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BibleWorks by BibleWorks LLC

Last Update: Jan 2006
: BibleWorks LLC, VA
Title: BibleWorks
Version/Date: 6.0 (Current Jan 2006; Version 7 coming soon!)
Contact: Web Page:
Description: Here is the ad copy from the website: "BibleWorks is the premier original languages Bible software program containing Greek, Hebrew, Septuagint, English, German, Italian, Spanish Bibles and translations (and many more!). A necessity for exegesis and exposition, BibleWorks comes with lexicons, dictionaries, and morphology tools." This is high level, expensive software for performing deep Greek/Hebrew language study. The information on the website shows that Bibleworks provides very extensive tools, and it looks to be worth the investment for those who need to go this deep. I have read good remarks about BibleWorks from others on the Internet.

Comments: This program has not been reviewed. Information below is extracted from information on the website. You can, however, read a full independent review at:

New features in Version 6 include: Diagramming tool, Flash cards, Greek/Hebrew paradigms, Auto-complete morphologies, and more. New resources include Tischendorf Greek NT, Works of Flavius Josephus, Targumim, Gesenius' Hebrew Grammar, and many more. Other enhancements are listed at the BibleWorks site.

1. User Interface:  BibleWorks features a multi-windowed interface. Window synchronization is supported. BibleWorks features unique views, such as a line by line view, designed for detailed study of the Bible languages. Interface customization is supported.

2. Module Linking: One of the features of BibleWorks is the Auto-Info ability. As the mouse moves over any word in a BibleWorks tagged text, the Greek or Hebrew lexicon definition for the original text is shown at the bottom of the window, along with the parsing.

3. Modules: BibleWorks features Greek and Hebrew texts, along with modules found in other software. A partial listing includes: Greek NT-Nestle-Aland 27th Ed./UBS 4th Ed., AGNT Friberg’s ’94 Morphologically Analyzed Greek NT & Lemmas, BNM Aletti/Gieniusz/Bushell Morphologically Analyzed Greek NT & Lemmas, Robinson-Pierpont Greek NT (Majority Text) with Morphological Analysis, Scrivener’s Greek NT (Textus Receptus) with Morphological Analysis, Stephanus Greek NT (Textus Receptus) with Morphological Analysis, Tischendorf Greek NT, Westcott and Hort Greek NT, BHS Hebrew Text, 1990-4th Corrected Ed., Groves-Wheeler Westminster Hebrew Morphology (analyzed BHS & lemmas, now containing full stem tagging, jussive and cohortative tags, and homonym tagging), Rahlfs’ LXX with Apocrypha and variants, LXX & Lemmas, Latin Vulgate (Weber Edition), KJV 1611/1769 with Strong's Codes, NKJV, NASB with codes, NASB 1995 with codes, RSV with Apocrypha, NIV, NRSV with Apocrypha, Webster’s 1833 with Strong's Codes, ASV 1901, Young's Literal Translation, Darby Version, Bible in Basic English, New American Bible, Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition, New Living Translation, New Jerusalem Bible, German Bibles, French Bibles, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and other languages, all versions and morphological databases are indexed and searchable, Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament (Harris, Archer, Waltke), BDB-Gesenius Abridged Hebrew-English, Hebrew-French, & Hebrew-Russian Lexicons, and more, International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, 1st Ed. powered by Folio, A T Robertson’s Word Pictures in the Greek NT, Metzger’s Bible Outline, TSK, Nave's Topical, Easton's Dictionary, and more.

4. Search: Uses Advanced Search Engine (ASE). Complex searches take only seconds. Incorporates a graphical user interface so you can construct searches on the screen by connecting words and phrases with lines to specify proximity, ordering, agreement and more. Simple to complex searches are supported. You can search in Greek and Hebrew, and perform morphological searches.

5. Notes: Verse Notes ability is provided. Popup window for other word processors. Export verses, chapters, books, and entire versions to ASCII text, RTF, and CCAT. Macro for typing Hebrew right-to-left in Microsoft Word.

6. Greek/Hebrew Tools: Extensive! Built-in editor with right-to-left Hebrew typing, Greek and Hebrew fonts included.

7. Multimedia Support: Not reviewed.

8. Cost

$299.95. A few additional unlockable modules are available as well..

BibleWorks offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

Two other original language programs you may want to obtain inforamtion on are Bible Windows and Gramcord.