Magic
Fleming, Paul: Book Reviews Vold 2
Fleshman, Dan: Encounters of a Closeup King
Fleshman, Dan: Lecture Tour 2005
Flosso, Al: Our Mysteries
Flosso, Jack: Close-up Magic of the Masters
Forzetting, Milan: Paragons and Paradoxes
Fox, Karrell: Foxy Foolers
Fox, Karrell: Goodies
Fox, Karrell: Kornfidentially Yours
Fox, Karrell: Much Ado About Something
Francis, Cameron: Headroom
Francis, Douglas: Right Under Your Nose
Frederick, Charles: Book of Magic
Freed, Lee: Freed At Last
Freed, Lee: Second Time Around
Fulves, Karl: Book of Numbers
Fulves, Karl: Clockwork
Fulves, Karl: Combo
Fulves, Karl: Combo II
Fulves, Karl: Deceptive Practices
Fulves, Karl: Epilogue
Fulves, Karl: Hex Squared
Fulves, Karl: Methods With Cards 1
Fulves, Karl: Methods With Cards 2
Fulves, Karl: Methods With Cards 3
Fulves, Karl: New Card Rises
Fulves, Karl: Swindle & Cheat
Fulves, Karl: Teleportation Notes
Furst, Arnold: Lecture Notes of Arnold Furst
Garcia & Schindler: Amadeo's Contintental Magic
Garcia, Frank: Elegant Card Magic of Father Cyprian
Garrett, Teral: Psycho-Gizmo Volume 2
Garrett, Teral: Psycho-Gizmo Volume 3
Garrett, Teral: Psycho-Gizmo Volume 4
Gazzo: Gazzo On the Cups and Balls
Gervais, Steve: Subterraean Sessions
Gibson Walter: World's Best Book of Magic
Gibson, Walter: Fell's Guide to Papercraft
Gibson, Walter: Houdini's Escapes
Gibson, Walter: The Bunco Book 1946
Gibson, Walter: The Bunco Book 1976
Gilbert, Ron: Host of Ideas
Givan, Joe: More Magic from the Attic
Gloye, Gene: Theatrical Magic
Goldman, Bill: Bill Goldman Magic
Goldstein, Phil: Card Tricks for People Who Hate Card Tricks
Goldstein, Phil: Chicago 1992
Goldstein, Phil: Goldsteins  Gallery
Goldstein, Phil: Major Minor
Goldstein, Phil: Mix86
Goldstein, Phil: Scattershot
Goldstein, Phil: Shuffled Lecture
Goldstein, Phil: Silentwe
Goldstein, Phil: Thavant
Goldston, Will: Card & Ball Tricks
Goldston, Will: Exclusive Magical Secrets
Goldston, Will: Great Magician's Tricks
Goldston, Will: Great Tricks Revealed
Goldston, Will: Magic for the Forces
Goldston, Will: Modern Card Tricks Without Apparatus
Goldston, Will: More Tricks and Puzzles Without Apparatus
Goldston, Will: Secrets of Famous Illusionists
Goldston, Will: Sensational Tales of Mystery Men
Goldston, Will: Stage Illusions
Goldston, Will: The Young Conjurer
Goldston, Will: The Young Conjurer Vol 2
Goldston, Will: Tricks of the Masters
Goldston, Will: Tricks You Should Know
Grant, U.F. & Menge: G&M Magic Course
Hallema, Flip: Flip Quik Trik Trip
Otin, Bob: Fingertip Fantasies


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Friday, 27 January 2017

Now Playing: Magic Book Table of Contents Update

Back for a New Year! Added more than 150 more book table of contents listings:

