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Magic Updates
MagicRef Updates
Saturday, 1 July 2017

Now Playing: June Magic Book Table of Contents Update
Topic: Magic Updates

The following magic book table of contents listings were added in June 2017:

Dobrowolski, Tom: All Done By Coindness
Dobrowolski, Tom: Game of Tom
Dobrowolski, Tom: The Experts at the Breakfast Table
Dobrowolski, Tom: Tom and His Merry Men
Kaye, David: How to Solve the Top 10 Problems of Performing for Children
Kaye, David: Kid Show Kliff Notes
Keene, Robertson: More Novel Notions
Keene, Robertson: Novel Notions
Kellock, Harold: Houdini His Life Story
Kelly, Kevin: A Pasteboard Odyssey
Kelly, Kevin: Don England's Paradox
Kelly, Kevin: Intermezzo
Kendall, Lace: Houdini Master of Escape
Kennedy, John: Lecture III
Kenner, Chris: De Ja Vu A Lecture
Kenner, Chris: World Tour Notes
Keppler, Stephen: Three Secrets Revealed
Kerns, Erni: How to be a Magic Clown
Kimlat, Kostya: A Lecture Collection
Kimlat, Kostya: Humid Shenanigans
King, Bob: Five Star Magic
King, Bob: Great Britain 97
King, Bob: New Magician Foolers
King, Bob: The Breather
King, Bob: The Breather, the Ultimate Crimp 2
King, Kolby: Ventriloquism Made Easy
King, Mac: Howdy! I'm Mac King
King, William E. Jr.: The Artistic and Magical Life of Bob Kline
Kirsch, William: Scientific Magical Experiments
Kissell, Steve: Return of the Rubber Bullet
Kitain, Dr. Donald: Genius
Klayder, Jim: Watch Closely
Kleefeld, Jim: Magishing Stuff
Kleefeld, Jim: The Volunteer Book
Klein, Jim: Mortimer's Magic Magazine Issues 1-4
Klein, Jim: Mortimer's Magic Magazine Issues 5-8
Klein, Jim: Mortimer's Magic Magazine Issues 9-13
Knepper, Kenton: Impish Thoughts
Knigge, Bob: From Me to You
Knight, Devin: A Knight of Magic
Knight, Devin: A Knight to Remember
Knight, Devin: Retro Gravity
Kohler, Bob: Kardz
Kolb, Fred: Exciting Experiments in ESP
Korem, Danny: Korem Without Limits
Korn, Chris: Korn Nuts
Kornfield, Gary: Commercial Close Up for Stage Magicians
Kosky, Gerald & Arnold Furst: The Magic of Tenkai
Kosky, Gerald: The Magic of Gerald Kosky
Kovari: Ideas and Inventions of the Great Kovari
Kozak: Master Routine With the Sponges
Kramer, Seth: A Modern Trade Show Handbook
Krantz, Thomas: Getting Serious or What?
Kranzo, Nate: The Ends
Krenzel, Ken: Incredible Full Deck Levitation
Kumler, John: The New Jack's Stunt Book No. 4
Kurtz, Gary: Departures - Continuations 1
Kurtz, Gary: Notes From the Summmit
Ladshaw, Tom: Funny Stuff
Laflin, Duane: Amazing Gospel Magic
Laflin, Duane: Beautiful Gospel Magic
Laflin, Duane: Christmas Magic
Laflin, Duane: Duane's Comed Lists
Laflin, Duane: Dynamic Gospel Magic
Laflin, Duane: Feather Plume Magic
Laflin, Duane: Happy Magic
Laflin, Duane: Positive Magic
Laflin, Duane: Powerful Gospel Magic
Laflin, Duane: Practical Magic for Enterainers
Laflin, Duane: Strong Gospel Magic
Laflin, Duane: Strong Magic With Silks
Lair, Michael: Act 1
Lair, Michael: Act 2
Lair, Michael: Candles
Lair, Michael: Silver 2
Lair, Michael: Stage Cool
Lair, Michael: Standup!
Lake, Jimmy: Paper Tearing With a Gospel Message
Lam, Louis: Watch Me Closely
Lam, Louis: Would You Belive It?
Lamb, Geoffrey: Mental Magic Tricks
Lamb, Geoffrey: Pencil and Paper Tricks
Lambert, Gregg & Rob Redmon: A Rose by any Other Name
Lamonte, Jack: Stunts With Stage Money
Lampkin, Al: Cheating at Cards
Landers, Woody: C.C. & Landers
Landers, Woody: The 24 Hour Happy Hour Magician
Lane, Frank: A Real Magic Show
Lane, Frank: Book of Patter 1
Lane, Frank: Book of Patter 2
Lane, Frank: Frank Lane's Ideas No. 2
Lane, Frank: Funny Talk Vol 1
Lane, Frank: Help Yourself
Lane, Frank: Here's How
