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Magic Updates
MagicRef Updates
Friday, 25 September 2015

Now Playing: 150 New Magic Book Table of Content Listings
Whew! Over 150 additional book table of contents added:
(as a reminder, this is just an information site, these books are not for sale here!)

Duffie, Peter: 5 x Five Scotland
Gagnon, Tom: Sleightly Original
Ganson, Lewis: Dai Vernon's Tribute to Nate Leipzig
Ganson, Lewis: Reelistic Magic
Ganson, Lewis: The Ganson Book
Garrett, Dan: Garrett In the USA
Gauci, Charles: Reputation Makers
Goldston, Will: A Magician's Swan Song
Gordon, Bard (Scarnecky): Room 538
Govan, Barry: Close Up Magic Restaurant Style Vol 2
Grant, U.F.: 25 Rising Card Tricks
Grant, U.F.: 50 Kute Koin Tricks
Grant, U.F.: Flash Magic
Grant, U.F.: Gen Grant's Manual of Magic
Grant, U.F.: Rope, Chain and Box Escapes
Grant, U.F.: Window Stoppers
Gravatt, Glenn: More Collected Writings
Griffith, Tony: An Invitation to Mystery
Grismer, Ray: CHARTS
Groves, David: Silence of the Lemons
Guastaferro, John: G Notes
Guerra, Rene R.: Making Magic With Cubes
Hades, Micky: Conjurors' Book of Stage Illusions
Hades, Micky: GeniIllusions
Hades, Micky: Make Up Of Magic
Hades, Micky: New Make Up of Magic
Hades, Micky: Novel Magic With the Appearing Cane
Hall, Trevor: Nothing Is Impossible
Harbin, Robert: Magic of
Harbottle, Kainoa: A Petit Pamphlet on Pasteboards
Harbottle, Kainoa: Cointopia
Harbottle, Kainoa: Tri Fec Tas
Harkey, David: Body Language
Harris, Ben: For Close Up Magicians' Eyes Only
Haskell, Bob: Magic of Haskell
Hemingway, David: Exclusive Routines Part One
Hemingway, David: Exclusive Routines Part Two
Henderson, John: Close Up Magic Manuscript
Henning, Doug: Houdini His Legend and His Magic
Hermalin: Workable Wizardry
Histed, Louis: Magic of Louis S. Histed
Ho, Kevin: Smooth Operations
Hollingworth, Guy: Renovations
Holmes, Donald: New Card Tricks
Holmes, Donald: Some Modern Conjuring
Holmes, Donald: Tricks With Prepared Cards
Horwitz, Basil: Mental Magick of
Houdini, Harry: Right Way to Do Wrong
Houghton, Will: The Magic 36
Houston, Will: Thaumaturgy
Howard, Max: Magic From the Great Southern Sleight of Hand Show
Hoy, David: Magic With a Message
Hugard, Jean: Hugard's Annual of Magic 1937
Hugard, Jean: Hugard's Annual of Magic 1938-1939
Hull, Burling & UF Grant: 30 One Man Mind Reading Mysteries
Hull, Burling: Amazing World of Mentalism
Hull, Burling: Annemann's Card Miracles and Mental Mysteries
Hull, Burling: Art of the Stage
Hull, Burling: Challenge Handcuff Act
Hull, Burling: Handcuff King Act
Hull, Burling: Stage Illusions
Jasperson, Stephano: 75 Ways to Use Your Clipboard
Jon, Finn: Invisible Elastic Thread
Jones, Graham: Trade of the Tricks
Joseph, Eddie: A Practical Lesson on Cups & Balls
Joseph, Eddie: Card Magic of the Mind
Joseph, Eddie: Eddie's Dumbfounders With Cards
Joseph, Eddie: Greater Card Tricks
Joseph, Eddie: Hitting the Headlines
Joseph, Eddie: How Gamblers Win
Joseph, Eddie: How to Pick Pockets
Joseph, Eddie: Intuitional Sight
Joseph, Eddie: Invisible Influence
Joseph, Eddie: Mail Mentalism
Joseph, Eddie: Memory of the Mind
Joseph, Eddie: The Hindu Cups
Judah, Stewart: Subtle Problems You Will Do
Kalver, Bruce: Perfectly Practical
Kohrs, Lewis: I'll Bet You Can't
Kovacs, Jozsef: Cardopia
Kraft & Kraft: Magicology
Lane, Frank: Funny Talk For Magicians
Leeming, Joseph: More Fun With Magic
Lees, Walt: The Best in Close-Up Magic
Leveridge, Mark: The Ring Competition
Lippy, John: Chemical Magic
Longe, Bob: Great Card Tricks
Looch: The Black Project
MacDonald, Gordon: Tips on Soft Soap
Mark, Richard: Mind Warp
McCord, Louis: Silent Mora's 4 Ball and Net
McFalls, EM: Cellini's Lord of the Rings
McGill, Ormond: Soap Bubble Magic
Miller, Gordon: Comedy Tonight
Miller, Hugh: The Art of Eddie Joseph
Morris, Hugh: 84 Card Tricks
Mulcahy, Colm: Mathematical Card Magic
Mulholland, John: Magic of the World
Naldrett, Percy: Collected Magic
Naldrett, Percy: Expert Magic
Naldrett, Percy: Further Expert Magic
Naldrett, Percy: Magical Notes & Notions
Naldrett, Percy: Miscellaneous Magic
Naldrett, Percy: Moments of Mystery
Naldrett, Percy: More Collected Magic
Naldrett, Percy: More Magical Experiments
Naldrett, Percy: Volume Eight Collected Magic
Naldrett, Percy: Volume Six Collected Magic
Norman, Anthony: Basic Card Technique
Nu, Alain: Digit Control
Ouellet, Gary: The Silver Passage
Pearce, George: Practical Linking Ring Routine
Pemper, Frank: Ricardo's Card Artifice
Racherbaumer, Jon: Modus Operandi
Rindfleisch, Joe: Lecture Notes from the Underground
Rogers, Terri: Boromian Link
Sankey, Jay: Beyond Secrets
Schwartz, Walter: CIGAM
Sellers, Tom: Quick Tricks
Sellers, Tom: That's Good!
Stone, Jeff: 793.8 Where Is The Magic
Stone, Tom: Vortex
Tiffs, Elsden: Teach Yourself Magic
Tillar, Jack Kent: Septet 7
Tong, Dan: Dan Tong's Close Up Magic
Tong, Dan: Mental Connections
Torre, Jose De La: Real Magic
Toth, Thomas: Classic Counts
Trost, Nick: ESP Session
Trost, Nick: Folio 1 ESP Card Magic
Trost, Nick: Folio 2 Impromptu Card Magic
Trost, Nick: Mental Card Miracles
Tucker, Tommy: What Next!
Vincent, Michael: Close-Up Classics
Vosburgh, Jack: More Than a Trick
Wagner, J.C.: 7 Secrets
Wagner, Karl: Safety Magic for Children
Wakeman, Randy: Randy Wakeman
Walker, Mark: Key Bending
Walker, Mark: The Master Illusionists
Walsh, Audley: Dice Dexterity
Walton, Roy: Cardboard Charades
Walton, Roy: Some Late Extra Card Tricks
Walton, Roy: That Certain Something
Walton, Roy: Walter Jeans Illusioneer
Ward, Ernest: Telepathy With Cards
Warlock, Peter: Best Tricks With Slates
Webster, James: Tricks and Magic
Weir, James: Card Tricks
Wiese, Jim: Magic Science
Wonder, Tommy: Tommy Wonder Entertains

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