Bible Software for Other Operating Systems including:

PDAs (Palm OS, PocketPC, and other Mobile platforms)

Updated: March 2008

This page provides a listing of Bible software programs for other operating systems (OSs). There are too many to keep up with, so this page provides mostly just contact information, though I've tried to make the descriptions useful. I have NOT included the many Palm and PocketPC readers that can read various versions of the Bible texts; I've tried to limit this to only Bible Study software.

Note: I don't know of any Bible Study programs available for the Psion EPOC platform. The couple of programs that used to be available seem to have gone away. EPOC users sadly seem limited to getting a Bible in some type of Reader format. The article at: includes some links to Reader based Bibles for EPOC.






Website/Contact Info


OakTree Software, Inc.: Accordance


7.4.2 Dec 2007

Well regarded full featured Bible software for the Apple Macintosh OSX and OS 7.1. Prices from $39 to over $1800 with tons of modules. Can also be run on a Windows based PC with a Mac Emulator, though with some limitations.

Hiddenfield (Paul Harvey): Bible Reader Free
New version in the works
Freeware Bible Reader (donations accepted)with KJV, BBE, Strong's ASV, Darby, Webster, and Young texts available
HolyMac Software: Bible Viewer  MacIntosh 2.01 Bible reader available with either World English Bible (WEB) or KJV Bibles. $10 registration

Ilumina by Tyndale House Publishers



Requires OSX. Interactive, multimedia Bible software with KJV and NLT and many animations, virtual tours, and so forth. Standard version does not support Mac. Gold Premium version $89.99; Parents & Teachers version $99.99

Logos for MAC MacIntosh Not Yet Released In Alpha Testing March 2008
Free Logos Bible Widget for quick verse lookup available

MacSword by CrossWire


1.2.1b Oct 2005
1.3Beta Apr 2007

An Open Source (Free!) project to develop a cross-platform Bible program. Over 200 texts available.

Online Bible Macintosh



Macintosh OS9 version of the popular Windows program. Free download with some modules, or full CD versions available for $35-85. OSX version in Beta.

QuickVerse Mac

Full featured Bible Program featuring NLT, KJV, and Life Application Bible versions. MAC comes in White Box $59.95, Black Box $129.95 or Gold Box $349.95.


Miklos Zsido's Bible-Discovery
Available for Windows, but also in a JAVA platform independent version with HUN, KJV, TR, WLC, Strong, Strong/HU


BibleTime Linux 1.6.5 Nov 2007
Bible Study application for Linux. Based on K Desktop Envrionment and uses Sword (CrossWire) programming library (see below)

GnomeSword by CrossWire


 2.3.3 Jan 2008

Open Source (free) project to develop a cross-platform Bible program. Over 200 texts available.


Biola University: The Unbound Bible Tools and UniBible
PalmOS UniBible 1.1

Unbound Bible Tools 0.07
UniBible Bible Reader program supports the Biola University Unbound Bible format
Unbound Bible Tools allows you to look up a passage, search for a word, and write notes
Both are freeware
GMP Soft: Bible With You Palm OS
Bible Reader with plug-ins for commentaries, notes, cross references, Strong's numbers, dictionaries, and more. $7.50 - $40 bundles

Laridian Electronic Publishing: PocketBible & MyBible


Other Mobile

MyBible V4.008 Nov 2005

PocketBible V3
Apr 2006

Full featured well done Bible Programs. Purchase the main program for $10 and add Bibles and reference works ranging from free to $25 each. Bundles also available. Downloadable demos available. I use this one for my Palm!

Meyers, Rick: e-Sword


Win Mobile 5/6

3.01 May 2007

Free Bible reader by the maker of e-Sword. Many modules available for download.

OliveTree Software and Tyndale House: iLumina Mobile
Available in ESV or NIV translations (also NLT and KJV). Bible Reading Plan, Life Application Notes, mutlimedia, etc. $49.95 ESV, $59.95 NIV

OliveTree Software: BibleReader

Palm OS
Other Mobile 

V3.69 Dec 2007

Palm OS 3 or higher. Reader is free, modules range from free to $$. Also available is GRAMCORD Lite.

Online Bible Windows Pocket PC
Pocket PC
V2.10.09 Mar 2008
Reader with KJV, Eastons, TSK, Greek/Hebrew Lexicons, Themes, and Surgeons are free. Additional unlocks available
PatDouble: Bible Thumper PalmOS V1.2.6 Mar 2005 Palm OS 3 or higher. Full featured KJV Bible software with searching, commentaries, lexicons, etc. $25
QuickVerse Mobile
2006 (Palm)
2007 (PocketPC)
Includes Bibles, Commentary, Dictionary, Devotional, Reading Plans. QuickVerse Mobile Standard $29.95, Deluxe $39.95; Platinum $69.95

SLSoftware CEBible

Win Mobile 

V2.1 Dec 2004

A good looking Bible program for the PocketPC platform with good search capabilities. Demo available, NKJV available. $35-85. Doesn't seem to have been updated since 2004...

Thomas Nelson eBible for PalmOS & PocketPC PalmOS
V1.0 Features KJV, NKJV, NCV
Bundles from Free to $99.97

Yih-Chun Hu: PalmBiblePlus

Palm OS

3.3.31 Beta

Open Source (Free) for Palm OS 3.5 or greater. Bible reader based on BibleReader by Poetry Poon.

Laridian iPocketBible for iPod
iPod Mobile Devices
Released Nov 2007
The Message/REMIX Edition, New Living Translation Edition. Text only versions $14.99, With Audio $49.99
Laridian iPocketBible
iPone or iPod Touch; also Blackberry version
Released 15 Sep 2007
Web-based Bible study solution with Monthly or Annual subscription rates (currently $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year). Bible modules range from free to $39.99
Laridian Noah Bible Study Viewer
V4.0 29 Feb 2008
Bible viewer with search, notes, bookmarks, and more. Starts at $19.99

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