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Magic Updates
MagicRef Updates
Sunday, 29 October 2017

Now Playing: 29 Oct 2017 Magic Book ToC Update
Felder, Ralph: Mapping Miracles
Garcia, Frank: Exclusive Card Miracles
Hickock, Chuck: Mentalism Inc.
Hoy, David: Bold and Subtle Miracles of Dr. Faust
Jensen, Jon: Robert Olson's Ultimate Bill in Lemon
Keable-Elliot, Ian: Opus June 1989
Miller, Hugh: Magic for Minors
Nelson, Robert: More Miracles in Mentalism
Nu, Alian: Labyrinth
Nudelmen, Larry: Master Money Magic
Nudelmen, Larry: Money Magic Notes Volume 1
Nudelmen, Larry: Money Magic Notes Volume 2
Nudelmen, Larry: Money Magic Notes Volume 3
Nudelmen, Larry: Money Magic Notes Volume 4
Nudelmen, Larry: Money Magic Notes Volume 5
Nudelmen, Larry: Money Magic Notes Volume 6
Nudelmen, Larry: Money Magic Notes Volume 7
Nyman, Andy: Bulletproof
Nyman, Andy: Fight Dirty!
O'Connell, Sheldon: Mandrake Incomparable
Oakley, John: Uncle Charlie's Christmas Cards
Ogilvie Publishing: Amateur's Guide to Magic and Mystery
Olson, Robert: 2 Hands 4 Pockets 4 Magic
Olson, Robert: Illusion Builder to Fu Manchu
Oneal, Don: Trix With Hars
Orleans, Danny: Corporate Magic Lecture Notes
Orrin, Edmum: Art of Picking Pockets
Orrin, J.F.: On With the Show Part I
Orrin, J.F.: On With the Show Part II
Orrin, J.F.: The Conjurer's Vade Mecum
Ortiz, Darwin: Darwin's Confidential Lecture
Ortiz, Darwin: The Annotated Erdnase
Osborne, Paul: Easy Build Illusions
Osborne, Paul: Haunted Illusions
Osborne, Paul: Illusion Systems Book Four
Osborne, Paul: Illusion Systems Book One
Osborne, Paul: Illusion Systems Book Three
Osborne, Paul: Illusion Systems Book Two
Osborne, Paul: Illusion Systems The First Collection
Osborne, Paul: Kidtrix
Osborne, Paul: Magical Mystery Time Machine
Osborne, R.A.: Spirit Paintings of W.J. Nixon
Osborne, Tom: A Card Act
Osborne, Tom: Coin Tricks
Osborne, Tom: Fun at Dinner
Osborne, Tom: Napkin Folding
Osborne, Tom: Passing the Buck
Osborne, Tom: Poker Demonstration
Osborne, Tom: The Shower of Sweets
Osterlind, Richard: Dynamic Mysteries
Osterlind, Richard: Rich With a Twist
Osterlind, Richzrd: Two Perfected Professional Routines
Ostrow, Albert: Take a Card
Oudini: The Great Mysteries
Ouellet, Gary: 1991 Lecture
Ouellet, Gary: Class Act the Magic of Tony Binarelli
Ouellet, Gary: Magic On TV Performance Secrets
Ouellet, Gary: Meir Yedid's Incredible Close-Up Magic
Ouellet, Gary: The Two Goblets
Ouellet, Gary: Threshold
Ovette, Joseph: Advanced Magic
Ovette, Joseph: Bargain Magic
Ovette, Joseph: Fast Ones
Ovette, Joseph: Magicians New Field
Ovette, Joseph: Miraculous Hindu Feats
Ovette, Joseph: Publicity Miracles
Ovette, Joseph: Silk Creations
Owen, Anthony: Dungeon Seven
Owen, Anthony: Dungeon Six
Owen, Anthony: Magic Moments
Owen, Anthony: Sticky Blue Book 2.0
Owen, Richard: Rovi
Owen, Tom: Around the World With a Watchwinder
Tamariz, Juan: Five Points in Magic
Tamariz, Juan: Mnemonica
Tamariz, Juan: The Magic Way
Tamariz, Juan: Verbal Magic

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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Now Playing: 30 Sep 2017 Magic Book Table of Contents Update

Added almost 80 more books to the Magic Book Table of Contents listings:

Bengtson, Nicholas: The Enchantment Presents DreamWeaver
Brejtfua, Caj: CAJ Clowns and Jesters Deck
Hull, R.W.: Eye Openers
Hull, R.W.: Fifteen Minutes With a Piece of Rope
Hull, R.W.: More Eye Openers
Johnsson, Rick: Strike One
Karson, Joe: Karson's Miniature Mysteries
Knigge, Bob: Mini Pearl
Madsen, Bill (Editor): The New Jinx
Mann, Al: Master Slate Secrets Part III - Trick Slates
Mann, Al: The Tesseract
Marshall, Jay: Instant Magic
Miller, Gordon: Abbott's Anthology of Card Magic Volume One
Miller, Gordon: Abbott's Anthology of Card Magic Volume Two
Mueller, Walter & Mark: Magic You Can Make
Mulholland, John & Milton M. Smith: Magic In the Making
Mulholland, John: Magic for Entertaining
Mulholland, John: Story of Magic
Mulholland, John: The Art of Illusion
Müller, Reinhard: Escorial 89 Gray Code, Codigo Pulsera
Müller, Reinhard: Escorial 90 Card Indexes, Los Clasificadores
Muller, Reinhard: Gilbreath's Principles
Munari, Geno: Easy Card Magic
Munding, Howard: Too Hot To Handle
Munro, Mark: Thinking Big
Murphy, T.G.: Imagication
Murphy, T.G.: The Triple Cut
Mussey, Barrows: Magic
Musson, Clettis V.: Exclusive Weird and Psychic Effects
Musson, Clettis V.: Forty-Four Foolers
Musson, Clettis: 35 Weird and Psychic Effects
Myers, T.: Designer Collection
Myers, T.: Making Inflation Work For You
Myers, Tom: Life on the Living Room Circuit
NAAoV: Ventrilopedia Volume 1 On Stage
Narvaez, Amado: With Deck in Hand
Neale, Robert & David Parr: The Magic Mirror
Neale, Robert: Frog Tales
Neale, Robert: Life, Death & Other Card Tricks
Neale, Robert: More Than Lecture Notes Number 1
Neale, Robert: More Than Lecture Notes Number 2
Neale, Robert: Six Card Swindle
Neale, Robert: This Is Not a Book
Neale, Robert: Three Magic Arrows
Neale, Robert: Tricks of the Imagination
Neale, Robert: WhatsaBox
Neighbors, David & Robert D. LaRue, Jr (ed): The First Japan Lecture
Neighbors, David: Coinjuring Volume One
Neil, C. Lang: After-Dinner Sleights and Pocket Tricks
Neil, C. Lang: Modern Card Manipulation
Nelson, Earl: The Earl Nelson Workbook
Nelson, Robert: A Sequel to the Art of Cold Reading
Nelson, Robert: Club and Party Mentalism
Nelson, Robert: Comedy Mentalism Volume 1
Nelson, Robert: Comedy Mentalism Volume 2
Nelson, Robert: Comedy Mentalism Volume 3
Nelson, Robert: Projected Answers
Nelson, Robert: Projected Answers
Nelson, Robert: Sensational Mentalism Part 1
Nelson, Robert: Sensational Mentalism Part 1
Nelson, Robert: Sensational Mentalism Part 1
Nelson, Robert: Sensational Mentalism Part 1
Newman, Nathan: Case Discoveries Volume 1
Nielsen, Norm: The New Bottle Book
Night, Nicholas: I Hate to Perform for Magicians
Nightingale, F.B.: Magic for Magicians
Nikola, Louis: Magical Masterpieces
Nikola, Louis: The Nikola Card System
Noakes, Earle: Magical Originialities
Nord, Bill: The Last Word In Skullo-Cation
Norman, Dick: Modern Handcuff Secrets for Magicians
Nosek, Terry: Chinese Linking Rings
Novak, John: The Art of Escape Vol 3
Novak, John: The Art of Escape Vol 5
Nu, Alain: Nu Discoveries
Sibbernsen, Michael: Enigmas
Townsend, Charles: Social Card Games Mentalism Cold Reading With Playing Cards Tradecraft


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Updated: Wednesday, 4 October 2017 8:49 PM EDT
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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Now Playing: Aug 2017 Magic Book Table of Contents Update

Over 200 more table of contents listings in the Month of August, 2017. Mostly in the M's. Thanks to all the eBay sellers who have graciously allowed me to use their book cover images!

