Zondervan Bible Study Library

Last Page Update: Jan 2006
: Zondervan
Title: Zondervan Bible Study Library
Version/Date: 5.0 (current Jan 2006)
Contact: Web Site: http://www.zondervan.com
Description: Zondervan has moved away from the STEP format and now features the Pradis engine. Pradis is a "new and improved" version of the Zondervan Reference Software (ZRS), and is not compatible with the older ZRS modules. Zondervan has converted all modules to the new Pradis format, except for the Leadership Bible (according to the FAQ on the website). The Zondervan Bible Study Libraries feature the NIV Bible, and includes NIV specific concordances, dictionaries, and so forth, which is quite handy if the NIV is your preferred version. 

Comments: Zondervan does not provide any downloadable demos of the Zondervan Bible Study Library for evaluation, so I was not able to review this program. Any information in this overview is from information found on the Internet. 

I have deleted earlier information on the ZRS version of the program, since this is no longer available. The Zondervan website does provide a free download of the TNIV bible for purchasers of any Bible Study Library package.

1. User Interface:

2. Module Linking and Management:

3. Modules: Only supports Zondervan modules. There is no compatiblilty with any other software or other formats such as STEP, LLDS, etc.

4. Search:

5. Editing Features:

Greek/Hebrew Tools: Supports Original Language searches.


Zondervan offers several packages, including just the NIV in Pradis format for $9.95. Their main packages are the Bible Study Libraries. See the website for latest details.

Zondervan Bible Study Library: Family Edition 5.0 $49.99
Zondervan Bible Study Library: Leader's Edition 5.0 $99.99
Zondervan Bible Study Library: Professional Edition 5.0 $199.99
Zondervan Bible Study Library: Scolar's Edition 5.0 $349.99

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