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NAS Electronic Bible Library by Foundation Publications, Inc.

Manufacturer: Foundation Publications, Inc.
Title: NAS Electronic Bible Library with the Amplified New Testament
Version/Date: V2.0 (new May 2002)
Contact: Web Site:
Description : The NAS Electronic Bible Library has been updated to use the new Libronix Digital Library System (LDLS) by LOGOS. It features the New American Standard Bible with NASB focused concordance, dictionary, and so forth. It also now includes the Amplified Bible. See the review of LOGOS Series X for details on the LDLS interface software.

Limitations:  Initial library size is limited, but if you like the NASB version, the inclusion of NAS concordance and topics may be worth it. At the current price, it also makes an inexpensive way to add the NASB and related tools to your LOGOS or Nelson LDLS library.

Note: Foundation Publications also provides the NASB for various other programs. See information at the bottom of this page in the cost section.

1. User Interface: See LDLS review.

2. Module Linking and Management: See LDLS review.

3. Modules:

Since the LDLS engine is used, you can expand the NAS Electronic Bible Library with modules from LOGOS, Thomas Nelson Publshers, and others.

The NAS Electronic Bible Library featues: The New American Standard Bible, along with NAS cross references, NAS Topical Index, NAS Hebrew and Greek Dictionaries, and an NAS Exhaustive Concordance. Also included is the Amplified Bible, KJV Bible, La Biblia de las Americas, ASV1901, Easton's Bible Dictionary, LBLA Cross References, New Nave's Topical Bible, Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary, Logos Deluxe Maps, Edersheim's Old Testament History, Philip Schaff's History of the Christian Church, Calvin's Institutes, and JFB Commentary.

4. Search: See LDLS review.

5. Editing Features: See LDLS review.

6. Greek/Hebrew Tools: NAS Hebrew/Greek Dictionary. Can be expanded with other LDLS compatible modules.

7. Graphics and Audio: See LDLS review.

8. Cost:

NAS Electronic Bible Study with Libronix Digitial Library System: $39.99
Amplified Electronic Bible Library: $20

Other Foundation Publication NAS Bible Software available:

1. Free programs: NASB Reading Screen SaverQuick Bible NASB, Quick Bible Amplified

2. BibleMaster for DOS/Windows 3.1 featuring the NASB. The current price is $19.95, but the software is no longer supported. If you need the NAS for Windows 3.1:

3. NASB license key for e-Sword and Pocket e-Sword. $20. The LBLA Cross References and Notes module can be licensed for $5. E-Sword is a good, free Bible program.

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