Abraham, R.M.: Easy to Do Entertainments and Diversions
Acer, David: 7 by Rick Bronson
Ackerman, Allan: How to Tame a Moose
Ackerman, Allan: I Can't Believe It's Not All Cards
Adams, Ralph: Original Illusions of Ralph Adams
Alburger, James: Get Your Act Together
Anderson, Brooks & H. Clause Enslow: So You Want to Make a Buck
Anderson, Doug: Drive 'Em Nuts! Lecture One
Andrews, Val: Original Comedy Magic
Andrus, Jerry: Linking Pins
Aronson, Simon: A Stack to Remember
Austin, Larry A.: Cards, Coins and Balloons
Axtel, Steve: Ideas for Axtel Productions Products
Baker, Al: Cardially Yours
Baker, Roy: Method Behind the Madness
Beam, Steve: Card Tricks From Mount Olympus
Bedwell, Ray: Hidden Treasures Magic
Bedwell, Steve: Thick Schtick!
Bennett, Horace: Alternate Handlings
Berg, Joe: Simply Deceptive Card Magic
Berger, Ben: Highlight Magic
Bergeron, Bev: Clown Magic
Bergeron, Bev: Damnant Quod Non Intelligunt
Berglas, David: Lecture Notes FISM91
Berry, Jay Scott: Totall Eclipse
Bertram, Charles: Isn't It Wonderful?
Blake, George: Take a Note!
Boarde, C.L.: One on One Mentalism
Born, John: Matrix God's Way
Boston, George & Robert Parrish: Inside Magic
Brahams, Anthony & Davide Costi: Close Up Elegance
Braude, Dr. Ben B.: Tricks and Treats
Brearley, Doug: More Wind and Twists
Bridwell, Jack: Mental Flashes
Briggs, J. Albert: Dinkum Magic
Brinegan, Ron: Desparado Deals
Brook, Paul: The Book of Lies
Brook, Paul: The Brook Test
Buckingham, Geoffrey: 50 Years of Magic
Buckner, Charles: Charlie's Brain Twisters
Buckner, Charles: Charlie's Brain Twisters II
Buckner, Charles: Dunninger
Burlingame, Hardin J: Tricks in Magic Vol 1
Calvert, John: Lecture & Program
Carey, John: Crafted with Carey
Carlisle, Stanton: Master Mentality
Carlisle, Stanton: Mentalism for Connoisseurs
Cattarius, Manfred: Exzellente Seilroutinen
Cervon, Bruce: Black & White Trick
Chapman, Frank: 20 Clever Magic Tricks
Chapman, Frank: Quick Tricks
Charles, Kirk: Marked for Life
Christianer, Louis F.: Effective Tricks
Christianer, Louis F.: Magical Notions
Christianer, Louis F.: Modern Magical Effects
Christianer, Louis F.: More Effective Card Tricks
Christianer, Louis F.: More Effective Tricks
Christianer, Louis F.: New Magical Conceptions
Christianer, Louis F.: Original Deceptions
Christianer, Louis F.: Selected Tricks
Clarke, Graham S.: The Book That Never Was
Collins, Stanley: Collins's Card Conceits
Colombini, Aldo: Direct Hits
Cornelius, John: Creative Secrets No. 1
Craven, Tom: A Hat Full of Stuff
Craven, Tom: TIPS
Creasey, Scott: Escaping the Restraint of Reality
Curtis, Tony: Tony Curtis lecture
Dalal, Sam: Swami Magazine
Darwin, Gary: Darwin's Inexpensive Illusions
Davison, Robert: Mysteria
Dawes, Edwin & Michael Baldwin: Circle Without End
Dawes, Edwin: Barrister in the Circle
Dayton, Ron: Cord-ially Yours
Dayton, Ron: Dayton's Delights
Dayton, Ron: Hung Up on Ropes / Off the Beaten Path
Dayton, Ron: Jenny-U-Wan Magic Part 1 - Silks-N-Ropes-N-Rings
Dayton, Ron: Jenny-U-Wan Magic Part 2 - Tissues-N-Money
Dayton, Ron: Jenny U-Wan Magic Part 3 - Magic 'N The Grab Bag
Dayton, Ron: Legerdemine
Dayton, Ron: Press-Tidigitation
Dayton, Ron: Secret Thoughts