Berglas, Marvin: 110 Amazing Magic Tricks With Everyday Objects
Goldstein, Phil: Apple of My Eyes
Goldstein, Phil: Cape Cod Lecture
Goldstein, Phil: Cycle
Goldstein, Phil: Seattlecture
Krenz James Notable Magic
Krenz James Trio
Lesley Tucker Entertaining Close Up Ent
Leveridge Mark Collected Card 1
Leveridge Mark Lecture Experience
Lobenstern Stan A Bakers Dozen
Lupo Vito 1984
Mann Al Master Slate Secrets V1
Mann Al Master Slate Secrets V2
Manning Otis 202 Ways To Stop Hecklers
Mardo Senor Magic Memorandum
Mark Richard Mindbending
Markwood Bob Poof Youre A Frog
Markwood Bob Poof Youre A Pro
Marlo Damico A Devilish Miracle
Marlo Damico Future Classic
Marlo Ed Action Palm
Marlo Ed Card Switches
Marlo Ed Discoveries
Marlo Ed Estimation
Marlo Ed Faro Controlled Miracles
Marlo Ed Faro Notes
Marlo Ed Faro Shuffle
Marlo Ed Finger Tip Control
Marlo Ed Magic Seven
Marlo Ed Marlo In Spades
Marlo Ed Marlo Meets His Match
Marlo Ed Marlos Magazine Vol 1
Marlo Ed Marlos Magazine Vol 2
Marlo Ed Marlos Magazine Vol 3
Marlo Ed Marlos Magazine Vol 4
Marlo Ed Marlos Magazine Vol 5
Marlo Ed Marlos Magazine Vol 6
Marlo Ed Miracle Card Changes
Marlo Ed Multiple Shift
Marlo Ed Off The Top
Marlo Ed Pasteboard Presto
Marlo Ed Patented Shuffle
Marlo Ed Riffle Shuffle Finale
Marlo Ed Riffle Shuffle Systems
Marlo Ed Seconds Centers Bottoms
Marlo Ed Shank Shuffle
Marlo Ed Shoot The Works
Marlo Ed Side Steal
Marlo Ed Tabled Palm
Marlo Ed Ten Hand Poker Stack
Marlo Ed Thirty Five Years Later
Marotta Rich Lecture
Marotta Rich Magic Castle Lecture
Marshall Brookes Chalkley Tricks For Amateurs
Marshall Frances Happy Birthday Bus
Marshall Frances Parakeet Magic
Marshall Frances Those Beautiful Dames
Marshall Frances Wanna Bet
Marshall Frances You Don't Have To Be Crazy
Marshall Jay Frances If Youre The MC
Martin Harold 90 Minutes With
Martin Patrick Magical Lecture Of
Martineau Francis Miracle Silk
Martineau Francis Victory Bouquet
Marucci Peter Wild West Wonders
Maskelyne Jasper White Magic
Maskelyne JN On Performance Of Magic
Maskelyne JN Sharps Flats
Mason Richardson A Boon For All Seasons
Matney Ryan Card Delusions
Matney Ryan Self Working Project
Matsuura Gene Notes On Frank Shields
Maue Rick Book Of Haunted Magic
Maue Rick Mv2006
Maue Rick Occams Magic Sampler
Maue Rick Raw Notes
Maurice Edward Showmanship
Maurin Eric Secrets
Mayhew Chris Clock Work Apple
Mayne Andrew 50 Ways To Make Money
Mayne Andrew Body Morphin
Mayne Andrew Face Lifter
Mayne Andrew Illusion Fx
Mayne Andrew Illusion Tech
Mayne Andrew Mayhem
Mayne Andrew Mindfx
Mayne Andrew Pocket Sawing
Mayne Andrew Secret Illusion Show
Mayne Andrew Shock Magic
Mayne Andrew Solox
Mayne Andrew Specter Cabinet
Mayne Andrew Touching Sky
Mayne Andrew Zero Memorized Deck
Maze Gene Unpublished
McAlliseter Bob Magnet Notes
McBride George Cardville
McBride Jeff Unmasked
McCabe Pete Scripting Magic
Mccabe Peter PM Card Marking
Mccaron BW Clearly Mental
Mccarthy Daniel After Hours
Mccarthy Donald Fun With Science Magic
Mcclintock Reed All Aboard
Mcclintock Reed Knuckle Busters 1
Mcclintock Reed Knuckle Busters 2
Mcclintock Reed Knuckle Busters 3
Mcclintock Reed Knuckle Busters 4
Mccomb Billy Hole Collection
Mccomb Billy Homb From Homb
Mccomb Billy Professional Touch
Mcdonald Peter Highly Mediocre Tricks
Mcduff Algonquin Mc Bit Book
Mcduff Algonquin Money Maker
Mcduff Algonquin On Closeup
Mcduff Algonquinn Spirit Cloth
Mcelhone Magical Mysteries
Mcgill Ormond Encyclo Stage Hynpotism
Mcgill Ormond Entertaining With Magic
Mcgill Ormond How To Produce Miracles
Mcgill Ormond Magic Of Lee Grabel
Mcgill Ormond Psychic Magic 1
Mcgill Ormond Psychic Magic 2
Mcgill Ormond Psychic Magic 3
Mcgill Ormond Psychic Magic 4
Mcgill Ormond Psychic Magic 5
Mcgill Ormond Psychic Magic 6
Mcgill Ormond Soap Bubble Magic
Mcguire Eddie Phantom Of Card Table
Mclaury Encyclo Escapes
Mcleod Colin Lessons Reading Minds
Mcleod Colin Will Read Minds
Mcmillen Jack Sleights Swindles
Mcquade WT Macs Magic
Mcvicar Wes Clown Act Omnibus
Medrington Charles Mag Book Of Patter
Medrington Charles Magical Novelties
Medrington Charles Magical Stage Craft
Mendoza John Book Of John
Mendoza John Don Englands Tko
Mendoza John Lecture 212
Mendoza John Professional Approach
Mendoza John Series Of Personal
Mendoza John Throwing The Switch
Mendoza Stahl Don't Stall Stahl
Mentzer Jerry Card Cavalcade 1
Mentzer Jerry Cards Cases
Mentzer Jerry Fechter
Mentzer Jerry New And Novel Knowledge
Mentzer Jerry Silk Potpourri
Mephisto A Touch Of Professionalism
Merlin Jack And A Pack Of Cards
Merlin Jack At The Card Table
Merlin Jack Master Manipulations
Merlin Jack Merlins Master Miracles
Merlini Jim Pasteboard Parade
Mertz Ray Forks Hotel Closeup
Mertz Ray Lecture 4
Meyer David Wizard Exposed
Meyer Orville Telepathy In Action
Michaels Loren How To Spot Miracle
Michaels Loren Shhhhhh Lecture
Michaels Loren Take A Walk
Miller Basil Chemical Illustrations
Miller Bob Relentless Ring String
Miller Charlie Charlie Miller Lecture
Miller Charlie On The Card Index
Miller Gordon Anthology Of Card Magic
Miller Gordon Anthology Of Card Magic Vol 3
Miller Gordon Bag O Trix
Miller Gordon Talk A Panorama
Miller Gordon Tops Ball Manip
Miller Gordon Tops Treasury Thimble Magic
Miller Hugh Al Korans Legacy
Miller Hugh Al Korans Legacy Revised
Miller Jule Spiritual Apps Tarbell 2
Miller Jule Spiritual Apps Tarbell1
Miller Leonard Thrilling Magic
Minch Bossi Aretalogy Of Vanni
Minch Cervon Hardboiled Mysteries
Minch Krenzel Relaxed Impossibilities
Minch Plants On Zarrow Shuffle
Minch Stephen Book Of Thoth
Minch Stephen Bro. John Hammans 7 Deadly Miracles
Minch Stephen Creations Of Madman
Minch Stephen From Witchcraft To Card
Minch Stephen Three Faces Of Steve
Mishell Ed Hold Out Miracles
Moffat Dr Peter Magic On Prescription
Mole Hc Those Entertaining Years
Mole Medrington Hammond Magic Of Tomorrow
Molinari James Lecture Notes
Monros Monica Instant Costume Changes
Montague Fred Westminster Wizardry
Montgomery William Bigger Better Magic
Monti Joe New York Notes
Moore Bob And Theres Moore
Moore Bob Moore The Merrier
Moore Bob Owen Moore Almanack
Moorehouse Hank 3 Views
Moorehouse Hank Comedy On Stage
Moorehouse Hank Handbook Banquet
Moorehouse Hank Words From Wizard
Moran Lorraine Mini Murder Mysteries
Morrell Lloyd New Magical Sleights
Morrell Reginal Up To Date Magical Sleights
Morris Dalal Magic In Norris Manor
Morris Don Close Up Encounters
Morris Phillips How To Operate Haunted House
Morrissy John A New Look
Racherbaumer Marlo Back To The Future
Smith Aaron Mr Gadfly Vol 1 No 2
Wakeman Randy Marlo In the Linking Ring

