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Last Page Update: Jan 2006
Thomas Nelson Publisher
Title: eBible
Version/Date: Same as LOGOS Libronix Digital Library System
Contact: (Select Reference at top menu, then Software on the right menu)
Description:  Nelson Publisher's eBible uses the LOGOS Libronix Digital Library System (LDLS) engine for its products. All modules included in the new eBible packages have been updated to the new LDLS format. Nelson Publisher provides add-on modules from current authors such as Jack Hayford, Max Lucado, John MacArthur, John Maxwell, J. Vernon McGee, and Charles Stanley.

Comment: In general, the eBible packages are less expensive than those from LOGOS, but you will have to compare contents to see if either fits your needs.

Thomas Nelson also has eBible for Palm & Pocket PC.

Refer to the reviews of the LOGOS software for information on features.

Limitations: See LOGOS review.

1. User Interface: See LOGOS review.

2. Module Linking and management: See LOGOS review.

3. Modules:

The eBible packages support the LOGOS Library System format, and feature the NKJV Bible, as well as others. There are several modules unique to Nelson Publishers.

4. Search: See LOGOS review.

5. Editing Features: See LOGOS review.

6. Greek and Hebrew Tools: Most NPERL packages include Hebrew and Greek modules.

7. Graphics and Audio: See LOGOS review.

8. Cost

Nelson provides a free downloadable demo with 6 modules; the demo does not expire (includes KJV, KVB Commentary, Nelsons Maps & Charts, Smith's Dictionary, Strong's Concordance, and What Does the Bible Say About?)

See the website for details on what's included in each package:

                                        List Price            Sale Price

eBible Discover Edition:     $49.99                $29.97
eBible Standard Edition:     $99.99                $69.97
eBible Deluxe Edition:      $179.99               $129.97
eBible Platinum Edition     $399.99              $299.97

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