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Magic Updates
MagicRef Updates
Friday, 19 February 2016

Now Playing: 140+ New Magic Book Table of Content Listings

I have added table of content listings for the below additional 140 magic books (mostly author last names W-Z for this go-around):

Abbott, David: Marvelous Creations of Joseffy
Alexander, C.: Life and Mysteries of the Celebrated Dr. Q
Anderson, A.: How to Become a Conjurer
Anderson, A.: How to Do 60 Tricks With Cards
Anderson, A.: How to Do Chemical Tricks
Anderson, A.: How to Do the Black Art
Anderson, A.: How to Make Magic Toys
Ascanio, Arturo de: Knives and Color-Blindness
Berglas, David: Berglas File No. 1
Bishop, Washington Irving: Second Sight Experiments
Bordner, Greg: Hellstromism
Bordner, Greg: Top Treasury of Halloween Magic
Bridwell, Don: Just for Laughs
Brock, Tudor: Great Wong's Routine for the Chinese Rings
Earl Nelson: West Coast Quarterly Vol 1, Issue 1
Earl Nelson: West Coast Quarterly Vol 1, Issue 2
Gladwin, Andi: Blomberg Laboratories
Joseph, Eddie: Coat of Many Colors
Kardyro, Tony: Dovetail Deceptions
Miller, Professor: Tricks & Diversions with Cards
Timayenis, TT: History of the Art of Magic
Torre, Jose de la: New Jumping Back
Tower, David: Magic of the Mystery Papers
Tremaine, Jon: Magic Tricks for Grown-Ups
Trono, Tim: Dean Dill Intimate Miracles
Trost, Nick: Cardman's Packet
Tucker, Stephan: SpellBinder Vol 01 No 11 March 1982
Turner, W.O.: Live Magic
Ulster Society of Magicians: Ulster Magic Number Four, Summer 1951
Van Bern & DeVega: Whirlwind of Wizardry
Varro, Steve: Comedy is No Laughing Matter
Varro, Steve: Magic...Tricky Business
Veckey, Terry: Terry's Talk
Vermes, Hal G.: Collier Quick and Easy Guide to Magic
Vernon, Dai: First California Lecture
Vernon, Dai: Lecture Manuscript
Wakeman, Randy: Formula One Closeup
Walker, A.H. & Horace: Up to Date Conjuring
Walker, Robert: Tricks From the Tree
Waller, Charles: For Magicians Only
Waller, Charles: Happy Magic
Waller, Charles: Magic From Below
Waller, Charles: Up His Sleeve
Waller, Charles: Waller's Wonders (partial contents only)
Walton, Roy: Card Script
Walton, Roy: Tale Twisters
Walton, Roy: The Spread Half-Pass
Wardell, Peter: 52 Ideas
Wardell, Peter: Lecture Notes 2010
Warlock, Peter: Come a Little Closer
Warlock, Peter: The Magic of Pavel
Wass, Verrall: Twelve Tested Tricks
Waters, TA: Cardicat
Waters, TA: Cerberus
Waters, TA: Deckalogue
Waters, TA: Grymwyr
Waters, TA: Mind Myth & Magic
Waters, TA: Mynd
Waters, TA: Myxtyr
Waters, TA: New Thoughts for Old
Waters, TA: Octasm
Waters, TA: Omimancy
Waters, TA: Psychl
Waters, TA: Psychometry
Waters, TA: Scrypt
Waters, TA: Spyryt
Waters, TA: Thynk
Watkins, Dan: CoinVanish 1
Watkins, Dan: CoinVanish 2
Weber, Herman: Money from Magic
Weber, Michael: Blackpool 2012
Webster, Richard: Good Luck from Beijing
Webster, Richard: Mainly Cards
Wehman Bros: 150 Parlor Tricks
Wehman Bros: 153 Tricks
Wehman Bros: Fun Magic & Mystery
Weibel, Richard: Conjuring Psychology
Weigel, Oscar: KANE
Weiner, Irv: Red Tape Thumb Tie
Wenk, Timothy: Stuff You'll Use!
White, Brunel: Modern Master Mysteries
White, Brunel: Original Mysteries for Magicians
White, David: Complete School Assembly Tour Book
White, Laurance: So You Want to Be a Magician?
Whitehead & Co., Publishers: Parlour Magic
Whiteley, Harry: Miracles of Modern Magic
Wicks, Frederick: Thought Reading
Wild, Boris: Lecture 2001
Williams, Burton: Dice Squares, Tops & Shapes
Williams, Dick & Virginia: Booking Magic
Williams, Dick: Cups & Balls for New millennium
Williams, Geoffrey: Gathering Dust
Williams, Mitch: Notes on the Art of Magic
Williams, Oswald: Hints to Young Conjurers
Williamson, David: Aunt Mary's Terrible Secret
Williamson, David: How Magic Works
Williamson, David: Striking Magic
Willmarth, Philip: Classics Revisited
Willmarth, Philip: Magic From the Parade #1
Wilson, Colin: Geller Phenomenon
Wilson, Eric: Tested Magic!
Wilson, Mark: Greatest Card Tricks
Wilson, Mark: Greatest Instant Magic Tricks
Winchell, Paul: Ventriloquism for Fun and Profit
Windsor, Tommy: 64 Ways to Make Magic Pay
Wisch, Bill: Sleightly Out of My Mind
Wisch, Bill: Slydini Lecture
Wonder, Tommy: Jos Bema Lecture
Wood, RW: Card Tricks for Everyone
Woodbury, Rand: Diversions
Woolston, Clarence: Penny Object Lessons
Wright, Tim: Deceptive Entertainment
Wyler & Ames: Funny Magic
Wyman, John: Handbook of Magic
Wynnychuk, Marshall: Puppetry for Magicians
Yanagida, Masahiro: Unbelievable
Yates, Jack: Clue and Other Mysteries
Yates, Jack: Minds in Close-Up
Yeager, John: Dots Magic
Yedid, Meir: Off The Wall
Yedid, Meir: Stage Stuff
Yee, Shaun: Cards In Action
York, Scotty & Tim Conover: Revolutionary Routines With Aces
Youell, Steven: Lecture Notes
Youell, Steven: Weapons of Mass Deception
Youell, Steven: Weapons of Mass Destruction
Young, Phillip: Fingers Don't Entertain, People Do
Zacharia, Mark: Markipedia
Zachary, Jim: Zack Stacks
Zaleta, Lex: A Demonstrator's Dream Part 1
Zaleta, Lex: A Demonstrator's Dream Part 2
Zaleta, Lex: A Demonstrator's Dream Part 3
Zaleta, Lex: Getting Down to More Business
Zancig, Julius: Adventures In Many Lands
Zanto, Lewis: Treasury of Magic
Zavis, William: Divers Deceits
Zenon, Paul: Magic Tricks
Zenon, Paul: Street Magic
ZeTuer, Professor: Classic Illusions
Zodiastar: Match Tricks
Zollweg, Ron: It's Commercial!

Posted by magicref at 2:43 PM EST
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