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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Now Playing: July 2017 Magic Book Table of Contents Update
Topic: Magic Updates

Another 60 or so new books table of contents listings added, plus some listings updated with more accurate/complete information:

Caveney, Mike: Harry Anderson's Wise Guy (update)
Darling, Aage: I'll Read Your Mind (update)
Fabjance, John: Card Tricks With Trick Cards
Geary, W: Leeds Inner Magic Circle Magic For You
Grant, Gene: Phantini Revisited (update)
Hallas, Paul: Small But Deadly (update)
Hammond, Rae: The Magic of Edward Victor's Hands
Harbin, Robert: Harbincadabra (update)
Hayden, Allan: Card Sharp on Duty (update)
Hilliard, John Northern: Card Magic
Houghton, Norman: Wit & Wizardry
Jones, Lloyd: Meet the Boys of the Pacific Coast
Kattner, Wilbur: Off the Beaten Path
Kenner, Chris & Homer Liwag: The Magic Man Examiner, Issues 1-4
Lees, Walt: Ron MacMillan's Modern Art of Coin Manipulation
Lesley, Ted: Entertaining Mentalism for Professionals
Lewis, Eric & Dan Bellman: Magic of 1936 (updated)
Lewis, Eric & Peter Warlock: P.T. Selbit
Loomis, Dennis: First Dennis Loomis Lecture
Lorayne, Harry: Afterthoughts
Lorayne, Harry: Harry Lorraine Lecture 1964
Lorayne, Harry: Rim Shots
Lorayne, Harry: Secrets of Mind Power
Lorayne, Harry: The Epitome Location
Lorraine, Sid: A Magician In the House (updated)
Lorraine, Sid: More Patter
Lorraine, Sid: Patter (updated)
Love, Edward: Card Fantasies
Lovell, Simon & Rich Marotta: Derek Dingle's Last Notes
Lovell, Simon & Walt Lees: The Magic of Show Business
Lovell, Simon: Card Tricks Can Be Fun
Lovell, Simon: Simon's American Magic
Lovell, Simon: Specialist Moves
Lovick, John: Dylan Sardo's The Mother Load
Lovick, John: Skinny Lecture Notes
Luka, John: Secrets for the Part Time Magician
Lupo, Vito: Vito Lupo Lecture
Lustig, David: Entertaining With Ventriloquism
Lustig, David: LaVellma's Vaudeville Budget for Mind Readers, Magicians and Vents
Lustig, David: Vaudeville Ventriloquism
MacAllen, Larry: Lecture Notes on Some Pet Ideas
MacKay, Hugh: Classical Conjuring
MacMillan, Dan: Gambler's Palm Revisited
MacTier, Arthur: Card Concepts
Maddison, Walt: Aces
Magic Underground: Art of Stealing Watches
Magus, Jim: Mysteries of the Runes
Magus, Jim: Something Old, Something New
Magus, Jim: Turn of a Friendly Card
Mahendra, M.S.: Amazing Card Miracles
Majikans (Leo Burns): Magic Feats
Malcom, Darrel: Pack It Small! Keep It Simple! Make It Entertaining!
Malone, Bill: Who Is Joe Dudek?
Maly, Charles: Celestial Agent
Mann, Al: Al Baker's Manuscript
Mann, Al: Brainbusters '83
Mann, Al: Magic Castle Lecture 1979
Mann, Al: The Incredible Dr. Stanley Jaks
Mann, Al: The Thinking Machines
Mann, Al: Third Ecstasy
Maples, Larry & Raven: Secrets of the Snowstorm
Marlo, Ed: Card Fan Productions
Marshall, Frances: Balloon Side Show
Marshall, Frances: The Bunny Book for Magicians
McAthy, George: Smart Business
McAthy, George: Smart Talk With Added Material
McAthy, George: Smart Tricks (Updated)
Morrison, Ken: Message Magic Volume 1
Seabrooke, Terry: Here I Go Again
Seabrooke, Terry: Seabrooke's Book
Sutz, Ian: Best Dam Tricks
Walker, Barbara: Miniature Mysteries With Cards
Yedid, Meir & Harry Lorayne: Meir Yedid's Finger Fantasies
Yedid, Meir: Meir Yedid's Finger Secrets

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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Now Playing: June Magic Book Table of Contents Update
Topic: Magic Updates

The following magic book table of contents listings were added in June 2017:

