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Magic Updates
MagicRef Updates
Saturday, 1 April 2017

Now Playing: March Magic Book ToC Update
Topic: Magic Updates

171 new Magic Book Table of Contents added.
(also updated some other errors, better photos, etc., but I don't document those changes)

Next month I hope to be working on K-M or thereabouts, but with spring yardwork, it might be more of a May timeframe...

Aldini: Roughingly Yours
Andrews, Val: Four Seasons
Baukin, Larry: Laughing Souls
Berland, Sam: New Applause Winning Magic
Buckley, Arthur: The Burglar
Buckley, Arthur: The Triple Climax
Carlyle, Francis: Lecture Notes Volume One
Carpenter, Jack: The Expert's Portfolio No. 1
Charney, David: Magic
Collins, A. Frederick: Mirth & Myster
Colombini, Aldo: Card Trips
Dawes, Edwin: The Great Illusionists
Dusenbery, H. Syril: Making Magic Pay
Eldridge, David: Jules Gems
Farelli, Victor: Controlled Coincidence
Farelli, Victor: John Ramsays Triple Restoration
Farelli, Victor: Master Speller
Farelli, Victor: Thanks to Leipzig
Farelli, Victor: Thanks to Leipzig
Farelli, Victor: The Odin Rings
Fleming, Paul: Book Reviews Vol 1
Gertner, Paul: Lecture Notes
Gilbert, B.L.: Up to Date Coin Act
Ginn, David: Magic That Moves Me
Goldstein, Phil: Snow
Goldston, Will: Juggling Secrets
Goldston, Will: Latest Conjuring
Goldston, Will: Secrets of Magic
Good, Arthur: 100 Amazing Magic Tricks
Good, Arthur: Magical Experiments of Science in Play
Goodwin, Bill & Larry Jennings: Up in Smoke
Gordon, Henry: World of Magic
Gordon, Paul: Card Magic Companion
Gordon, Paul: Card Magic Miracles
Gordon, Paul: Card Magic of
Gordon, Paul: Card Marvels
Gordon, Paul: Gold Dust
Gordon, Paul: Gold Dust Companion
Gordon, Paul: Gold Dust Finale
Gordon, Paul: Nocturnal Creations
Gordon, Paul: Professional Card Magic Miracles
Gordon, Paul: Protean Card Magic
Gordon, Paul: Quidnunc
Grant, Gene: Phantini Revisited
Grant, U.F.: 100 Tips and Gags
Grant, U.F.: Clever Little Ideas Presented
Grant, U.F.: Eliminators
Grant, U.F.: Slash Secrets
Grant, U.F.: Super Magical Secrets
Grant, U.F.: Tricks With Magnets
Grant, U.F.: Valuable Information for Magicians
Grant, U.F.: Zenigh Master Mental Act
Gravatt, Glenn: Final Selection
Gravatt, Glenn: Gold Mine of Magic (updated)
Gravatt, Glenn: Treasure Trove of Magic
Green, Allen: Simple Tricks for Young Magicians
Green, J.H.: Gambler's Tricks With Cards
Green, Lennart: Green Northern Lights Magic
Greenway, Nellie: How to Entertain
Grenewetski, Dave: How to Make Your Own Trick Cards
Griffin, Ken & Roberta: Illusion Show Know How
Griffith, Tony: Creative Magic
Grismer, Ray: Short Notes
Grismer, Ray: Shorty
Groves, David: 3 Card Monte
Guha, Goutam: Tricks With the Jardine Ellis Ring
Guinn, Scott: Magishing My Way
Guinn, Scott: Officiously Yours
Guinn, Scott: You'll Be Pleasantly Surprised
Hades, Micky: New Expanded Encyclopedia of Escapes
Hadley, Paul: How to Develop Mental Magic
Hagan, David: Christmas Magic
Hagy, James: The One Young Prof. Young
Haley, Louis: Dramatic Art of Magic
Hall, Russell: Routines With a Shell Coin
Hall, Trevor: Reading is Believing
Hall, Trevor: Testament of R.W. Hull
Hallas, Paul: Son of Totat
Hallas, Paul: Table-Hopper Source Book
Hallas, Paul: The Even Cheaper Booket
Hallett, David: Profit at the Party
Hallock, Doc: Screamlined Patter - Rhymes & Wrinkles
Hamilton IBM Ring 49: Centennial Magic Boo