Dayton, Ron: Simply Amazing
Dayton, Ron: Strange Relections
Dayton, Ron: Visual Fantasies
Dayton, Ron: Whole Art of Clippo
De-Val, David: Lock Picking Part One
De Courcy, Ken: Blue Spotitis
De Courcy, Ken: Cards in Cabaret
De Courcy, Ken: Creditable Conjuring
De Courcy, Ken: Deceiver's Discourse
Dean, Jack: Soothsayer
Delage: Whirlwind Magic of DeLage and Margaret
DeLawrence, Geo: A Vaudeville Magic Act
DeLawrence, Geo: Another Vaudeville Magic Act
DeLawrence, Geo: DeLawrence Manuscript
DeLawrence, Geo: How to Answer Questions in Crystal Gazing
DeLawrence, Geo: Impromptu Magic With Patter
DeLawrence, Geo: Miscellaneous Handkerchief Tricks
Dellini, The Great: Mental Miracles
Derris, John: John Derris Lectue Notes
DeVega (A.M. Stewart): Conventional Conjuring
DeVega (A.M. Stewart): More Selected Secrets
DeVega (A.M. Stewart): Patterettes
DeVega (A.M. Stewart): Selected Secrets
DeVega (A.M. Stewart): Sensational Secrets
Dewey, Herb & Roy Miller (ed): Psycho-Babble
Dewey, Herb & Thomas Saville, Ph.D: Red Hot Cold Reading
Dewey, Ralph: Balloon & Clown Notebook
Dexter, Will: Magic Circle Magic
Dexter, Will: Riddle of Chung Ling Soo
Diamond, Hal: Promotion in Motion
Dick & Fitzgerald (Publishers): How to Amuse an Evening Party
Dick & Fitzgerald (Publishers): The Parlor Magician
Dimelow, Dominic: Magical Presentations
Dixon, Craig R.: For the Entertainer
Dixon, Craig R.: For the Entertainer II
Dobson, Wayne & Stephen Tucker: Dobson's Choice 1
Dobson, Wayne & Stephen Tucker: Dobson's Choice 2
Dobson, Wayne: A Kind of Magic
Dobson, Wayne: Dobson's Choice Special Effects
Dobson, Wayne: WD40
Doggett R.L. (Dr. Bob): Matrix Mania
Douglas, Bert: Magic Worth Knowing
Douglas, Bert: Original Magic for All
Downs, Thomas Nelson & Nathan Dean: Conjuring With Coins
Drake Publishers: Jumbo Book of Magic
Drake, Don & Gary Darwin: Dondrake's Black Art Breakthroughs
Dropo, Dr.: How to Do Balancing Tricks and Stunts
Duce, Bert: Magic for All
Duffie, Peter, Colombini, Robertson: Killer Koncepts
Duffie, Peter: Subtle Miracles
Dunn, Ricki: Bat Magic
Dunn, Ricki: Professional Stage Pickpocket
Dunn, Tony: My Stuff
Dunninger, Joseph: 100 Houdini Tricks
Dunninger, Joseph: Inside the Medium's Cabinet
Dutscher, Willis (Dr. X): On the Other Side of the Footlights
Dwinells, Matthew: Taking Your Family Show One Step Further!
Dyment, Doug: Stimulacra
Eason, Doc: Notes from a Working Repertoire
Eastman, Chas.: French's Manipulative Magic
Eaton, Michael: 2econd Thoughts
Edwards, Doug: Cardmania
Eldin, Peter: Hey Presto!
Elias, Neal: New Card Controls
Elmsley, Alex: Mouse Magic
Elsdon, Mark: Raven Mad
Elsdon, Mark: Six of One
Elsdon, Mark: Thinks Things
Emerson, Arthur J., Jr.: International Imports
England, Don: 1989 Magic Lecture
England, Don: A Magic Lecture
Enochs, E. Loyd: Producing Lighted Cigarettes
Ernst, Bernard & Hereward Carrington: Houdini & Conan Doyle
Etchesverry, Jesus: Magic of Ascanio Studies in Card Magic
Evans, Henry Ridgely: Adventures In Magic
Evans, Henry Ridgely: History of Conjuring
Evans, Henry Ridgely: Spirit World Unmasked
Evans, Shawn: Self-Contained Card Delivery System
Ewing, Tom: Conjurors and Cornfields
Koran, Al & Jack Lamonte: Mastered Amazement