Dobrowolski, Tom: All Done By Coindness
Dobrowolski, Tom: Game of Tom
Dobrowolski, Tom: The Experts at the Breakfast Table
Dobrowolski, Tom: Tom and His Merry Men
Kaye, David: How to Solve the Top 10 Problems of Performing for Children
Kaye, David: Kid Show Kliff Notes
Keene, Robertson: More Novel Notions
Keene, Robertson: Novel Notions
Kellock, Harold: Houdini His Life Story
Kelly, Kevin: A Pasteboard Odyssey
Kelly, Kevin: Don England's Paradox
Kelly, Kevin: Intermezzo
Kendall, Lace: Houdini Master of Escape
Kennedy, John: Lecture III
Kenner, Chris: De Ja Vu A Lecture
Kenner, Chris: World Tour Notes
Keppler, Stephen: Three Secrets Revealed
Kerns, Erni: How to be a Magic Clown
Kimlat, Kostya: A Lecture Collection
Kimlat, Kostya: Humid Shenanigans
King, Bob: Five Star Magic
King, Bob: Great Britain 97
King, Bob: New Magician Foolers
King, Bob: The Breather
King, Bob: The Breather, the Ultimate Crimp 2
King, Kolby: Ventriloquism Made Easy
King, Mac: Howdy! I'm Mac King
King, William E. Jr.: The Artistic and Magical Life of Bob Kline
Kirsch, William: Scientific Magical Experiments
Kissell, Steve: Return of the Rubber Bullet
Kitain, Dr. Donald: Genius
Klayder, Jim: Watch Closely
Kleefeld, Jim: Magishing Stuff
Kleefeld, Jim: The Volunteer Book
Klein, Jim: Mortimer's Magic Magazine Issues 1-4
Klein, Jim: Mortimer's Magic Magazine Issues 5-8
Klein, Jim: Mortimer's Magic Magazine Issues 9-13
Knepper, Kenton: Impish Thoughts
Knigge, Bob: From Me to You
Knight, Devin: A Knight of Magic
Knight, Devin: A Knight to Remember
Knight, Devin: Retro Gravity
Kohler, Bob: Kardz
Kolb, Fred: Exciting Experiments in ESP
Korem, Danny: Korem Without Limits
Korn, Chris: Korn Nuts
Kornfield, Gary: Commercial Close Up for Stage Magicians
Kosky, Gerald & Arnold Furst: The Magic of Tenkai
Kosky, Gerald: The Magic of Gerald Kosky
Kovari: Ideas and Inventions of the Great Kovari
Kozak: Master Routine With the Sponges
Kramer, Seth: A Modern Trade Show Handbook
Krantz, Thomas: Getting Serious or What?
Kranzo, Nate: The Ends
Krenzel, Ken: Incredible Full Deck Levitation
Kumler, John: The New Jack's Stunt Book No. 4
Kurtz, Gary: Departures - Continuations 1
Kurtz, Gary: Notes From the Summmit
Ladshaw, Tom: Funny Stuff
Laflin, Duane: Amazing Gospel Magic
Laflin, Duane: Beautiful Gospel Magic
Laflin, Duane: Christmas Magic
Laflin, Duane: Duane's Comed Lists
Laflin, Duane: Dynamic Gospel Magic
Laflin, Duane: Feather Plume Magic
Laflin, Duane: Happy Magic
Laflin, Duane: Positive Magic
Laflin, Duane: Powerful Gospel Magic
Laflin, Duane: Practical Magic for Enterainers
Laflin, Duane: Strong Gospel Magic
Laflin, Duane: Strong Magic With Silks
Lair, Michael: Act 1
Lair, Michael: Act 2
Lair, Michael: Candles
Lair, Michael: Silver 2
Lair, Michael: Stage Cool
Lair, Michael: Standup!
Lake, Jimmy: Paper Tearing With a Gospel Message
Lam, Louis: Watch Me Closely
Lam, Louis: Would You Belive It?
Lamb, Geoffrey: Mental Magic Tricks
Lamb, Geoffrey: Pencil and Paper Tricks
Lambert, Gregg & Rob Redmon: A Rose by any Other Name
Lamonte, Jack: Stunts With Stage Money
Lampkin, Al: Cheating at Cards
Landers, Woody: C.C. & Landers
Landers, Woody: The 24 Hour Happy Hour Magician
Lane, Frank: A Real Magic Show
Lane, Frank: Book of Patter 1
Lane, Frank: Book of Patter 2
Lane, Frank: Frank Lane's Ideas No. 2
Lane, Frank: Funny Talk Vol 1
Lane, Frank: Help Yourself
Lane, Frank: Here's How
Larsen, Geraldine: Diary of a Magician's Wife
Larsen, William & Ormond McGill: Radio & Nite Club Mindreading
Larsen, William & T. Page Wright: The L.W. Card Mysteries
Larsen, William & T. Page Wright: The L.W. Mindreading Mysteries
Larsen, William Jr.: Mental Mysteries and Other Writings of William Larsen, Sr.
Larsen, William: Conjuring for Children
LaRue, Robert: Infinity Vol 1 No 1
LaRue, Robert: Infinity Vol 1 No 2
Laub, Denny: Brain Scams
Lauber, Patricia: Magic Up Your Sleeve
Laurie: 'SMmarvellous!
Laurie: Forces' Favourites
Laurie: The Magical Compere
Laurie: The Magician Presents
Lawton, Don & David Hoy: Minister's Magic Series
Leach, Chuck: One Step Beyond
Leamon, Earl: Handbook of Chemical Magic
Leath, Harry: Magical Cartoons and Interpolations
LeDair, Jack: Tricks of a Trouper
Leech, Al: Handbook of Card Sleights
Leech, Al: Super Card Man Stuff
Leeming, Joseph: Fun With Magic
Leeming, Joseph: New Book of Magic
Lees, Walt & Roger Crosthwaite: Commercial Card Magic of Roger Crosthwaite
Lees, Walt: Complete Walt Lees Cannibal Act
Lees, Walt: Four Professional Card Tricks
Lees, Walt: More Professional Card Tricks
Lemezma, Marc: Card Magic
LeRoy, Arthur: Futuristic Fantasies
Lesley, Ted: Impossibilities 1999
Lesley, Ted: It's Paramiraculous
Lesley, Ted: Lecture 2000
Lesley, Ted: Paramiracles
Levent: Magic of Levent Lecture Notes #2
Lever, Derek: Ken Brooke & Friends
Lever, Derek: Stranger Than Fiction
Lever, Derek: World's Most Ingenious Magical Apparatus
Leveratto, Jorge Ernesto: Space Age Magic
Leveridge, Mark: Close Up Encounters
Leveridge, Mark: Solutions
Leveridge, Mark: Still Flapping
Lewis, Eric & Dan Bellman: Magic As We Do It
Lewis, Eric & Dan Bellman: Magic of 1936
Lewis, Eric & Wilfred Tyler: Open Sesame
Lewis, Eric: A Choice of Miracles
Lewis, Eric: A Continuation of Miracles
Lewis, Eric: Further Studies in Mystery
Lewis, Eric: Further Studies in Mystery
Lewis, Eric: Magic to Entertain
Lewis, Eric: Modus Operandi Part 1
Lewis, Eric: Modus Operandi Part 2
Lewis, Eric: More Studies in Mystery
Lewis, Eric: Opus 13
Lewis, Eric: Studies in Mystery
Lewis, Martin: 2001 Lecture Notes
Lewis, Martin: Lecture Notes CD
Lewis, Martin: Martin's Magical Inventions Lecture
Lewis, Martin: Martin Lewis Lecture
Lewis, Trevor: 1998 Children's Lecture
Lewis, Trevor: Children's Magic
Lewis, Trevor: Favourite Party Pieces
Lewis, Trevor: Lecture Notes 1984
Lewis, Trevor: Still More Party Pieces
Lewis, Trevor: Uncut, The Complete Party Pieces
Liebenow, Erhard: Liebenow on Cards
Lindhorst, Will: A Bag of Tricks
Lindhorst, Will: Dick Daring's Bag of Tricks
Linn, Colin: Further Stand Up Card Magic
Linn, Colin: Stand Up Card Magic
Litzau, Edward: How It's Done
Livera, Giovanni: Confessions of an Italian Magician
Loe, Gerald: Paper Capers
London, Jack: Jack London's Mentalism Lecture Notes
London, Jack: Superb Mentalism of Jack London Vol 1
London, Ron, Magical Fun Stuff 2
London, Ron: Clown Magic
London, Ron: FCM Conference
London, Ron: IBM Convention Lecture 1991
London, Ron: Lecture #6
London, Ron: Magical Fun Stuff
London, Ron: Ron London & Easy To Make Magic
London, Ron: Ron London 1993
London, Ron: Ron London Makin' It Easy!
London, Ron: Session #1
London, Ron: Some Powerful Magical Routines
London, Ron: Tricks, Tricks, Tricks
London, Ron: Would You Like to See a Trick?
London, Ron: Yellow Lecture
Lonergan, D.J.: Slate Secrets
Mendoza, John: The Right Stuff, the Magic of Chris Kenner
Meyer, David: Oriental Magic
Royal, H.W.: Gambling and Confidence Tricks Exposed
Taylor, Tony & Micky HAdes: The Magic of Allan Lambie V1

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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Now Playing: April 2017 Magic Book Table of Contents Update

70 Additional Magic Book Table of Content listings added, including all three volumes of Ireland's Magic Yearbook Readers. Again, thanks to the many eBay sellers who allow me to use a thumbnail of their book cover images!