Hanson & Zweers: The Magic Man
Harbin, Robert: Demon Magic
Harbin, Robert: Harbincadabra
Harbottle, Kaiona: Ate Misbehavin
Harkey, David: From the Depths
Harlan, Dan: More Than Meets The Eye
Harlan, Dan: My First 20 or So Years
Harlan, Dan: Underground
Harris, Ben: Hoodwink
Harris, Ben: Quarks & Quirks
Harris, Ben: Ultimate Floating Deck
Harris, BJ: Awardwinning Magic
Harrison, John: Spellbound
Harrison, Nigel: Moves Manuscript
Hart, Harold: Tricks You Can Do Without Practice
Hart, Steve: Hart Attacks!!!
Hartling, Pit: Card Fictions
Hartling, Pit: Little Green Lecture
Hartman, Jerry: Card Dodgery
Hartman, Jerry: Loose Ends
Hartman, Jerry: Means and Ends
Hartman, Jerry: Odd Lifts
Hartman, Jerry: Secret Subtractions
Hartman, Jerry: Super Dupes
Haversat, David: Chanin
Hawkesworth, Eric: A Magic Variety Show
Haydn, Whit: Fast and Loose Lecture Notes
Heinemann, Richard: Original Magic
Hemingway, David: How to Ensure a Full Datebook
Henderson, James & Sons (publishers): How to Give Conjuring Entertainments
Henning, Eric: TIPS
Hercat: Conjuring Up to Date
Hercat: Latest Sleights & Illusions
Hercat: More Conjuring
Herman, Frank: That's the ToubleWit
Hermon, Harry: Hellerism
Herrmann, Alexander: Book of Magic, the Black Art
Herron, Carl: The Empress
Heverly, The Great: Novelty De-Luxe With Watches and Clocks
Heyl, Edgar: Conjuring Books 1580 to 1850
Hickok, Chuck: Mentalism Inc Volume 2
Higham, Justin: Dexterity Manual
Hilford, Docc: Band of the Hand
Hilford, Docc: Secrets of Dr. Tao
Hills, George: Hill-Ucinations
Hoffman, Prof: Book of Mystery
Hoffmann & Robinson: Hoffmann's Modern Magic
Hoffmann, Prof: Card Tricks With Apparatus
Hoffmann, Prof: Card Tricks Without Apparatus
Hoffmann, Prof: Conjuring Tricks With Coins, Watches, Rings, Handkerchiefs
Hoffmann, Prof: Conjuring Tricks With Dominoes, Dice, Balls, Hats
Hoffmann, Prof: Drawing Room Conjuring
Hoffmann, Prof: Magic at Home
Hoffmann, Prof: Miscellaneous Puzzles
Hoffmann, Prof: Miscellaneous Tricks
Hoffmann, Prof: Puzzles Old and New
Hoffmann, Prof: Tricks With Cards from Modern Magic
Hofner, John: Quintet
Holden, Max: Modern Hand Shadows
Holden, Max: Programmes of Famous Magicians
Hollingsworth, Scott: Strolling Magician
Hollingworth, Guy: Quartet
Holt, John: Working Progress
Hoole & Shepherd: Original Magical Novelties
Hopkins, Nevil: 20th Century Magic
Horwitz, Basil: Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz Vol 4
Hostetler, Waldo: Rudiments of Magic
Houdini, Harry: Houdini Exposes The Tricks Used by the Boston Medium Margery
Houston, Opie: Magical Ramblings of an Idle Mind
Howatt, Gordon: Let's Make Magic Revised
Howatt, Gordon: Restless Spook
Howatt, Gordon: Travelling Ghost
Howie, John: Routines with Jardine Ellis Ring
Hudson & Walker: Chopper Capers
Hudson, Walt: Bring on the Kids
Hugard & Braue: Show Stoppers With Cards
Hugard, Jean: Card Manipulations No. 1-2
Hugard, Jean: Card Manipulations No. 3
Hugard, Jean: Card Manipulations No. 4
Hugard, Jean: Card Manipulations No. 5
Hugard, Jean: More Card Manipulations No. 1
Hugard, Jean: More Card Manipulations No. 2
Hugard, Jean: More Card Manipulations No. 3
Hugard, Jean: More Card Manipulations No. 4
Joseph, Eddie: 12 Stunts With the Magic Mummy
McCathy George: Magic from the Dope Den
McFalls, E.M.: Cellini The Royal Touch
Pierre, Roger: The Magic of Francis Carlyle



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