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Friday, 19 February 2016

Now Playing: 140+ New Magic Book Table of Content Listings

I have added table of content listings for the below additional 140 magic books (mostly author last names W-Z for this go-around):

Abbott, David: Marvelous Creations of Joseffy
Alexander, C.: Life and Mysteries of the Celebrated Dr. Q
Anderson, A.: How to Become a Conjurer
Anderson, A.: How to Do 60 Tricks With Cards
Anderson, A.: How to Do Chemical Tricks
Anderson, A.: How to Do the Black Art
Anderson, A.: How to Make Magic Toys
Ascanio, Arturo de: Knives and Color-Blindness
Berglas, David: Berglas File No. 1
Bishop, Washington Irving: Second Sight Experiments
Bordner, Greg: Hellstromism
Bordner, Greg: Top Treasury of Halloween Magic
Bridwell, Don: Just for Laughs
Brock, Tudor: Great Wong's Routine for the Chinese Rings
Earl Nelson: West Coast Quarterly Vol 1, Issue 1
Earl Nelson: West Coast Quarterly Vol 1, Issue 2
Gladwin, Andi: Blomberg Laboratories
Joseph, Eddie: Coat of Many Colors
Kardyro, Tony: Dovetail Deceptions
Miller, Professor: Tricks & Diversions with Cards
Timayenis, TT: History of the Art of Magic
Torre, Jose de la: New Jumping Back
Tower, David: Magic of the Mystery Papers
Tremaine, Jon: Magic Tricks for Grown-Ups
Trono, Tim: Dean Dill Intimate Miracles
Trost, Nick: Cardman's Packet
Tucker, Stephan: SpellBinder Vol 01 No 11 March 1982
Turner, W.O.: Live Magic
Ulster Society of Magicians: Ulster Magic Number Four, Summer 1951
Van Bern & DeVega: Whirlwind of Wizardry
Varro, Steve: Comedy is No Laughing Matter
Varro, Steve: Magic...Tricky Business
Veckey, Terry: Terry's Talk
Vermes, Hal G.: Collier Quick and Easy Guide to Magic
Vernon, Dai: First California Lecture
Vernon, Dai: Lecture Manuscript
Wakeman, Randy: Formula One Closeup
Walker, A.H. & Horace: Up to Date Conjuring
Walker, Robert: Tricks From the Tree
Waller, Charles: For Magicians Only
Waller, Charles: Happy Magic
Waller, Charles: Magic From Below
Waller, Charles: Up His Sleeve
Waller, Charles: Waller's Wonders (partial contents only)
Walton, Roy: Card Script
Walton, Roy: Tale Twisters
Walton, Roy: The Spread Half-Pass
Wardell, Peter: 52 Ideas
Wardell, Peter: Lecture Notes 2010
Warlock, Peter: Come a Little Closer
Warlock, Peter: The Magic of Pavel
Wass, Verrall: Twelve Tested Tricks
Waters, TA: Cardicat
Waters, TA: Cerberus
Waters, TA: Deckalogue
Waters, TA: Grymwyr
Waters, TA: Mind Myth & Magic
Waters, TA: Mynd
Waters, TA: Myxtyr
Waters, TA: New Thoughts for Old
Waters, TA: Octasm
Waters, TA: Omimancy
Waters, TA: Psychl
Waters, TA: Psychometry
Waters, TA: Scrypt
Waters, TA: Spyryt
Waters, TA: Thynk
Watkins, Dan: CoinVanish 1
Watkins, Dan: CoinVanish 2
Weber, Herman: Money from Magic
Weber, Michael: Blackpool 2012
Webster, Richard: Good Luck from Beijing
Webster, Richard: Mainly Cards
Wehman Bros: 150 Parlor Tricks
Wehman Bros: 153 Tricks
Wehman Bros: Fun Magic & Mystery
Weibel, Richard: Conjuring Psychology
Weigel, Oscar: KANE
Weiner, Irv: Red Tape Thumb Tie
Wenk, Timothy: Stuff You'll Use!
White, Brunel: Modern Master Mysteries
White, Brunel: Original Mysteries for Magicians
White, David: Complete School Assembly Tour Book
White, Laurance: So You Want to Be a Magician?
Whitehead & Co., Publishers: Parlour Magic
Whiteley, Harry: Miracles of Modern Magic
Wicks, Frederick: Thought Reading
Wild, Boris: Lecture 2001
Williams, Burton: Dice Squares, Tops & Shapes
Williams, Dick & Virginia: Booking Magic
Williams, Dick: Cups & Balls for New millennium
Williams, Geoffrey: Gathering Dust
Williams, Mitch: Notes on the Art of Magic
Williams, Oswald: Hints to Young Conjurers
Williamson, David: Aunt Mary's Terrible Secret
Williamson, David: How Magic Works
Williamson, David: Striking Magic
Willmarth, Philip: Classics Revisited
Willmarth, Philip: Magic From the Parade #1
Wilson, Colin: Geller Phenomenon
Wilson, Eric: Tested Magic!
Wilson, Mark: Greatest Card Tricks
Wilson, Mark: Greatest Instant Magic Tricks
Winchell, Paul: Ventriloquism for Fun and Profit
Windsor, Tommy: 64 Ways to Make Magic Pay
Wisch, Bill: Sleightly Out of My Mind
Wisch, Bill: Slydini Lecture
Wonder, Tommy: Jos Bema Lecture
Wood, RW: Card Tricks for Everyone
Woodbury, Rand: Diversions
Woolston, Clarence: Penny Object Lessons
Wright, Tim: Deceptive Entertainment
Wyler & Ames: Funny Magic
Wyman, John: Handbook of Magic
Wynnychuk, Marshall: Puppetry for Magicians
Yanagida, Masahiro: Unbelievable
Yates, Jack: Clue and Other Mysteries
Yates, Jack: Minds in Close-Up
Yeager, John: Dots Magic
Yedid, Meir: Off The Wall
Yedid, Meir: Stage Stuff
Yee, Shaun: Cards In Action
York, Scotty & Tim Conover: Revolutionary Routines With Aces
Youell, Steven: Lecture Notes
Youell, Steven: Weapons of Mass Deception
Youell, Steven: Weapons of Mass Destruction
Young, Phillip: Fingers Don't Entertain, People Do
Zacharia, Mark: Markipedia
Zachary, Jim: Zack Stacks
Zaleta, Lex: A Demonstrator's Dream Part 1
Zaleta, Lex: A Demonstrator's Dream Part 2
Zaleta, Lex: A Demonstrator's Dream Part 3
Zaleta, Lex: Getting Down to More Business
Zancig, Julius: Adventures In Many Lands
Zanto, Lewis: Treasury of Magic
Zavis, William: Divers Deceits
Zenon, Paul: Magic Tricks
Zenon, Paul: Street Magic
ZeTuer, Professor: Classic Illusions
Zodiastar: Match Tricks
Zollweg, Ron: It's Commercial!