Andrus, Jerry: Steals and Palms
Arrowsmith, G.E.: Arrowsmith's Mystery Box
Bloch, Richard: These are a Few of My Favorite Things, Third Edition
Evans, Shawn: Deceptions
Evans, Shawn: Techno-Tactical
Fayne, Chuck: Something Old, Something New
Fields, Sean: Explicit Content
Gann, Ronnie: The Wizard of Odds
Gauci, Charles: Reputation Makers
Giobbi, Roberto: Confidences
Harris, Ben: Killer Klose-Up
Harris, Ben: Out of His Mind
Herrmann, Alexander: Herman's Black Art Magic Made Easy
Herrmann, Alexander: Hermann's Art of Magic
Hickey, Preston: Practical Drawing Room Patter
Hugard, Jean: Houdini's Unmasking
Hugard, Jean: Sealed Mysteries of Pocket Magic
Hull, Burling, Great East Indian Rope Feat
Hull, Burling: A Modern Handkerchief Act
Hull, Burling: All-Fair Want-Ad Test
Hull, Burling: Double Magic With Cards
Hull, Burling: Encyclopedia of Mentalism
Hull, Burling: Expert Billiard Ball Manipulation Part Two
Hull, Burling: New Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mentalism Volume 1
Hull, Burling: New Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mentalism Volume 2
Hull, Burling: New Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mentalism Volume 3
Hull, Burling: Real Secrets of Stage 2nd Sight Act
Hull, Burling: The Edison of Magic
Hull, Burling: Three Wow Card Hits
Hummer, Bob: 3 Pets
Hummer, Bob: A Pair From Bob Hummer
Hummer, Bob: Collected Secrets
Hummer, Bob: Face Up Face Down Mysteries
Hummer, Bob: Fantastric
Hummer, Bob: Six More Hummers
Hummer, Bob: Six Trix for 1944
Hunt, Douglas & Kari: Art of Magic
Hunter & Co.: Prestidigitation
Hunter, Norman: Hey Presto
Hunter, Norman: New Conjuring Without Skill
Hunter, Norman: Puffin Book of Magic or Magic Tricks
Hunter, Norman: Simplified Conjuring for All
Hurling, Maurice: Short Cut to Ventriloquism
Hurst, Thomas (publisher): The Practical Magician and Ventriloquists Guide
Hutchinson, Ed: Mental Mysteries
Hutchinson, Ed: Psychological Mysteries
Hutchison G.A.: Boys Own Book of Indoor Games and Recreations
Hutton, Darryl & Micky Hades: Dove Workers Handbook
Hutton, Darryl & Micky Hades: Dove Workers Handbook Volume 2
Impey, Eric: Original Card Mysteries
Impey, Eric: Try This One
Inglese, Gary & Dennis Laub: Oracle
Ireland, L.L.: 1956 Card Annual
Ireland, L.L.: 1957 Card Annual
Ireland, L.L.: New Card and Coin Manipulation
Ireland, L.L.: Year Book Reader Vol 1
Ireland, L.L.: Year Book Reader Vol 2
Ireland, L.L.: Year Book Reader Vol 3
Jacobs, Brad: From Under My Hat
James, Kevin: Lecture No. 1
James, Stewart: Jamesosophy
James, Wesley: Enchantments
James, Wesley: Stop Fooling Us
Janel: Janel's Startling Effects
Jay, Joshua: Overlap
Jay, Joshua: Sleight of Hand and a Twist of Fate
Jay, Ricky: Jay's Journal of Anomoalies
Jay, Stuart: The Real Thing
Jensen, Jon: Duo-Tech
Jensen, Jon: Professional Routines for the ITR

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Saturday, 1 April 2017

Now Playing: March Magic Book ToC Update
Topic: Magic Updates

171 new Magic Book Table of Contents added.
(also updated some other errors, better photos, etc., but I don't document those changes)

Next month I hope to be working on K-M or thereabouts, but with spring yardwork, it might be more of a May timeframe...

Aldini: Roughingly Yours
Andrews, Val: Four Seasons
Baukin, Larry: Laughing Souls
Berland, Sam: New Applause Winning Magic
Buckley, Arthur: The Burglar
Buckley, Arthur: The Triple Climax
Carlyle, Francis: Lecture Notes Volume One
Carpenter, Jack: The Expert's Portfolio No. 1
Charney, David: Magic
Collins, A. Frederick: Mirth & Myster
Colombini, Aldo: Card Trips
Dawes, Edwin: The Great Illusionists
Dusenbery, H. Syril: Making Magic Pay
Eldridge, David: Jules Gems
Farelli, Victor: Controlled Coincidence
Farelli, Victor: John Ramsays Triple Restoration
Farelli, Victor: Master Speller
Farelli, Victor: Thanks to Leipzig
Farelli, Victor: Thanks to Leipzig
Farelli, Victor: The Odin Rings
Fleming, Paul: Book Reviews Vol 1
Gertner, Paul: Lecture Notes
Gilbert, B.L.: Up to Date Coin Act
Ginn, David: Magic That Moves Me
Goldstein, Phil: Snow
Goldston, Will: Juggling Secrets
Goldston, Will: Latest Conjuring
Goldston, Will: Secrets of Magic
Good, Arthur: 100 Amazing Magic Tricks
Good, Arthur: Magical Experiments of Science in Play
Goodwin, Bill & Larry Jennings: Up in Smoke
Gordon, Henry: World of Magic
Gordon, Paul: Card Magic Companion
Gordon, Paul: Card Magic Miracles
Gordon, Paul: Card Magic of
Gordon, Paul: Card Marvels
Gordon, Paul: Gold Dust
Gordon, Paul: Gold Dust Companion
Gordon, Paul: Gold Dust Finale
Gordon, Paul: Nocturnal Creations
Gordon, Paul: Professional Card Magic Miracles
Gordon, Paul: Protean Card Magic
Gordon, Paul: Quidnunc
Grant, Gene: Phantini Revisited
Grant, U.F.: 100 Tips and Gags
Grant, U.F.: Clever Little Ideas Presented
Grant, U.F.: Eliminators
Grant, U.F.: Slash Secrets
Grant, U.F.: Super Magical Secrets
Grant, U.F.: Tricks With Magnets
Grant, U.F.: Valuable Information for Magicians
Grant, U.F.: Zenigh Master Mental Act
Gravatt, Glenn: Final Selection
Gravatt, Glenn: Gold Mine of Magic (updated)
Gravatt, Glenn: Treasure Trove of Magic
Green, Allen: Simple Tricks for Young Magicians
Green, J.H.: Gambler's Tricks With Cards
Green, Lennart: Green Northern Lights Magic
Greenway, Nellie: How to Entertain
Grenewetski, Dave: How to Make Your Own Trick Cards
Griffin, Ken & Roberta: Illusion Show Know How
Griffith, Tony: Creative Magic
Grismer, Ray: Short Notes
Grismer, Ray: Shorty
Groves, David: 3 Card Monte
Guha, Goutam: Tricks With the Jardine Ellis Ring
Guinn, Scott: Magishing My Way
Guinn, Scott: Officiously Yours
Guinn, Scott: You'll Be Pleasantly Surprised
Hades, Micky: New Expanded Encyclopedia of Escapes
Hadley, Paul: How to Develop Mental Magic
Hagan, David: Christmas Magic
Hagy, James: The One Young Prof. Young
Haley, Louis: Dramatic Art of Magic
Hall, Russell: Routines With a Shell Coin
Hall, Trevor: Reading is Believing
Hall, Trevor: Testament of R.W. Hull
Hallas, Paul: Son of Totat
Hallas, Paul: Table-Hopper Source Book
Hallas, Paul: The Even Cheaper Booket
Hallett, David: Profit at the Party
Hallock, Doc: Screamlined Patter - Rhymes & Wrinkles
Hamilton IBM Ring 49: Centennial Magic Boo
Hanson & Zweers: The Magic Man
Harbin, Robert: Demon Magic
Harbin, Robert: Harbincadabra
Harbottle, Kaiona: Ate Misbehavin
Harkey, David: From the Depths
Harlan, Dan: More Than Meets The Eye
Harlan, Dan: My First 20 or So Years
Harlan, Dan: Underground
Harris, Ben: Hoodwink
Harris, Ben: Quarks & Quirks
Harris, Ben: Ultimate Floating Deck
Harris, BJ: Awardwinning Magic
Harrison, John: Spellbound
Harrison, Nigel: Moves Manuscript
Hart, Harold: Tricks You Can Do Without Practice
Hart, Steve: Hart Attacks!!!
Hartling, Pit: Card Fictions
Hartling, Pit: Little Green Lecture
Hartman, Jerry: Card Dodgery
Hartman, Jerry: Loose Ends
Hartman, Jerry: Means and Ends
Hartman, Jerry: Odd Lifts
Hartman, Jerry: Secret Subtractions
Hartman, Jerry: Super Dupes
Haversat, David: Chanin
Hawkesworth, Eric: A Magic Variety Show
Haydn, Whit: Fast and Loose Lecture Notes
Heinemann, Richard: Original Magic
Hemingway, David: How to Ensure a Full Datebook
Henderson, James & Sons (publishers): How to Give Conjuring Entertainments
Henning, Eric: TIPS
Hercat: Conjuring Up to Date
Hercat: Latest Sleights & Illusions
Hercat: More Conjuring
Herman, Frank: That's the ToubleWit
Hermon, Harry: Hellerism
Herrmann, Alexander: Book of Magic, the Black Art
Herron, Carl: The Empress
Heverly, The Great: Novelty De-Luxe With Watches and Clocks
Heyl, Edgar: Conjuring Books 1580 to 1850
Hickok, Chuck: Mentalism Inc Volume 2
Higham, Justin: Dexterity Manual
Hilford, Docc: Band of the Hand
Hilford, Docc: Secrets of Dr. Tao
Hills, George: Hill-Ucinations
Hoffman, Prof: Book of Mystery
Hoffmann & Robinson: Hoffmann's Modern Magic
Hoffmann, Prof: Card Tricks With Apparatus
Hoffmann, Prof: Card Tricks Without Apparatus
Hoffmann, Prof: Conjuring Tricks With Coins, Watches, Rings, Handkerchiefs
Hoffmann, Prof: Conjuring Tricks With Dominoes, Dice, Balls, Hats
Hoffmann, Prof: Drawing Room Conjuring
Hoffmann, Prof: Magic at Home
Hoffmann, Prof: Miscellaneous Puzzles
Hoffmann, Prof: Miscellaneous Tricks
Hoffmann, Prof: Puzzles Old and New
Hoffmann, Prof: Tricks With Cards from Modern Magic
Hofner, John: Quintet
Holden, Max: Modern Hand Shadows
Holden, Max: Programmes of Famous Magicians
Hollingsworth, Scott: Strolling Magician
Hollingworth, Guy: Quartet
Holt, John: Working Progress
Hoole & Shepherd: Original Magical Novelties
Hopkins, Nevil: 20th Century Magic
Horwitz, Basil: Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz Vol 4
Hostetler, Waldo: Rudiments of Magic
Houdini, Harry: Houdini Exposes The Tricks Used by the Boston Medium Margery
Houston, Opie: Magical Ramblings of an Idle Mind
Howatt, Gordon: Let's Make Magic Revised
Howatt, Gordon: Restless Spook
Howatt, Gordon: Travelling Ghost
Howie, John: Routines with Jardine Ellis Ring
Hudson & Walker: Chopper Capers
Hudson, Walt: Bring on the Kids
Hugard & Braue: Show Stoppers With Cards
Hugard, Jean: Card Manipulations No. 1-2
Hugard, Jean: Card Manipulations No. 3
Hugard, Jean: Card Manipulations No. 4
Hugard, Jean: Card Manipulations No. 5
Hugard, Jean: More Card Manipulations No. 1
Hugard, Jean: More Card Manipulations No. 2
Hugard, Jean: More Card Manipulations No. 3
Hugard, Jean: More Card Manipulations No. 4
Joseph, Eddie: 12 Stunts With the Magic Mummy
McCathy George: Magic from the Dope Den
McFalls, E.M.: Cellini The Royal Touch
Pierre, Roger: The Magic of Francis Carlyle



