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Friday, 27 January 2017

Now Playing: Magic Book Table of Contents Update

Back for a New Year! Added more than 150 more book table of contents listings:

Abraham, R.M.: Easy to Do Entertainments and Diversions
Acer, David: 7 by Rick Bronson
Ackerman, Allan: How to Tame a Moose
Ackerman, Allan: I Can't Believe It's Not All Cards
Adams, Ralph: Original Illusions of Ralph Adams
Alburger, James: Get Your Act Together
Anderson, Brooks & H. Clause Enslow: So You Want to Make a Buck
Anderson, Doug: Drive 'Em Nuts! Lecture One
Andrews, Val: Original Comedy Magic
Andrus, Jerry: Linking Pins
Aronson, Simon: A Stack to Remember
Austin, Larry A.: Cards, Coins and Balloons
Axtel, Steve: Ideas for Axtel Productions Products
Baker, Al: Cardially Yours
Baker, Roy: Method Behind the Madness
Beam, Steve: Card Tricks From Mount Olympus
Bedwell, Ray: Hidden Treasures Magic
Bedwell, Steve: Thick Schtick!
Bennett, Horace: Alternate Handlings
Berg, Joe: Simply Deceptive Card Magic
Berger, Ben: Highlight Magic
Bergeron, Bev: Clown Magic
Bergeron, Bev: Damnant Quod Non Intelligunt
Berglas, David: Lecture Notes FISM91
Berry, Jay Scott: Totall Eclipse
Bertram, Charles: Isn't It Wonderful?
Blake, George: Take a Note!
Boarde, C.L.: One on One Mentalism
Born, John: Matrix God's Way
Boston, George & Robert Parrish: Inside Magic
Brahams, Anthony & Davide Costi: Close Up Elegance
Braude, Dr. Ben B.: Tricks and Treats
Brearley, Doug: More Wind and Twists
Bridwell, Jack: Mental Flashes
Briggs, J. Albert: Dinkum Magic
Brinegan, Ron: Desparado Deals
Brook, Paul: The Book of Lies
Brook, Paul: The Brook Test
Buckingham, Geoffrey: 50 Years of Magic
Buckner, Charles: Charlie's Brain Twisters
Buckner, Charles: Charlie's Brain Twisters II
Buckner, Charles: Dunninger
Burlingame, Hardin J: Tricks in Magic Vol 1
Calvert, John: Lecture & Program
Carey, John: Crafted with Carey
Carlisle, Stanton: Master Mentality
Carlisle, Stanton: Mentalism for Connoisseurs
Cattarius, Manfred: Exzellente Seilroutinen
Cervon, Bruce: Black & White Trick
Chapman, Frank: 20 Clever Magic Tricks
Chapman, Frank: Quick Tricks
Charles, Kirk: Marked for Life
Christianer, Louis F.: Effective Tricks
Christianer, Louis F.: Magical Notions
Christianer, Louis F.: Modern Magical Effects
Christianer, Louis F.: More Effective Card Tricks
Christianer, Louis F.: More Effective Tricks
Christianer, Louis F.: New Magical Conceptions
Christianer, Louis F.: Original Deceptions
Christianer, Louis F.: Selected Tricks
Clarke, Graham S.: The Book That Never Was
Collins, Stanley: Collins's Card Conceits
Colombini, Aldo: Direct Hits
Cornelius, John: Creative Secrets No. 1
Craven, Tom: A Hat Full of Stuff
Craven, Tom: TIPS
Creasey, Scott: Escaping the Restraint of Reality
Curtis, Tony: Tony Curtis lecture
Dalal, Sam: Swami Magazine
Darwin, Gary: Darwin's Inexpensive Illusions
Davison, Robert: Mysteria
Dawes, Edwin & Michael Baldwin: Circle Without End
Dawes, Edwin: Barrister in the Circle
Dayton, Ron: Cord-ially Yours
Dayton, Ron: Dayton's Delights
Dayton, Ron: Hung Up on Ropes / Off the Beaten Path
Dayton, Ron: Jenny-U-Wan Magic Part 1 - Silks-N-Ropes-N-Rings
Dayton, Ron: Jenny-U-Wan Magic Part 2 - Tissues-N-Money
Dayton, Ron: Jenny U-Wan Magic Part 3 - Magic 'N The Grab Bag
Dayton, Ron: Legerdemine