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Monday, 16 November 2015

Now Playing: 99 New Book Table of Contents Listings

Abbott, Percy: Paper Magic
Abbott, Percy: Sympathetic Silks
Ackerman, Allan: Day of Magic Lecture Notes
Ackerman, Allan: Every Move a Move
Ackerman, Allan: Magic Castle Lecture 1991
Ackerman, Allan: Magical Mafia Effects
Ackerman, Allan: The Esoterist
Ainslie, Arthur: Water Wizardry
Albright, Howard: Lady Luck Card Effects
Albright, Howard: Party-Trix Ala Carte
Albright, Howard: Super-Psychic Mental Effects
Alexander, Jorg: FFFF 2000 Notes
Alfonso: Alfonso 2001
Alfonso: In the Capital 1994
Alford, Jason: Freebie
Alford, Jason: Freebie 2
Alford, Jason: Freebie 3
Allen, Alexander: Closer Than Before!
Anderson, George: Dynamite Mentalism
Anderson, George: Magic Pendulum
Andrews, Max: Sixteen Card index Gems
Andrews, Val: Coin and Card Magic of Bobby Bernard
Andrus, Jerry: Andrus Deals Again!
Andrus, Jerry: Nameless Notes
Andrus, Jerry: Special Magic
Anonymous: Card Control
Anverdi, Tony: 50 Years of Magical Creations
Arce, Greg: Simple Minded
Bagshawe, Edward: More Magical Mysteries
Bagshawe, Edward: Novel Mysteries Part Five: Miscellaneous Effects (1930)
Bagshawe, Edward: Novel Mysteries Part Four: Original Spiritualistic Effects (1928)
Bagshawe, Edward: Novel Mysteries Part One: Original Silk Effects (1926)
Bagshawe, Edward: Novel Mysteries Part Six: More Miscellaneous Magic (1932)
Bagshawe, Edward: Novel Mysteries Part Three: Original Pocket Effects (1929)
Bagshawe, Edward: Novel Mysteries Part Two: Original Card Effects (1927)
Barnum, Vance: Boy Wizard
Barr, George: Sciente Tricks and Magic for Young People
Bauer, Joel: Hustle Hustle
Bauer, Ron: Milton Kort Lecture Notes
Ben, David: The Fringe
Berg, Harvey: Deceiva Las Vegas
Berglas, David: Lecture Notes
Berland, Sam: Novel Cigarette Tricks
Bernstein, Bruce: A Matter of Time
Bernstein, Bruce: Perception is Everything
Bernstein, Bruce: Psi-Kicks
Bishop, Billy: Life and Magic of Bill Bishop
Blackstene, Harry: Modern Card Tricks
Blackstone, Harry (Sr.): Annual of Magic 1929
Blackstone, Harry Jr.: Blackstone Book of Magic & Illusion
Blackstone, Harry: Secrets of Magic
Bongo, Ali: Book of Magic
Brandon, James: Second Step
Brandon, Ruth: Live and Many Deaths of Harry Houdini
Brent, Lu: Fifteen Star Card Effects
Brent, Lu: Lu Brent's Best Magic Tricks Volume Three
Brent, Lu: Lu Brent's Best Magic Tricks Volume Two
Brent, Lu: Lu Brent's Exclusive Card Mysteries
Brewer, Doug: It's In the Other Hand
Brewer, Doug: Three Miracle Routines With the Miracle Coin Cup
Britland, David: Equinox
Brooks, L.R.: Stack Attack
Cameron, Douglas: MAgic of Steve Hamilton
Canavan, Thomas: Amazing Tricks
Carrothers, Ted: Magic Toothpaste
Caveney, Mike: Carter the Great
Caveney, Mike: Harry Anderson Wise Guy
Cawolsky, Richard: Straw Struck
Cervon, Bruce: Vernon Chronicles Vol 4
Chesbro, Verne: Ultimate Color Separataion No. 2
Ching, Michael A.: New Animation
Chislett, T.H.: Spirits in the House
Christopher, Milbourne: 100 Latest Tips on Tricks
Christopher, Milbourne: Christopher's Favorite Routines
Christopher, Milbourne: ESP, Seers & Psychics
Christopher, Milbourne: For Stretching a Rope
Christopher, Milbourne: Mediums, Mystics & The Occult
Christopher, Milbourne: More One Man Mental Magic
Christopher, Milbourne: More Tips on Tricks
Christopher, Milbourne: Varied Deceptions
Chuan, Tan Hock: Magic of Tan Hock Chuan
Claflin, Edward: Street Magic
Clarke, Graham: Oliver's More
Close, Michael: On the Road Again
Close, Michael: While I'm Gone
Cockings, David: Routined Entertainment for Children
Cohen, Morris (Amazing Maurice): Comedy Funnel Magic
Collins, Stanley: Deceptive Conceptions in Magic
Collosini: Mental Meanderings
Colombini, Aldo: React
Craven, Tom: My Amost 50 Years in Magic
Craven, Tom: Pallbearer's Review Lecture
Cruzon, Roger: Blood on the Tricks
Cruzon, Roger: Sublimations
Curry, Paul: Word's Beyond
National Magic: 16 World's Best Card Tricks

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Friday, 25 September 2015

Now Playing: 150 New Magic Book Table of Content Listings
Whew! Over 150 additional book table of contents added:
(as a reminder, this is just an information site, these books are not for sale here!)

