PC Study Bible by BibleSoft

Last Update: Jan 06
: BibleSoft
Title: PC Study Bible
Version/Date: V4.2B
Contact: Web Page: http://www.biblesoft.com
Description: BibleSoft produces a nice range of software ranging from the beginner to the advanced. The Biblesoft line has been very popular and is very stable. One feature of the Biblesoft line is the authoring ability, which allows users to create their own Bible texts or even to convert texts from other software they may own. The authoring tool requires Microsoft Word to operate and is a free download.

Comments: This software has not been reviewed. The following information is taken from information available at the website.

1. Interface: PC Study Bible offers a multi-window interface.Windows can be tiled or cascaded. Most comments I have read from those who have used PCSB found it easy to use.

2. Module Linking and management: PC Study Bible provides a "Smart Reference" system, which automatically presents available associated information with a verse reference. For example, if you select John 6:1 in the Bible, a toolbar at the bottom of the screen will show icons for related library books that contain associated information, such as Commentaries, Maps, and Dictionaries.

In a similar fashion, "SmartTopics" are also available, allowing you to find other references on the same topic you are interested in.

3. Modules: PC Study Bible offers a wide variety of modules, and also offers an authoring system to create your own modules, perhaps from public domain sources. You need to have Microsoft Word in order to use the authoring system.

BibleSoft uses their own format for their modules, but they provide an extensive number of library items in each package. This listing is for the Complete Reference Library. The Reference Library Plus and New Reference Library contain fewer modules. Details can be found at the BibleSoft web page.

Bible and Concordances: KJV, NIV, NKJV, NASB, NASB Update, Living Bible, RSV, ASV (all with concordances)
Bible Study Helps: Personal Notes, Bible Study/Reading Plan, Outlines, Maps, Photos
Cross References: Nave's, TSK
Dictonaries/Encyclopedias: Nelson's, Unger's, ISBE
Greek/Hebrew Helps: Strong's Greek-Hebrew Dictionary, Englishman's Concordance, Vine's, BDB Definitions, Thayer's, Interlinear Bible, Greek UBS, Hebrew BHS, Vincent's Word Studies NT, Roberston's Word Pictures NT
Classic Commentaries: Matthew Henry's Commentary, Spurgeon's Encyclopedia of Sermons, Barne's Notes on OT and NT, Adam Clarke, JFB, Wycliffe Bible Commentary, The Apocalypse by JA Seiss, Keil & Delitsch OT

Add ons (at additional cost) include: Life Application Bible commentary, Explorer's Bible Study, Wilmington's Bible Handbook, McClintock & Strongs Encyclopedia, Moody Atlas, Elwell's Evangelical Dictonary of Theology, Thayer's New Greek-English Lexicon, Teacher's Commentary, Schaff's History of Christian Church, Baxter's Exploer the Book, Edersheim Collection, Christian Classics Volume 1, New Living Translation, UBS Handbook Series NT Commentary,  

4. Search: Extensive search capability is provided.

5. Notes: Personal notes tools are provided. PCSB also features an authoring tool that works with Microsoft Word to enable you to create your own modules.

6. Greek/Hebrew Tools: Strong's Greek/Hebrew dictionary, Englishman's search, Interlinear Bible, Greek/Hebrew texts available.

7. Multimedia Support: Interactive Maps with scrolling, zoom, Photos, with information links

8. Cost: Prices below are list; sale prices are lower (average 20% discount)

PC Study Bible Version 4 Basic Edition Library: $9.95 (supports Authoring System; other free resources available)
PC Study Bible Version 4 Discovery Reference Library: $59.95
PC Study Bible Version 4 New Reference Library: $149.95
PC Study Bible Version 4 Reference Library Plus: $249.95
PC Study Bible Version 4 Complete Reference Library: $349.95
PC Study Bible Version 4 Advanced Reference Library: $499.95

BibleSoft offers a 30 day money back guarantee.