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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Now Playing: Magic Book Table of Contents Feb 2017 Update

About 100 additional books added:

Acer, David: Selections From the Magic Menu
Baker, W.F.: A Basic Magic Library
Banerjee: Designed to Decieve
Bender, Steve & Dave Ebel: Laugh With a Gospel Slant
Binarelli, Tony: Las Vegas 2000
Blackman, James: The Big Book of Magic
Bonfeld, Murray: Faro Concepts
Cassidy, Robert: Pseudo-Mentally Yours
Dayton, Ronald: Spoof It's Magic
Deb, Soumya: Soumya's Brainstorms
Elsdon, Mark: Half a Dozen of the Other
Fabian: TNT
Farelli, Victor: Nate Leipzig's Card Stab
Fedko, John: Magic Treasures
Feinman, Jeffrey: Catalogue of Magic
Fekko, John: Best of Nr2
Felsman, Arthur: 32 Impromptu Card Tricks
Felsman, Arthur: 37 Effective After Dinner Tricks
Ferrentino, John: Comedy Clubs for Magicians
Fiedler: Brain Twisters
Fisher, Aaron: The Sleight Album
Fisher, John: Never Give a Sucker an Even Break
Fisher, John: Paul Daniels & the Story of Magic
Fisher, Rick & Cheryl: threemagicwords
Fisher, Rick & Cheryl: threemagicwordsvii2
Fitzkee, Dariel: Contact Mindreading Expanded
Fitzkee, Dariel: Jumbo Card Manipulation
Fitzkee, Dariel: Linking Ring Manipulation
Fitzkee, Dariel: Misdirection for Magicians
Fitzkee, Dariel: Strange Inventions of Dr. Ervin
Fixen, Laura: True Mysterie of Mindreading
Fleischer, Adam: Mcbride Changing The Face of Magic
Fleming, Paul: Book Reviews Vold 2
Fleshman, Dan: Encounters of a Closeup King
Fleshman, Dan: Lecture Tour 2005
Flosso, Al: Our Mysteries
Flosso, Jack: Close-up Magic of the Masters
Forzetting, Milan: Paragons and Paradoxes
Fox, Karrell: Foxy Foolers
Fox, Karrell: Goodies
Fox, Karrell: Kornfidentially Yours
Fox, Karrell: Much Ado About Something
Francis, Cameron: Headroom
Francis, Douglas: Right Under Your Nose
Frederick, Charles: Book of Magic
Freed, Lee: Freed At Last
Freed, Lee: Second Time Around
Fulves, Karl: Book of Numbers
Fulves, Karl: Clockwork
Fulves, Karl: Combo
Fulves, Karl: Combo II
Fulves, Karl: Deceptive Practices
Fulves, Karl: Epilogue
Fulves, Karl: Hex Squared
Fulves, Karl: Methods With Cards 1
Fulves, Karl: Methods With Cards 2
Fulves, Karl: Methods With Cards 3
Fulves, Karl: New Card Rises
Fulves, Karl: Swindle & Cheat
Fulves, Karl: Teleportation Notes
Furst, Arnold: Lecture Notes of Arnold Furst
Garcia & Schindler: Amadeo's Contintental Magic
Garcia, Frank: Elegant Card Magic of Father Cyprian
Garrett, Teral: Psycho-Gizmo Volume 2
Garrett, Teral: Psycho-Gizmo Volume 3
Garrett, Teral: Psycho-Gizmo Volume 4
Gazzo: Gazzo On the Cups and Balls
Gervais, Steve: Subterraean Sessions
Gibson Walter: World's Best Book of Magic
Gibson, Walter: Fell's Guide to Papercraft
Gibson, Walter: Houdini's Escapes
Gibson, Walter: The Bunco Book 1946
Gibson, Walter: The Bunco Book 1976
Gilbert, Ron: Host of Ideas
Givan, Joe: More Magic from the Attic
Gloye, Gene: Theatrical Magic
Goldman, Bill: Bill Goldman Magic
Goldstein, Phil: Card Tricks for People Who Hate Card Tricks
Goldstein, Phil: Chicago 1992
Goldstein, Phil: Goldsteins  Gallery
Goldstein, Phil: Major Minor
Goldstein, Phil: Mix86
Goldstein, Phil: Scattershot
Goldstein, Phil: Shuffled Lecture
Goldstein, Phil: Silentwe
Goldstein, Phil: Thavant
Goldston, Will: Card & Ball Tricks
Goldston, Will: Exclusive Magical Secrets
Goldston, Will: Great Magician's Tricks
Goldston, Will: Great Tricks Revealed
Goldston, Will: Magic for the Forces
Goldston, Will: Modern Card Tricks Without Apparatus
Goldston, Will: More Tricks and Puzzles Without Apparatus
Goldston, Will: Secrets of Famous Illusionists
Goldston, Will: Sensational Tales of Mystery Men
Goldston, Will: Stage Illusions
Goldston, Will: The Young Conjurer
Goldston, Will: The Young Conjurer Vol 2
Goldston, Will: Tricks of the Masters
Goldston, Will: Tricks You Should Know
Grant, U.F. & Menge: G&M Magic Course
Hallema, Flip: Flip Quik Trik Trip
Otin, Bob: Fingertip Fantasies