Duffie, Peter: 5 x Five Scotland
Gagnon, Tom: Sleightly Original
Ganson, Lewis: Dai Vernon's Tribute to Nate Leipzig
Ganson, Lewis: Reelistic Magic
Ganson, Lewis: The Ganson Book
Garrett, Dan: Garrett In the USA
Gauci, Charles: Reputation Makers
Goldston, Will: A Magician's Swan Song
Gordon, Bard (Scarnecky): Room 538
Govan, Barry: Close Up Magic Restaurant Style Vol 2
Grant, U.F.: 25 Rising Card Tricks
Grant, U.F.: 50 Kute Koin Tricks
Grant, U.F.: Flash Magic
Grant, U.F.: Gen Grant's Manual of Magic
Grant, U.F.: Rope, Chain and Box Escapes
Grant, U.F.: Window Stoppers
Gravatt, Glenn: More Collected Writings
Griffith, Tony: An Invitation to Mystery
Grismer, Ray: CHARTS
Groves, David: Silence of the Lemons
Guastaferro, John: G Notes
Guerra, Rene R.: Making Magic With Cubes
Hades, Micky: Conjurors' Book of Stage Illusions
Hades, Micky: GeniIllusions
Hades, Micky: Make Up Of Magic
Hades, Micky: New Make Up of Magic
Hades, Micky: Novel Magic With the Appearing Cane
Hall, Trevor: Nothing Is Impossible
Harbin, Robert: Magic of
Harbottle, Kainoa: A Petit Pamphlet on Pasteboards
Harbottle, Kainoa: Cointopia
Harbottle, Kainoa: Tri Fec Tas
Harkey, David: Body Language
Harris, Ben: For Close Up Magicians' Eyes Only
Haskell, Bob: Magic of Haskell
Hemingway, David: Exclusive Routines Part One
Hemingway, David: Exclusive Routines Part Two
Henderson, John: Close Up Magic Manuscript
Henning, Doug: Houdini His Legend and His Magic
Hermalin: Workable Wizardry
Histed, Louis: Magic of Louis S. Histed
Ho, Kevin: Smooth Operations
Hollingworth, Guy: Renovations
Holmes, Donald: New Card Tricks
Holmes, Donald: Some Modern Conjuring
Holmes, Donald: Tricks With Prepared Cards
Horwitz, Basil: Mental Magick of
Houdini, Harry: Right Way to Do Wrong
Houghton, Will: The Magic 36
Houston, Will: Thaumaturgy
Howard, Max: Magic From the Great Southern Sleight of Hand Show
Hoy, David: Magic With a Message
Hugard, Jean: Hugard's Annual of Magic 1937
Hugard, Jean: Hugard's Annual of Magic 1938-1939
Hull, Burling & UF Grant: 30 One Man Mind Reading Mysteries
Hull, Burling: Amazing World of Mentalism
Hull, Burling: Annemann's Card Miracles and Mental Mysteries
Hull, Burling: Art of the Stage
Hull, Burling: Challenge Handcuff Act
Hull, Burling: Handcuff King Act
Hull, Burling: Stage Illusions
Jasperson, Stephano: 75 Ways to Use Your Clipboard
Jon, Finn: Invisible Elastic Thread
Jones, Graham: Trade of the Tricks
Joseph, Eddie: A Practical Lesson on Cups & Balls
Joseph, Eddie: Card Magic of the Mind
Joseph, Eddie: Eddie's Dumbfounders With Cards
Joseph, Eddie: Greater Card Tricks
Joseph, Eddie: Hitting the Headlines
Joseph, Eddie: How Gamblers Win
Joseph, Eddie: How to Pick Pockets
Joseph, Eddie: Intuitional Sight
Joseph, Eddie: Invisible Influence
Joseph, Eddie: Mail Mentalism
Joseph, Eddie: Memory of the Mind
Joseph, Eddie: The Hindu Cups
Judah, Stewart: Subtle Problems You Will Do
Kalver, Bruce: Perfectly Practical
Kohrs, Lewis: I'll Bet You Can't
Kovacs, Jozsef: Cardopia
Kraft & Kraft: Magicology
Lane, Frank: Funny Talk For Magicians
Leeming, Joseph: More Fun With Magic
Lees, Walt: The Best in Close-Up Magic
Leveridge, Mark: The Ring Competition
Lippy, John: Chemical Magic
Longe, Bob: Great Card Tricks
Looch: The Black Project
MacDonald, Gordon: Tips on Soft Soap
Mark, Richard: Mind Warp
McCord, Louis: Silent Mora's 4 Ball and Net
McFalls, EM: Cellini's Lord of the Rings
McGill, Ormond: Soap Bubble Magic
Miller, Gordon: Comedy Tonight
Miller, Hugh: The Art of Eddie Joseph
Morris, Hugh: 84 Card Tricks
Mulcahy, Colm: Mathematical Card Magic
Mulholland, John: Magic of the World
Naldrett, Percy: Collected Magic
Naldrett, Percy: Expert Magic
Naldrett, Percy: Further Expert Magic
Naldrett, Percy: Magical Notes & Notions
Naldrett, Percy: Miscellaneous Magic
Naldrett, Percy: Moments of Mystery
Naldrett, Percy: More Collected Magic
Naldrett, Percy: More Magical Experiments
Naldrett, Percy: Volume Eight Collected Magic
Naldrett, Percy: Volume Six Collected Magic
Norman, Anthony: Basic Card Technique
Nu, Alain: Digit Control
Ouellet, Gary: The Silver Passage
Pearce, George: Practical Linking Ring Routine
Pemper, Frank: Ricardo's Card Artifice
Racherbaumer, Jon: Modus Operandi
Rindfleisch, Joe: Lecture Notes from the Underground
Rogers, Terri: Boromian Link
Sankey, Jay: Beyond Secrets
Schwartz, Walter: CIGAM
Sellers, Tom: Quick Tricks
Sellers, Tom: That's Good!
Stone, Jeff: 793.8 Where Is The Magic
Stone, Tom: Vortex
Tiffs, Elsden: Teach Yourself Magic
Tillar, Jack Kent: Septet 7
Tong, Dan: Dan Tong's Close Up Magic
Tong, Dan: Mental Connections
Torre, Jose De La: Real Magic
Toth, Thomas: Classic Counts
Trost, Nick: ESP Session
Trost, Nick: Folio 1 ESP Card Magic
Trost, Nick: Folio 2 Impromptu Card Magic
Trost, Nick: Mental Card Miracles
Tucker, Tommy: What Next!
Vincent, Michael: Close-Up Classics
Vosburgh, Jack: More Than a Trick
Wagner, J.C.: 7 Secrets
Wagner, Karl: Safety Magic for Children
Wakeman, Randy: Randy Wakeman
Walker, Mark: Key Bending
Walker, Mark: The Master Illusionists
Walsh, Audley: Dice Dexterity
Walton, Roy: Cardboard Charades
Walton, Roy: Some Late Extra Card Tricks
Walton, Roy: That Certain Something
Walton, Roy: Walter Jeans Illusioneer
Ward, Ernest: Telepathy With Cards
Warlock, Peter: Best Tricks With Slates
Webster, James: Tricks and Magic
Weir, James: Card Tricks
Wiese, Jim: Magic Science
Wonder, Tommy: Tommy Wonder Entertains

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Monday, 31 August 2015

Now Playing: Magic Book Table Of Contents Update
53 More book table-of-contents listings added:

Carey, Elwyn: Messages in Magic
Carlisle, Stanton: Magic of ESP
Carroll, Jose: 52 Lovers Vol II
Cassell & Co.: Indoor Amusements
Chelman, Chris: Capricornian Tales
Clark, Keith: Rope Royale
Clark, Keith: Silks Supreme
Clark, Robert: Magic Sleightly Done
Close, Michael: A Workers Series Sampler
Clothier, Tim: Advanced Illusion Projects
Garcia, Frank: Encylopedia of Sponge Ball Magic
Garrett, Teral: Psycho-Gizmo Volume 1
Gibson, Walter & Morris Young: Houdini's Fabulous Magic
Gibson, Walter & Morris Young: Houdini On Magic
Gibson, Walter: After Dinner Tricks
Gibson, Walter: Big Book of Magic
Gibson, Walter: Book of Secrets
Gibson, Walter: Houdini's Magic
Gibson, Walter: Popular Card Tricks
Gibson, Walter: Professional Magic for Amateurs
Gibson, Walter: Sixteen Master Card Mysteries
Gilbert, A.C.: Chemical Magic
Gilbert, A.C.: Coin Tricks
Gilbert, B.L.: Patter Chatter Number Two
Gilbert, B.L.: Patter Chatter Vol I
Ginn, David: Close Up A Ginn
Ginn, David: Comedy Cut and Restored Neckerchief
Ginn, David: Comedy Warm-Ups
Ginn, David: Fantasio's Cane and Candle 1
Ginn, David: Fantasio's Cane and Candle 2
Ginn, David: Fantasio's Cane and Candle 3
Ginn, David: Fantasio's Cane And Candle 4
Ginn, David: Fantasio's Cane And Candle 5
Ginn, David: Feather Flowers
Ginn, David: Kid Show List of Lists
Ginn, David: Kidbiz
Ginn, David: Magic 13
Ginn, David: Magic and Monsters
Ginn, David: Magic Tricks In Black and White
Ginn, David: Matchbox Delights
Ginn, David: Party Unpublished
Ginn, David: Professional Magic for Children
Ginn, David: Strictly Visuals
Ginn, David: Sure Fire Magic
Ginn, David: The Only 3 Ways to Book
Giobbi, Roberto: Secret Agenda
Gladwin, Andi: Magic from the Session 2006
Gloye, Gene: Table Book II
Golde, Roger: Card Treks
Goldstein, Phil: A Trans-Atlantic Lecture
Goldstein, Phil: Doth
Goldstein, Phil: Notions
Goldstein, Phil: Thunday

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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Now Playing: 15 New Book Table of Contents

Wow, it's been way too long since the last update. I've just had a hard time making the time.

New books in the Table of Contents section:

Anverdi: Anverdi's Miracles With Liquids
Aronson, Simon: Art Decko
Aronson, Simon: Try the Impossible
Bannon, John: Destination Zero
Berry, Jay Scott: Magic for the New World
Britland, David: The New Talon Vol 1, No 3
Brooke, Ken: Ken Brooke Series 2 Chop Cup
Buckingham Geoffrey: Lecture Notes
Cannell, J.C.: Hundred Best Tricks
Gardner, Martin: Martin Gardner Presents
Lainsbury, Bill: Billy Benbow's Best
Lovick, John: Experience The Magic of Jon Allen
Ortiz, Darwin: Lessons in Card Mastery
Richardson, Barrie: Act Two
Richardson, Barrie: Theater of the Mind

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Monday, 30 March 2015

Now Playing: 48 Magic Book Table of Contents Added

I've added 48 more Magic Book Table of Contents Listings.
Also, I've updated the Bibliography of Chop Cup books, videos, and products.

Books added include:

Gibbs, Barry: Night Owl Lecture
Gertner, Paul: 1987 European Tour
Garth, Ben: Tableside Tips
Garrett, Dan: Southern Hospitality
Garrett, Dan: The Last Palindrome
Gardner, Martin: Mental Magic
Gardner, Martin: A Die of Another Color
Gardner, Martin: Cut the Cards
Gardner, Martin: Aha! Gotcha
Garcia, Frank: Super Subtle Card Miracles
Garin, Jean: La Magie des Canifs
Garcia, Frank: Does It Again
Garcia, Frank: Boston Brainstormer Lecture
Anonymous: Art of Modern Conjuring
Ganson, Lewis & Hugh Miller: Marconick's Silk Magic
Ganson, Lewis: The Crabtree Connection
Ganson, Lewis: Magic with Faucett Ross
Ganson, Lewis: Unconventional Magic
Ganson, Lewis: The Magic of Frederica
Ganson, Lewis: Fooling With Hula-Fooler
Ganson, Lewis: Fan Finale
Ganson, Lewis with Dai Vernon: Malini and His Magic
Ganson, Lewis: Bags of Everything
Ganson, Lewis: How Right You Are
Ganson, Lewis: Annotated Magic of Slydini
Galloway, Andrew: The Ramsay Classics
Frost, Thomas: Lives of the Conjurors
Futagawa, Shigeo: European Coinmagic Symposium 2010
Fox, Karrell: Comedy A La Card
Fleischman, Sid & Gunter: Top Secrets
Fisher, John: Magic Book
Fisher, Aaron: Lost Studio Sessions
Ferris, Ron: Apparitions, Animations and Aces
Fedko, John: Joe Cossari Card Act
Evans, Henry: Something More Than Illusion
Ezell, Jeff: Close-Up and Parlor Magic
Evans, Henry Ridgely: Magic and Its Professors
Corinda & Ralph Read: Complete Guide to Billet Switching
Boarde, C.L.: Mainly Mental Two Book Tests
Boarde, C.L.: Mainly Mental Three One-Man Routines
Britland, David: Mind & Magic of David Berglas
Baron, Harry: My Best Card Trick
Evans, Henry Ridgely: Hours With the Ghosts
Evans, Henry Ridgely: The Old and the New Magic
Ervin, E.G.: Club Deceptions
Niberco: Practical Magic
Mardo, Senor: White Magic
Thompson, J.G.: Top Secrets of Magic Volume 2

