WORDsearch Corp.'s WORDsearch

Manufacturer: iExalt Electronic Publishing
Title: WORDsearch
Version/Date: 7.0 (Build, Jan 2006)
Contact:: www.wordsearchbible.com
Description: WORDsearch has gone through a complete make-over after joining with Ephiphany Software (maker of Bible Explorer). WORDsearch used to be a STEP format Bible engine, but now supports the new CROSS format. WORDsearch is essentially an update to the well-done version 3 of Bible Explorer.

Comments: If you upgrade to the new WORDsearch v7, WS7 will convert all STEP books bought from WORDsearch to the new CROSS format. For STEP books from other publishers, WORDsearch is offering deep discounts for those that they sell. If you want to keep your old STEP modules, you will need to keep your old WORDsearch V5 software. Other options are to use the STEP reader in the free e-Sword program, or perhaps using Quickverse. V5 of WORDsearch was supposed to be compatible with Quickverse STEP modules, so I suppose that the reverse should also be true.

You can download a free trial version of WORDsearch V7 to try out for 30 days. 

Since WORDsearch is so much like Bible Explorer 3, I won't do full coverage here, but will only point out a few changes that I've observed  between the two programs.

WORDsearch 7 adds the following capabilities:

Parallel Bible View
Topic Search Tool
Verse Lists
Expanded Copy/Paste capabilities to inlcude Word Processor support

These additions make a good program even better!

Screen Capture (click to view): wordsearch

8. Cost and support: See website for details on package contents

Upgrade your entire WORDsearch library: $49.95 (for existing WORDsearch 5 owners)
Thompson Chain Reference Library: $49.95
Thompson Chain Reference Leader's Library $199.95
Preacher's Outline and Sermon Bible New Testament $199.95

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