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Friday, 27 January 2017

Now Playing: Magic Book Table of Contents Update

Back for a New Year! Added more than 150 more book table of contents listings:

Abraham, R.M.: Easy to Do Entertainments and Diversions
Acer, David: 7 by Rick Bronson
Ackerman, Allan: How to Tame a Moose
Ackerman, Allan: I Can't Believe It's Not All Cards
Adams, Ralph: Original Illusions of Ralph Adams
Alburger, James: Get Your Act Together
Anderson, Brooks & H. Clause Enslow: So You Want to Make a Buck
Anderson, Doug: Drive 'Em Nuts! Lecture One
Andrews, Val: Original Comedy Magic
Andrus, Jerry: Linking Pins
Aronson, Simon: A Stack to Remember
Austin, Larry A.: Cards, Coins and Balloons
Axtel, Steve: Ideas for Axtel Productions Products
Baker, Al: Cardially Yours
Baker, Roy: Method Behind the Madness
Beam, Steve: Card Tricks From Mount Olympus
Bedwell, Ray: Hidden Treasures Magic
Bedwell, Steve: Thick Schtick!
Bennett, Horace: Alternate Handlings
Berg, Joe: Simply Deceptive Card Magic
Berger, Ben: Highlight Magic
Bergeron, Bev: Clown Magic
Bergeron, Bev: Damnant Quod Non Intelligunt
Berglas, David: Lecture Notes FISM91
Berry, Jay Scott: Totall Eclipse
Bertram, Charles: Isn't It Wonderful?
Blake, George: Take a Note!
Boarde, C.L.: One on One Mentalism
Born, John: Matrix God's Way
Boston, George & Robert Parrish: Inside Magic
Brahams, Anthony & Davide Costi: Close Up Elegance
Braude, Dr. Ben B.: Tricks and Treats
Brearley, Doug: More Wind and Twists
Bridwell, Jack: Mental Flashes
Briggs, J. Albert: Dinkum Magic
Brinegan, Ron: Desparado Deals
Brook, Paul: The Book of Lies
Brook, Paul: The Brook Test
Buckingham, Geoffrey: 50 Years of Magic
Buckner, Charles: Charlie's Brain Twisters
Buckner, Charles: Charlie's Brain Twisters II
Buckner, Charles: Dunninger
Burlingame, Hardin J: Tricks in Magic Vol 1
Calvert, John: Lecture & Program
Carey, John: Crafted with Carey
Carlisle, Stanton: Master Mentality
Carlisle, Stanton: Mentalism for Connoisseurs
Cattarius, Manfred: Exzellente Seilroutinen
Cervon, Bruce: Black & White Trick
Chapman, Frank: 20 Clever Magic Tricks
Chapman, Frank: Quick Tricks
Charles, Kirk: Marked for Life
Christianer, Louis F.: Effective Tricks
Christianer, Louis F.: Magical Notions
Christianer, Louis F.: Modern Magical Effects
Christianer, Louis F.: More Effective Card Tricks
Christianer, Louis F.: More Effective Tricks
Christianer, Louis F.: New Magical Conceptions
Christianer, Louis F.: Original Deceptions
Christianer, Louis F.: Selected Tricks
Clarke, Graham S.: The Book That Never Was
Collins, Stanley: Collins's Card Conceits
Colombini, Aldo: Direct Hits
Cornelius, John: Creative Secrets No. 1
Craven, Tom: A Hat Full of Stuff
Craven, Tom: TIPS
Creasey, Scott: Escaping the Restraint of Reality
Curtis, Tony: Tony Curtis lecture
Dalal, Sam: Swami Magazine
Darwin, Gary: Darwin's Inexpensive Illusions
Davison, Robert: Mysteria
Dawes, Edwin & Michael Baldwin: Circle Without End
Dawes, Edwin: Barrister in the Circle
Dayton, Ron: Cord-ially Yours
Dayton, Ron: Dayton's Delights
Dayton, Ron: Hung Up on Ropes / Off the Beaten Path
Dayton, Ron: Jenny-U-Wan Magic Part 1 - Silks-N-Ropes-N-Rings
Dayton, Ron: Jenny-U-Wan Magic Part 2 - Tissues-N-Money
Dayton, Ron: Jenny U-Wan Magic Part 3 - Magic 'N The Grab Bag
Dayton, Ron: Legerdemine
Dayton, Ron: Press-Tidigitation
Dayton, Ron: Secret Thoughts
Dayton, Ron: Simply Amazing
Dayton, Ron: Strange Relections
Dayton, Ron: Visual Fantasies
Dayton, Ron: Whole Art of Clippo
De-Val, David: Lock Picking Part One
De Courcy, Ken: Blue Spotitis
De Courcy, Ken: Cards in Cabaret
De Courcy, Ken: Creditable Conjuring
De Courcy, Ken: Deceiver's Discourse
Dean, Jack: Soothsayer
Delage: Whirlwind Magic of DeLage and Margaret
DeLawrence, Geo: A Vaudeville Magic Act
DeLawrence, Geo: Another Vaudeville Magic Act
DeLawrence, Geo: DeLawrence Manuscript
DeLawrence, Geo: How to Answer Questions in Crystal Gazing
DeLawrence, Geo: Impromptu Magic With Patter
DeLawrence, Geo: Miscellaneous Handkerchief Tricks
Dellini, The Great: Mental Miracles
Derris, John: John Derris Lectue Notes
DeVega (A.M. Stewart): Conventional Conjuring
DeVega (A.M. Stewart): More Selected Secrets
DeVega (A.M. Stewart): Patterettes
DeVega (A.M. Stewart): Selected Secrets
DeVega (A.M. Stewart): Sensational Secrets
Dewey, Herb & Roy Miller (ed): Psycho-Babble
Dewey, Herb & Thomas Saville, Ph.D: Red Hot Cold Reading
Dewey, Ralph: Balloon & Clown Notebook
Dexter, Will: Magic Circle Magic
Dexter, Will: Riddle of Chung Ling Soo
Diamond, Hal: Promotion in Motion
Dick & Fitzgerald (Publishers): How to Amuse an Evening Party
Dick & Fitzgerald (Publishers): The Parlor Magician
Dimelow, Dominic: Magical Presentations
Dixon, Craig R.: For the Entertainer
Dixon, Craig R.: For the Entertainer II
Dobson, Wayne & Stephen Tucker: Dobson's Choice 1
Dobson, Wayne & Stephen Tucker: Dobson's Choice 2
Dobson, Wayne: A Kind of Magic
Dobson, Wayne: Dobson's Choice Special Effects
Dobson, Wayne: WD40
Doggett R.L. (Dr. Bob): Matrix Mania
Douglas, Bert: Magic Worth Knowing
Douglas, Bert: Original Magic for All
Downs, Thomas Nelson & Nathan Dean: Conjuring With Coins
Drake Publishers: Jumbo Book of Magic
Drake, Don & Gary Darwin: Dondrake's Black Art Breakthroughs
Dropo, Dr.: How to Do Balancing Tricks and Stunts
Duce, Bert: Magic for All
Duffie, Peter, Colombini, Robertson: Killer Koncepts
Duffie, Peter: Subtle Miracles
Dunn, Ricki: Bat Magic
Dunn, Ricki: Professional Stage Pickpocket
Dunn, Tony: My Stuff
Dunninger, Joseph: 100 Houdini Tricks
Dunninger, Joseph: Inside the Medium's Cabinet
Dutscher, Willis (Dr. X): On the Other Side of the Footlights
Dwinells, Matthew: Taking Your Family Show One Step Further!
Dyment, Doug: Stimulacra
Eason, Doc: Notes from a Working Repertoire
Eastman, Chas.: French's Manipulative Magic
Eaton, Michael: 2econd Thoughts
Edwards, Doug: Cardmania
Eldin, Peter: Hey Presto!
Elias, Neal: New Card Controls
Elmsley, Alex: Mouse Magic
Elsdon, Mark: Raven Mad
Elsdon, Mark: Six of One
Elsdon, Mark: Thinks Things
Emerson, Arthur J., Jr.: International Imports
England, Don: 1989 Magic Lecture
England, Don: A Magic Lecture
Enochs, E. Loyd: Producing Lighted Cigarettes
Ernst, Bernard & Hereward Carrington: Houdini & Conan Doyle
Etchesverry, Jesus: Magic of Ascanio Studies in Card Magic
Evans, Henry Ridgely: Adventures In Magic
Evans, Henry Ridgely: History of Conjuring
Evans, Henry Ridgely: Spirit World Unmasked
Evans, Shawn: Self-Contained Card Delivery System
Ewing, Tom: Conjurors and Cornfields
Koran, Al & Jack Lamonte: Mastered Amazement