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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Now Playing: Feb Magic Book Table of Contents Update!
Topic: Magic Updates

Added the following books (over 70 additions) to the Table of Contents section:

Abbott's Tricks With a One Way Deck
Ablett, Stephen: Body Tricks
Adair, Ian: 21
Adair, Ian: Dove Magic Part 1
Aldine: The Magic of Numbers
Aldini: Novel Concepts With Cards
Alexander, Jorg: The SAM Lecture Notes
Alfredson, James: Jean Hugard
Allen & Williamson: For Your Eyes Only
Amberg, Ted: Thinking Outside the Box
Ammar, Michael: The Topit Book
Ammar, Michael: The Topit Book 2.0
Anderson, Harry: Games You Can't Lose
Andrews, Carl: Making a Living in Magic
Andrews, Val: Explosive Comedy!
Andrews, Val: Murray The Encore
Armstrong, Bruce: A Presentation of Chimeric Ideas
Armstrong, George: Tony Koynini's Card Miracles
Arnold & Cahill: The Magicians Own Book
Ascanio, Arturo: About the Handling of Double Cards
Ascanio, Arturo: Psychology of Palming
Bagley, William: One Man Show
Bamberg, Theo: Okito on Magic
Banachek: Psychological Subleties
Bandy, Father: Isn't That Good?
Bannon, John: Mirage
Baron, Harry: Close Up Magic for Beginners
Baron, Harry: Close Up Magic for Beginners 2 in 1
Baron, Harry: Magic for Beginners
Baron, Harry: My Best Close Up Trick
Bartholemew, Charles: Chalk Talk and Crayon Presentation
Beam, Steve: Magic With No Entertainment Value
Becker, Larry: Mentalism for Magicians
Bell, Bob: Inside Magic
Bengel, Robert: Matrix Times 6
Benson, Roy: Benson on Magic
Bigbee, North: Stage Mentalism
Bingham, Euan: 20 Things Marlo Didn't Publish
Bingham, Euan: Free From Filler
Bingham, Euan: MDP
Bingham, Euan: Quirky Card Magic
Blackstone, Harry: Blackstone's Magic
Blake, George: Major Magic
Boleware, Tom: The Daycare Magician
Bonerjee, Arun: Show Us A Trick
Booth, John: Forging Ahead in Magic
Bowell, Ken: Magi-Go-Round
Boyd, David: Gags, Stunts and Props for the Quality Clown
Breedon, James & Walt Lees: Rub the Lamp
Buckingham, Geoffrey: Magic Moments
Buckley, Arthur: Improved and Original Card Problems
Bullivant, Cecil: The Drawing Room Entertainer
Burlingame, HJ: Tricks in Magic Vol 3
Calhoun, Mary: Medicine Show
Corinda's 13 Steps to Mentalism
Cremer, W.H.: Hanky Panky
Diaconis, Persi & Ron Graham: Magical Mathematics
Dornfield, Werner: Dorny's Comedy Blackouts
Dreher, Carl: Professional Close Up
Dunninger: Popular Magic (from Science & Invention Magazine)
Dutt, A.K.: Silk and Flower Magic
Eanes, Greg: SCAT lecture notes
Eastman, Charles: Enthusiastic Magic
Eastman, Charles: Expert Manipulative Magic
Eastman, Charles: Winners All
King, Mac: Campfire Magic
Maurice, Amazine: Paper Bag Magic
Strange, Dan & Ronnie Ramin: Strange Happenings

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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Now Playing: Magicref Dec 2014 Update
Topic: Magic Updates

Added almost 30 more magic book table of content listings:

Berman, Sam: Sam Berman's Lecture Notes
Capehart, Chris: Make $1500 a Week Doing It On the Streets
Corinda: Step 1 - Swami Gimmick
Dameon Lecture Notes
Darci, Steve: Commercial Close Up
Dobson, Wayne: Six Masterpieces
Douglas, Bert: Club Magic
Guinn, Scott: Great Scott It's More Magic
Govan, Barry: One Pitch is Worth a Thousand Words
Karelis, Charles: Clean Through Ball & Handkerchief
Kaufman, Richard: The Looking Glass Spring 1996
King, Bob: Shell Game Plus
Mann, Al: The H Factor
Murray, John: Inside John Murray
Murray, John: Mostly Openers
Olson, Robert: The Added Touch
Ray, Jimmy: A Ray of Magic
Safuto, Joe: Cards, Coins, Cups
Seitz, Werner: Pride
Shryock, John: Practical Magic
Tong, Dan: Lecture Notes 1975
West, Brother Paul: The Street Rope Trick
Wild, Boris: On Your Marks Get Set Go
Willmarth, Philip: A Ring and Rope and Around the Table Lecture Notes
Willmarth, Philip: Jim Ryan Close Up Two Entertaining Card Quickies
Willmarth, Philip: Jim Ryan Close Up Three Classic Card Routines
Willmarth, Philip: Jim Ryan Close Up Four The Famous Cups & Balls Routine
Zachary, Jim: Show Me the Paddle
Zodiastar: Popular Magic

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