Larsen, Geraldine: Diary of a Magician's Wife
Larsen, William & Ormond McGill: Radio & Nite Club Mindreading
Larsen, William & T. Page Wright: The L.W. Card Mysteries
Larsen, William & T. Page Wright: The L.W. Mindreading Mysteries
Larsen, William Jr.: Mental Mysteries and Other Writings of William Larsen, Sr.
Larsen, William: Conjuring for Children
LaRue, Robert: Infinity Vol 1 No 1
LaRue, Robert: Infinity Vol 1 No 2
Laub, Denny: Brain Scams
Lauber, Patricia: Magic Up Your Sleeve
Laurie: 'SMmarvellous!
Laurie: Forces' Favourites
Laurie: The Magical Compere
Laurie: The Magician Presents
Lawton, Don & David Hoy: Minister's Magic Series
Leach, Chuck: One Step Beyond
Leamon, Earl: Handbook of Chemical Magic
Leath, Harry: Magical Cartoons and Interpolations
LeDair, Jack: Tricks of a Trouper
Leech, Al: Handbook of Card Sleights
Leech, Al: Super Card Man Stuff
Leeming, Joseph: Fun With Magic
Leeming, Joseph: New Book of Magic
Lees, Walt & Roger Crosthwaite: Commercial Card Magic of Roger Crosthwaite
Lees, Walt: Complete Walt Lees Cannibal Act
Lees, Walt: Four Professional Card Tricks
Lees, Walt: More Professional Card Tricks
Lemezma, Marc: Card Magic
LeRoy, Arthur: Futuristic Fantasies
Lesley, Ted: Impossibilities 1999
Lesley, Ted: It's Paramiraculous
Lesley, Ted: Lecture 2000
Lesley, Ted: Paramiracles
Levent: Magic of Levent Lecture Notes #2
Lever, Derek: Ken Brooke & Friends
Lever, Derek: Stranger Than Fiction
Lever, Derek: World's Most Ingenious Magical Apparatus
Leveratto, Jorge Ernesto: Space Age Magic
Leveridge, Mark: Close Up Encounters
Leveridge, Mark: Solutions
Leveridge, Mark: Still Flapping
Lewis, Eric & Dan Bellman: Magic As We Do It
Lewis, Eric & Dan Bellman: Magic of 1936
Lewis, Eric & Wilfred Tyler: Open Sesame
Lewis, Eric: A Choice of Miracles
Lewis, Eric: A Continuation of Miracles
Lewis, Eric: Further Studies in Mystery
Lewis, Eric: Further Studies in Mystery
Lewis, Eric: Magic to Entertain
Lewis, Eric: Modus Operandi Part 1
Lewis, Eric: Modus Operandi Part 2
Lewis, Eric: More Studies in Mystery
Lewis, Eric: Opus 13
Lewis, Eric: Studies in Mystery
Lewis, Martin: 2001 Lecture Notes
Lewis, Martin: Lecture Notes CD
Lewis, Martin: Martin's Magical Inventions Lecture
Lewis, Martin: Martin Lewis Lecture
Lewis, Trevor: 1998 Children's Lecture
Lewis, Trevor: Children's Magic
Lewis, Trevor: Favourite Party Pieces
Lewis, Trevor: Lecture Notes 1984
Lewis, Trevor: Still More Party Pieces
Lewis, Trevor: Uncut, The Complete Party Pieces
Liebenow, Erhard: Liebenow on Cards
Lindhorst, Will: A Bag of Tricks
Lindhorst, Will: Dick Daring's Bag of Tricks
Linn, Colin: Further Stand Up Card Magic
Linn, Colin: Stand Up Card Magic
Litzau, Edward: How It's Done
Livera, Giovanni: Confessions of an Italian Magician
Loe, Gerald: Paper Capers
London, Jack: Jack London's Mentalism Lecture Notes
London, Jack: Superb Mentalism of Jack London Vol 1
London, Ron, Magical Fun Stuff 2
London, Ron: Clown Magic
London, Ron: FCM Conference
London, Ron: IBM Convention Lecture 1991
London, Ron: Lecture #6
London, Ron: Magical Fun Stuff
London, Ron: Ron London & Easy To Make Magic
London, Ron: Ron London 1993
London, Ron: Ron London Makin' It Easy!
London, Ron: Session #1
London, Ron: Some Powerful Magical Routines
London, Ron: Tricks, Tricks, Tricks
London, Ron: Would You Like to See a Trick?
London, Ron: Yellow Lecture
Lonergan, D.J.: Slate Secrets
Mendoza, John: The Right Stuff, the Magic of Chris Kenner
Meyer, David: Oriental Magic
Royal, H.W.: Gambling and Confidence Tricks Exposed
Taylor, Tony & Micky HAdes: The Magic of Allan Lambie V1

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