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Bible Library by Ellis Enterprises

Last Update: Jan 2006
Ellis Enterprises
Title: The Bible Library
Version/Date: V6.0 (May 2002)
Contact: Web page:
Description:  The Bible Library is a well done program, and is easy to use. The last evaluation was performed on an older shareware version, version 3.x, so I have not included this information any more since it is so out of date. The program is now up to V6.0, but the web site does not provide change information detailing what changes have been made. The full version is fairly inexpensive, but at the last review, was not quite as extensive as programs such as LOGOS or Quickverse. Bible Library does offer some unique modules I have not seen in any other program.

Comments: As I have not evaluated the latest V6.0, I cannot comment on the current version. The older version had some search limitations, such as the lack of a search results list in the search tool. It was also limited to two words or phrases and did not provide a list of all found selections. It would be interesting to know if the search tool has been improved. The Modules and Cost section of this review reflect the current 6.0 version information as found at the Bible Library web pages. If you find Bible Library in a local store, be sure to check the version number. I have seen many old versions of Bible Library offered for sale, which is why this review of the older version may still be valuable for some.

Modules: V6.0 information (Jan 2006)

The Bible Library is available in five versions: Basic, Micro, Ultra, Mega, and Maxima. Details of the contents of these versions can be found at the Bible Library web site.

In addition to standard Bibles like the KJV, ASV, Darby's and Young's Literal Translation, the Bible Library also features the MicroBible, the Montgomery NT, Morris Literal Translation with Strong's, and the Williams NT.

In addition to other modules such as Strong's Greek and Hebrew dictionaries and Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary, the Bible Library features Morris Chain Reference Series and Bible Introductions, Williams Textual Notes, the Bamford Bible Dictionary, and the 5 volume ISBE.

Cost: (v6.0 information Jan 2006): 

A sale is on until April 2006: 

Ellis Basic Bible Library: Free CD for a $4.95 shipping fee
Ellis Micro Bible Library: $9.98
Ellis Ultra Bible Library: $19.98
Ellis Mega Bible Library: $39.98
Ellis Maxima Bible Library: $49.98