Dayton, Ron: Press-Tidigitation
Dayton, Ron: Secret Thoughts
Dayton, Ron: Simply Amazing
Dayton, Ron: Strange Relections
Dayton, Ron: Visual Fantasies
Dayton, Ron: Whole Art of Clippo
De-Val, David: Lock Picking Part One
De Courcy, Ken: Blue Spotitis
De Courcy, Ken: Cards in Cabaret
De Courcy, Ken: Creditable Conjuring
De Courcy, Ken: Deceiver's Discourse
Dean, Jack: Soothsayer
Delage: Whirlwind Magic of DeLage and Margaret
DeLawrence, Geo: A Vaudeville Magic Act
DeLawrence, Geo: Another Vaudeville Magic Act
DeLawrence, Geo: DeLawrence Manuscript
DeLawrence, Geo: How to Answer Questions in Crystal Gazing
DeLawrence, Geo: Impromptu Magic With Patter
DeLawrence, Geo: Miscellaneous Handkerchief Tricks
Dellini, The Great: Mental Miracles
Derris, John: John Derris Lectue Notes
DeVega (A.M. Stewart): Conventional Conjuring
DeVega (A.M. Stewart): More Selected Secrets
DeVega (A.M. Stewart): Patterettes
DeVega (A.M. Stewart): Selected Secrets
DeVega (A.M. Stewart): Sensational Secrets
Dewey, Herb & Roy Miller (ed): Psycho-Babble
Dewey, Herb & Thomas Saville, Ph.D: Red Hot Cold Reading
Dewey, Ralph: Balloon & Clown Notebook
Dexter, Will: Magic Circle Magic
Dexter, Will: Riddle of Chung Ling Soo
Diamond, Hal: Promotion in Motion
Dick & Fitzgerald (Publishers): How to Amuse an Evening Party
Dick & Fitzgerald (Publishers): The Parlor Magician
Dimelow, Dominic: Magical Presentations
Dixon, Craig R.: For the Entertainer
Dixon, Craig R.: For the Entertainer II
Dobson, Wayne & Stephen Tucker: Dobson's Choice 1
Dobson, Wayne & Stephen Tucker: Dobson's Choice 2
Dobson, Wayne: A Kind of Magic
Dobson, Wayne: Dobson's Choice Special Effects
Dobson, Wayne: WD40
Doggett R.L. (Dr. Bob): Matrix Mania
Douglas, Bert: Magic Worth Knowing
Douglas, Bert: Original Magic for All
Downs, Thomas Nelson & Nathan Dean: Conjuring With Coins
Drake Publishers: Jumbo Book of Magic
Drake, Don & Gary Darwin: Dondrake's Black Art Breakthroughs
Dropo, Dr.: How to Do Balancing Tricks and Stunts
Duce, Bert: Magic for All
Duffie, Peter, Colombini, Robertson: Killer Koncepts
Duffie, Peter: Subtle Miracles
Dunn, Ricki: Bat Magic
Dunn, Ricki: Professional Stage Pickpocket
Dunn, Tony: My Stuff
Dunninger, Joseph: 100 Houdini Tricks
Dunninger, Joseph: Inside the Medium's Cabinet
Dutscher, Willis (Dr. X): On the Other Side of the Footlights
Dwinells, Matthew: Taking Your Family Show One Step Further!
Dyment, Doug: Stimulacra
Eason, Doc: Notes from a Working Repertoire
Eastman, Chas.: French's Manipulative Magic
Eaton, Michael: 2econd Thoughts
Edwards, Doug: Cardmania
Eldin, Peter: Hey Presto!
Elias, Neal: New Card Controls
Elmsley, Alex: Mouse Magic
Elsdon, Mark: Raven Mad
Elsdon, Mark: Six of One
Elsdon, Mark: Thinks Things
Emerson, Arthur J., Jr.: International Imports
England, Don: 1989 Magic Lecture
England, Don: A Magic Lecture
Enochs, E. Loyd: Producing Lighted Cigarettes
Ernst, Bernard & Hereward Carrington: Houdini & Conan Doyle
Etchesverry, Jesus: Magic of Ascanio Studies in Card Magic
Evans, Henry Ridgely: Adventures In Magic
Evans, Henry Ridgely: History of Conjuring
Evans, Henry Ridgely: Spirit World Unmasked
Evans, Shawn: Self-Contained Card Delivery System
Ewing, Tom: Conjurors and Cornfields
Koran, Al & Jack Lamonte: Mastered Amazement

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