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Friday, 19 February 2016

Now Playing: 140+ New Magic Book Table of Content Listings

I have added table of content listings for the below additional 140 magic books (mostly author last names W-Z for this go-around):

Abbott, David: Marvelous Creations of Joseffy
Alexander, C.: Life and Mysteries of the Celebrated Dr. Q
Anderson, A.: How to Become a Conjurer
Anderson, A.: How to Do 60 Tricks With Cards
Anderson, A.: How to Do Chemical Tricks
Anderson, A.: How to Do the Black Art
Anderson, A.: How to Make Magic Toys
Ascanio, Arturo de: Knives and Color-Blindness
Berglas, David: Berglas File No. 1
Bishop, Washington Irving: Second Sight Experiments
Bordner, Greg: Hellstromism
Bordner, Greg: Top Treasury of Halloween Magic
Bridwell, Don: Just for Laughs
Brock, Tudor: Great Wong's Routine for the Chinese Rings
Earl Nelson: West Coast Quarterly Vol 1, Issue 1
Earl Nelson: West Coast Quarterly Vol 1, Issue 2
Gladwin, Andi: Blomberg Laboratories
Joseph, Eddie: Coat of Many Colors
Kardyro, Tony: Dovetail Deceptions
Miller, Professor: Tricks & Diversions with Cards
Timayenis, TT: History of the Art of Magic
Torre, Jose de la: New Jumping Back
Tower, David: Magic of the Mystery Papers
Tremaine, Jon: Magic Tricks for Grown-Ups
Trono, Tim: Dean Dill Intimate Miracles
Trost, Nick: Cardman's Packet
Tucker, Stephan: SpellBinder Vol 01 No 11 March 1982
Turner, W.O.: Live Magic
Ulster Society of Magicians: Ulster Magic Number Four, Summer 1951
Van Bern & DeVega: Whirlwind of Wizardry
Varro, Steve: Comedy is No Laughing Matter
Varro, Steve: Magic...Tricky Business
Veckey, Terry: Terry's Talk
Vermes, Hal G.: Collier Quick and Easy Guide to Magic
Vernon, Dai: First California Lecture
Vernon, Dai: Lecture Manuscript
Wakeman, Randy: Formula One Closeup
Walker, A.H. & Horace: Up to Date Conjuring
Walker, Robert: Tricks From the Tree
Waller, Charles: For Magicians Only
Waller, Charles: Happy Magic
Waller, Charles: Magic From Below
Waller, Charles: Up His Sleeve
Waller, Charles: Waller's Wonders (partial contents only)
Walton, Roy: Card Script
Walton, Roy: Tale Twisters
Walton, Roy: The Spread Half-Pass
Wardell, Peter: 52 Ideas
Wardell, Peter: Lecture Notes 2010
Warlock, Peter: Come a Little Closer
Warlock, Peter: The Magic of Pavel
Wass, Verrall: Twelve Tested Tricks
Waters, TA: Cardicat
Waters, TA: Cerberus
Waters, TA: Deckalogue
Waters, TA: Grymwyr
Waters, TA: Mind Myth & Magic
Waters, TA: Mynd
Waters, TA: Myxtyr
Waters, TA: New Thoughts for Old
Waters, TA: Octasm
Waters, TA: Omimancy
Waters, TA: Psychl
Waters, TA: Psychometry
Waters, TA: Scrypt
Waters, TA: Spyryt
Waters, TA: Thynk
Watkins, Dan: CoinVanish 1
Watkins, Dan: CoinVanish 2
Weber, Herman: Money from Magic
Weber, Michael: Blackpool 2012
Webster, Richard: Good Luck from Beijing
Webster, Richard: Mainly Cards
Wehman Bros: 150 Parlor Tricks
Wehman Bros: 153 Tricks
Wehman Bros: Fun Magic & Mystery
Weibel, Richard: Conjuring Psychology
Weigel, Oscar: KANE
Weiner, Irv: Red Tape Thumb Tie
Wenk, Timothy: Stuff You'll Use!
White, Brunel: Modern Master Mysteries
White, Brunel: Original Mysteries for Magicians
White, David: Complete School Assembly Tour Book
White, Laurance: So You Want to Be a Magician?
Whitehead & Co., Publishers: Parlour Magic
Whiteley, Harry: Miracles of Modern Magic
Wicks, Frederick: Thought Reading
Wild, Boris: Lecture 2001
Williams, Burton: Dice Squares, Tops & Shapes
Williams, Dick & Virginia: Booking Magic
Williams, Dick: Cups & Balls for New millennium
Williams, Geoffrey: Gathering Dust
Williams, Mitch: Notes on the Art of Magic
Williams, Oswald: Hints to Young Conjurers
Williamson, David: Aunt Mary's Terrible Secret
Williamson, David: How Magic Works
Williamson, David: Striking Magic
Willmarth, Philip: Classics Revisited
Willmarth, Philip: Magic From the Parade #1
Wilson, Colin: Geller Phenomenon
Wilson, Eric: Tested Magic!
Wilson, Mark: Greatest Card Tricks
Wilson, Mark: Greatest Instant Magic Tricks
Winchell, Paul: Ventriloquism for Fun and Profit
Windsor, Tommy: 64 Ways to Make Magic Pay
Wisch, Bill: Sleightly Out of My Mind
Wisch, Bill: Slydini Lecture
Wonder, Tommy: Jos Bema Lecture
Wood, RW: Card Tricks for Everyone
Woodbury, Rand: Diversions
Woolston, Clarence: Penny Object Lessons
Wright, Tim: Deceptive Entertainment
Wyler & Ames: Funny Magic
Wyman, John: Handbook of Magic
Wynnychuk, Marshall: Puppetry for Magicians
Yanagida, Masahiro: Unbelievable
Yates, Jack: Clue and Other Mysteries
Yates, Jack: Minds in Close-Up
Yeager, John: Dots Magic
Yedid, Meir: Off The Wall
Yedid, Meir: Stage Stuff
Yee, Shaun: Cards In Action
York, Scotty & Tim Conover: Revolutionary Routines With Aces
Youell, Steven: Lecture Notes
Youell, Steven: Weapons of Mass Deception
Youell, Steven: Weapons of Mass Destruction
Young, Phillip: Fingers Don't Entertain, People Do
Zacharia, Mark: Markipedia
Zachary, Jim: Zack Stacks
Zaleta, Lex: A Demonstrator's Dream Part 1
Zaleta, Lex: A Demonstrator's Dream Part 2
Zaleta, Lex: A Demonstrator's Dream Part 3
Zaleta, Lex: Getting Down to More Business
Zancig, Julius: Adventures In Many Lands
Zanto, Lewis: Treasury of Magic
Zavis, William: Divers Deceits
Zenon, Paul: Magic Tricks
Zenon, Paul: Street Magic
ZeTuer, Professor: Classic Illusions
Zodiastar: Match Tricks
Zollweg, Ron: It's Commercial!

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